Monsplasty Surgery: Everything That You Must Know

Today we are going to discuss something “below the belt” as you have already read the title of this article. But, before going straight into talks about the monsplasty surgery, we would like to give you guys a brief about what this mons pubis is. Mons pubis is a tissue mainly made up of fats and it is located above the pubic bone. This mound of tissue is eminent in females and mostly covered with pubic hair.

The main purpose of the mons pubis is to provide cushioning to the pelvic organs in women. 

Monsplasty is the process in which the extra fat and saggy skin are removed through surgical methods.

Monsplasty is not something medically necessary, which means that—this surgery comes under the category of cosmetic surgeries. Contrary to popular belief, monsplasty can be performed on men too, but in most of the scenarios, it is done more on women, as compared to men.

Most people might think that, if it’s not necessary, then why opt for this surgery? Well, the reason may not be physical but more of a mental affair—it gives you a positive outlook in life because many women feel embarrassed from the extra fat and saggy skin while they are on the beach with their bathing suits on or just while wearing tight pants. So, now that we have discussed a bit about the mons pubis and about the cosmetic procedure called “monsplasty”, let us dig deeper into it in the following sections!

What are the factors that enlarge mons pubis? 

  1. Sudden weight loss is one of the major reasons for an enlarged mons pubis. This is because—when you lose fat, it leaves extra and saggy skin. And if you are young, then your skin has more elasticity which means it might contract over time but if you are aged, then the elasticity of your skin is less and the saggy skin might not retract so easily. 
  1. Hormones like estrogen may deposit more fat in your mons pubis area.
  1. You can also consider your genes as one of the factors for enlargement. 
  1. Excess fat is also one of the main reasons why you have enlarged mons pubis. 

How does monsplasty surgery work?

There are various procedures for this surgery and it’ll be better for you to talk with your surgeon about what procedure is good for you to achieve the best results. Note that the goal is for improvement and not for perfection, so please keep a realistic expectation because the results might not seem the same as all that you wished for. This is a major thing about cosmetic procedures. 

We highly suggest you take someone with you when you go for the surgery and stop consuming alcohol at least 2 days before the surgery, along with avoiding smoking for at least a week before surgery.

The process of surgery will be like this—you will be given some intravenous medications and then, local anesthesia will be injected in the lower region of your body (precisely in the mons area) to make it numb. 

A horizontal incision will be made in your lower abdomen area and then, all the excess fat will be removed using a scalpel. Finally, your cosmetic surgeon will close the incision with adhesive strips and sutures. 

After the procedure, you might feel a slight pain in the surgical area. There may be a bit of aching for 3-5 days along with swelling and bruising. You shouldn’t perform heavy tasks like weight lifting or anything that requires a lot of energy. you can go for intercourse during this period.

The swelling may take around 10-12 weeks to resolve. Also, the proper result of monsplasty surgery will last longer if you take a good diet and control your weight.

Are the incisions going to be very big?

As per Dr. Anita Patel M. D., in liposuction, the incisions are very small, only a few millimeters and they are usually closed with a single stitch at the end of the procedure. The incisions are typically hidden and not noticeable. However, the results are going to vary from patient to patient. 

Once the surgery has been done, you will be monitored for at least 24 hours in the hospital to make sure that you don’t show any postoperative complications. If everything seems well to the doctor you will be discharged from the hospital. 

Options other than monsplasty surgery 

There is no other option to remove the extra fat and the saggy skin from the pubic region, hence monsplasty is the only way you can go for it.

But yes, some other things will help you to reduce the fats from the pubic region—such as healthy eating and regular exercise. 

But you must know that losing weight from the pubic region is not as easy as losing weight from the abdominal region. This is because it is hard to target the pubic region for fat loss but you can try these exercises: 

  • Planks 
  • Burpees 
  • Straight leg raise 
  • Bicycle crunch 

Laser skin tightening and cool sculpting are some other non-surgical treatments that you can opt for. 

The cost of monsplasty surgery 

As monsplasty surgery comes under cosmetic surgery, it is not medically necessary to opt for this. But if you are planning to have this surgery, you need to make a budget of around 3000$ to 8000$. A fun fact is not only cosmetic surgery but also a cost-metic surgery. Also, as it is a cosmetic procedure, some insurance companies may not cover this operation, so you need to make sure of it before heading for the surgery. 

These are the important facts about monsplasty surgery that you need to know. We have covered the meaning of monsplasty, the procedure of the surgery, cost, and many other things. We hope you found this article to be helpful and relevant. If yes, then do share this with your friends. 

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