The Ultimate Guide To Make Your Muscles Look Bigger

Have your mind also wondered about seeing bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts on how they could have such broad muscles and physiques and look so fit? Well, my friend, you are not the only one alone. Physical appearance plays a very important role in boosting our self-confidence and having bigger muscles helps you to get that athletic body shape that we all desire for. 

However, did you know most people who are beginners at workout often want to make muscles look bigger and quickly, hence they go for the shortcuts that although helps them to achieve results fast but do not provide them with proper stamina and endurance? So, let us help you with the proper tricks and techniques and a complete guide that will help you to achieve stronger and bigger muscles.

How to make muscle look bigger? 

  • Exercises

There is no shortcut that will help you to achieve bigger muscles instantly. We all know that Rome was not built in a day. In order to achieve that perfect body, you should have patience and dedication. Although time-consuming, the best method that will help you to achieve strong and big muscles, in the long run, is exercises. 

It will not only help you to achieve your desired results but also enhances your immune system and provide umpteenth benefits for the body. Exercises help you to remove the unwanted fats from the body and help you to get lean muscles and figure. 

Some of the best exercises that can help you to achieve you to make muscles look bigger are:

  • Boosting your shoulders

Exercises training your delts and traps will help you to achieve the needed width in the top. 

Examples are: 

1.DB clean- It focuses on all the major muscles of the body including those of the posterior and anterior chains and furthermore it also provides you with a full-body workout.

2.Barbell Z Press- Barbell Z press builds strength, enhances stamina, improves posture and also provides endurance to combat against injuries caused. 

  • Focusing on Upper back

Did you know a wide upper back will have more impact than an overtrained chest? Exercises focusing on the upper back will help you to stretch the shoulders and improve the overall posture of the body. 


1.Bent Over rows- Direct stimulation to lats, traps, rhomboid and rotator cuffs works wonder for the body. It not only improves your posture so that you do not slouch much but also helps you to increase the strength of the body. 

2.Overhead squats- One of the most difficult exercises to do to get bigger muscles is overhead squats. It ensures focus on the entire body and reinforces perfect muscular balance and also improves the resilience of the entire kinetic chain. 

  • Training for the legs

If we are putting so much effort on the body then it is also advisable not to ignore our lower half. Training the legs will help you to achieve that desired athletic look that only our upper body alone would not be able to provide. 

make muscles look bigger
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1.Rear leg Elevated Split Squat- One of the most favourite training of fitness enthusiasts, rear leg elevated split squat engages the core and leg muscles, increasing their strength in the process.

2.Romanian deadlift- You may wonder how a Romanian deadlift is different from a regular deadlift. Well, the Romanian deadlift helps to build the muscles of the posterior side of the body, strengthening them in process and enhancing your endurance and vigour.

  • Diet

Time and again, it has been verified that diet plays a huge role in the general well-being of our body. What we put inside,  shows outside. If you want to make your muscles look bigger and want to achieve that desired look, you have to focus on your diet. 

The diet tips that will help you to make your muscles look bigger are:

how to make muscle look bigger

1.Increase your carbohydrates intake- 

Considered as one of the most effective ways to make your muscle stronger and bigger is to increase carbohydrate consumption through your daily diet. Do you know why this technique works? When we consume carbohydrates, it gets broken down into glycogen and gets stored in the muscles. These glycogen pulls a large amount of water towards them and fills them up like a water balloon. Few examples are sweet potato, whole-grain bread, oatmeal, pasta and fat-free candies. 


Considered as an important amino acid for the body, glutamine plays a very important role in buffing your muscles up. It is an important constituent of proteins and proteins are large building blocks of the body. Include foods that are rich in glutamine like beef, tofu, skim milk, eggs, white rice and corn in your daily diet. 


Many trainers used to disregard potassium as just a replenishing nutrient but with further studies, it has been seen that potassium actually helps to make your muscle look bigger.  Potassium gets stored in the muscles and attracts water into the muscle making your muscles look fuller in the process. Some potassium-rich foods are fruits, green vegetables, mushrooms, peas and cucumbers.

4.Hydration is the key- 

Our body is composed of 75℅ water and it also plays a very important role in making your muscle look bulkier. Adequate water consumption makes your muscle look bigger and fuller. You may have adequate nutrients in your body but being dehydrated can make your muscles look flatter. 

Choosing the right supplements while making your muscle look bigger is also an absolute necessity. You can include creatine-rich supplements and also other protein shakes and protein-rich supplements to accelerate the process of building up your muscles.

There are also certain tips that you can include while making your muscle look bigger:

  1. Maintain the correct posture and have the perfect stance. Slouching can create a blockage on the path of having bigger muscles
  2. Fashion can also play an important role in accentuating your muscles making it look bigger in process. Wear moderately tight fitted clothes and go for lighter colours and horizontal stripes.
  3. Maintaining a disciplined life and avoiding unruly lifestyle habits.

Now there you go with all the tips to make muscles look bigger. Having the desired physique boosts one’s self-confidence, however, do not pressurize yourself to follow the set norms of the society. Do what your heart says and that will set you apart from the rest.

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