Manjistha Powder: The Magical Herb With Innumerable Benefits For Skin And Health

Manjistha (Rubi cordifolia) is best known as a blood purifier. It is a herbaceous climber of evergreen origin. Ayurveda surmises that improper detoxification of the body can lead to congested lymph and blood tissues.

Manjistha powder acts as a cooling agent to detoxify the blood and also removes the stagnant blood from the body. Masses have started to look to ayurvedic herbs in treating their skin conditions and Manjistha is one such herb that has proved that it’s worthy of all praise and appreciation.

It holds powerful astringent and antibiotic properties which help in getting rid of diseases like arthritis, skin disorders, menstrual difficulties, urinary infections, dental concerns, and blood pressure.

Historical Manjistha powder uses

  1. The most significant use of manjistha powder is its immune-boosting quality. immunity is a factor that regulates the frequency of diseases and keeps an eye on your overall health so, manjistha powder is the best solution for a disease-free body.
  2. The most common reason behind the malfunctioning of an organ is an increase in toxins. A high level of toxins in a body may lead to a slow kidney. manjistha powder is used to restore levels of creatinine to normal. 
  3. Manjistha powder is also used to tackle many liver problems. experts suggest that the phytochemical rubidium, which is a powerful compound, is present in manjistha powder. it has hepatoprotective effects.
  4. Apart from the above-mentioned uses, manjistha powder also helps in treating diseases like diarrhea, cardiac disorders, respiratory issues, and ulcers.

Manjistha for skin problems

  1. Manjistha is the ideal natural herb for the detoxifying organ of the body which is the skin. Whether it’s used for the whitening of the skin and hiding scars/marks, or for treating numerous skin concerns such as quick healing of bruises and taking good care of skin sensitivities, this herb is a Blessing. When applied topically, it battles dry skin, blemishes, itchiness, and soreness. All in all, it caters to all kinds of dilemmas on the skin spectrum.
Manjistha Powder
  1. Manjistha oils can be used for acne as it evens the skin tone and lightens your scars. Ayurveda recommends massaging your face with this oil for seven nights consecutively to see that shiny glow on your face without applying a highlighter.
  1. This ayurvedic herb can be applied to insect bites as it is popularly known as an insect-eater. so any type of skin rash will fade in nanoseconds after applying it. researchers also suggest applying manjistha powder with a few other ingredients on your cracked heels to get rid of pain in a blink of an eye.

Manjistha benefits

 Manjistha powder soothes intensified Pitta and removes the congested Kapha. almost all parts of this ayurvedic herb can be used to treat remedies, some of them are as follows:

  • Reduction of menstrual pain

Women suffer from cramps and mood swings every single month. Most of the time, these cramps are caused by congested lymph and Manjistha powder is an excellent choice to cure this problem.

  • Demolition of tumors

Ayurvedic texts suggest that manjistha powder consists of hexapeptides which potent anti-tumor symptoms. The extracts of manjistha powder can induce apoptosis of cancer cells. it restrains cell-proliferation in a timely manner.

  • Works against inflammation

Manjistha powder has active constituents which are recognized to deliver an anti-inflammatory effect. Due to this, The ayurvedic herb is known to treat diseases like arthritis and asthma. 

  • Acts as a hepatoprotective agent

Manjistha powder reduces the hepatic malondialdehyde formation and it decreases the deficiency of reduced content of glutathione.

manjistha powder uses
  • Manjistha’s Neuroprotective effect

This ayurvedic herb’s ethanolic extract has shown a few neuroprotective effects in numerous studies done on animals and humans. The extract reduces amyloid plaques, which can further cause cognitive memory dysfunction. It is also known for protecting the neurons by restraining the MAO, AChE. so, it aids to reduce degeneration and improves memory retention.

  • Combats ulcers

The anti-ulcer effect of Manjistha powder strengthens the mucosal barrier. It has shown healing traits on the tissues that get damaged due to acid. 

  • Treats eczema

If you are somebody who is suffering from eczema, chances are that you might be a victim of itchiness, bleeding, rough skin, inflammation, blisters. It is a good thing that you are now aware of Manjistha powder which has ropan property that helps in getting rid of all the symptoms of eczema in the affected area.

How to take Manjistha powder

People consume manjistha powder for various purposes.  for internal consumption, you should intake this herb after your dinner and lunch. The dosage also differs as it depends on what form you are consuming.

  1. In the form of a Powder – ¼ – ½  Teaspoon
  2. If you are consuming a capsule.
  3. In the form of tablets. This can be consumed directly after food.

If you are using manjistha powder for external use, the powder can be used in numerous ways.

  1. If you want to use the powder as a pack, then it is best to apply it two to three times a week to treat skin problems.
  2. Apply the powder to the affected area of the skin and once a week on hair to see better results.

Side-effects of Manjistha powder

manjistha for skin
  1. Overconsumption of this ayurvedic herb might lead to constipation if you are somebody who struggles with digestive problems.
  2. Although the herb has immense good properties, excessive usage can breed diseases like perspiration, cancer, urine infection, excessive production of saliva, and hormonal imbalance. 
  3. If somebody is already consuming anticoagulant medications, they should refrain from overuse of manjistha powder as it possesses anti-platelet action.
  4. It is also suggested that pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers must stay away from this magical herb as it may lead to some harmful consequences. 


Manjistha Powder is a humble herb that has been mentioned in ayurvedic texts time and again. its therapeutic properties, bio-active ingredients, blood-purifying agents have cured so many lives and blessed them with a new hope.

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