10 Ways To Maintain Long Lasting Erection

The male sexual organ; penis experiences erection on being aroused. The arousal can be physical or mental causing the brains to send signals via hormones and resulting in a boner or Maintain Erection. On being aroused, the open arteries permit more blood to penetrate the cavernous corpus. 

The corpora cavernosa is the interior chamber of your penis. These chambers stretch deep into the pelvis from the head of your penis. The interior of these chambers is spongy and capable of gaining blood volume and increasing in size. The blood reaches into the vein more rapidly than it can exit. The veins will be squeezed and the penis trapped with blood. This chain reaction results in a boner or erection. The hormonal response ends when the brain stops signalling sexual excitement. Your arteries return to their usual condition and your penis is back to normal shape and size.

How to maintain erection for long time

Maintain Erection

Erection differs from individual to individual.  Arousal can be triggered by smell, touch, sensation, objects etc, varying across individuals. Similarly, the duration of an erection also varies depending upon age, immunity, strength, health and other factors. Some men may experience a smaller duration of an erection than others. 

There are several factors that affect the erection and duration. Keeping a few things in mind and adopting good habits can help you maintain erection for long time:

  • Maintain a healthy diet

Diet plays a significant role in the sexual health of a man. An unhealthy diet or habits may affect the heart resulting in an inability to have a good or long lasting erection. According to research, a certain eating habit can expose your heart to a greater risk of heart attack, restricting a smooth flow of blood in the arteries and hindering the blood flow to the penis thereby, affecting the longevity or duration of an erection. Blood flow plays an important role in the erection of the penis, as the blood that gets trapped results in a boner.

Fried, junk and fatty food or any unhealthy diet can impact the blood flow negatively. Whereas, a diet that includes good fats, vegetables, protein, fruits etc will prove beneficial for good sexual health and also aid in maintaining erection for a long time.

  • Bodyweight

Maintaining a healthy diet will also help to maintain the standard bodyweight. Overweight or underweight both can affect your performance and sexual health. It is therefore important to eat healthy.

  • Heart-related diseases

Any heart disease like high blood pressure or cholesterol can affect your performance in bed. As a boner or an erection is triggered by blood flow, suffering from any kind of heart disease will directly affect erection. Visiting the doctor regularly for health checkups will enable you to find out about any such disorders or diseases and help you to cure or control it on time.

  • Alcohol 

Alcohol can affect the sperm count and even erection. A study suggests that consuming alcohol for a long period damages the liver and also interferes with the hormones, thereby affecting sexual health. However, there is anecdotal evidence on whether consuming mild or moderate alcohol has any severe ill effects on the sexual health of an individual.

  • Physical activity

Engaging in any kind of physical activity on a regular basis like running, gymming, jogging, walking, cycling, swimming etc helps to maintain a good physique and also good heart health. We have always heard about how an athlete’s sperms are in great demand for a sperm donation. The reason is their healthy diet and physical activity, which not only helps to maintain an erection for a long time but also helps to maintain good sperm health.

  • Smoking 

Smoking damages the lungs and the overall health of an individual. People who smoke on a regular basis tend to lose their appetite, neither do they engage in physical activities which makes them weak and also affects their performance in bed. Smoking must be avoided as it not only damages the lungs but also affects the duration of an erection.

  • Stress 

Stress can also affect an individual’s health and therefore his performance in bed. Psychological tension raises the adrenaline hormone, which contracts blood vessels. For an erection that could be bad news. Anything a man can do to relieve anxiety and emotional feeling would probably improve his sex life.

  • Age

Age also plays a key role in the sexual performance of an individual. Testosterone concentrations also drop dramatically around the age of 50, including in healthy men. Usually, the testosterone level of any man falls about 1.3 per cent per year after the age of 40. Symptoms such as a lower sex drive, mood, lack of endurance, or decision making indicate a deficit of testosterone.

  • Steroids 

Steroids are often taken by people who engage in bodybuilding or other such sports, even athletes. However, steroids are proved to be fatal for good sexual health as it can cause hormonal imbalance and impact the size of the penis. It can also affect sperm production or shrink the penis. One must avoid taking steroids as it can deteriorate their sexual health.

  • Metabolic syndrome

According to research, erection or erectile dysfunction can be caused by several reasons such as low testosterone levels and atherosclerosis. ED may be treated and temporarily, depending on the cause.

The above-mentioned points are indicators of a short term erectile dysfunction. However, one may have a shorter erection due to the following reasons:

Many occasions, drugs, injections or other treatments still manage EDs triggered by these conditions. While on the other hand, some drugs, such as high blood pressure or depression, may be responsible for triggering ED. It depends on how long you have been taking the drug whether it is a short or long-term cause of ED. Certain things are out of control or not in the hands of an individual like the causes of long term ED. 

However, a short term ED can be treated by consulting the doctor for the same or by switching from an unhealthy way of living to a healthy one.

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