How To Shed That Muffin Top? 6 Muffin Top Exercises To Try

When we were less known to the fitness world, we considered having muffin tops as a good thing. The thing that enhanced our body’s curves. Growing up, we realized that this was no more a showcase, but the resemblance of accumulated fat.

The muffin top is the portion that is fat and flab hanging over our waistband. Stretching from the front belly to both the sides of the waist. 

Muffin top workouts

The fat takes the shape of a muffin top when we wear pants, bulging from the sides as well as from the back, is not appreciable anymore. That does not only look bad but is also unhealthy. 

There are times when we use hacks to hide that, such as tucking it into high-waisted pants or wearing shapewear. But for how long will these hacks save us? So, by following a clean diet and a set of specific muffin top exercises, you can get rid of that fat. 

To minimize the muffin top overhang, experts recommend the following exercises. Keep in mind that for losing fat in a targeted area, you have to burn fat spread all over the body. All these exercises will involve twisting of the abdominal area; thus, it will not only resolve your muffin top issue but will also shed that belly fat

Exercise 1: Twisting mountain climbers  

Muffin Top

This is such an exercise that requires you to twist your body simultaneously. Some experts even refer to this exercise as to turn your abs 360 degrees around your body. As more than just the front panel is involved to achieve abs

This is a great muffin top exercise as it involves a lot of twisting, which works on the obliques. Mountain climbers also work for that extra flab. This calorie-burning exercise will require a lot of intensity to get rid of the fat accumulated in the midsection. 

Start by placing yourself in a plank pose, keep your arms underneath the shoulders with a strong core. Begin with raising your right knee to touch the left elbow, stay there for 5 seconds, and return to the original position. Repeat with the other leg. Practice three sets with 20 seconds for each set. 

Exercise 2: Superman

This exercise will require you to tighten your lower back and your abdomen. This exercise will not only help you to get rid of that muffin top but will also strengthen the muscles in the core. 

To perform this exercise, visualize how the fictional character Superman flies. This is somewhat similar to that except you would not be flying in real. Lie on your belly and your face touching the ground. Start with extending your arms and your legs out, hovering in the air. At this point, tighten your glutes and core to stabilize the lift. 

Do 3 sets of 20 seconds each. Hold the hovering pose for the count of 1 and return to normal position. 

Exercise 3: Hip bridge

muffin top workout

Along with targeting your lower back, this exercise also focuses on the glutes and hamstrings. This one is more intense as compared to others. As it requires you to lift your body twice. Once for the leg and second for the lower back. 

Lie on the floor and face the ceiling. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Firm your hands on the side with your palm having a strong grip. Lift your hips and the lower back by squeezing your glutes and keeping the core engaged. 

Hold on to the pose for a count of 3. Release and lower down with control. To level up this exercise, lift the legs simultaneously while in the bridge pose. Repeat this exercise 15 times. 

Exercise 4: Spiderman climbers

Spiderman climbers are one of the best muffin top workouts.  This will also focus on your obliques. 

Begin by positioning your body in a full-plank pose. Look that your hips are low and the right foot flat on the ground. Start by a jump with your right foot and reach the right hand. Stay there for a few seconds. Jump back by bringing the right foot to its original position. Now, jump with your left foot. 

Rest for 15 seconds in between reps. 

Exercise 5: Sumo squat with the alternative leg check

Start by placing your feet a little wider than shoulder-width and keep your toes pointed out. Spread your fingers and palm while bringing your hand in front of the chest. Make sure you have a lifted chest and a tight core throughout this exercise. 

Begin by sitting down with your butt pointing to the ground. This will result in a deep squat with your knees pressing out aligned with the toes. Transfer all your weight on your toes while you stand up. Make sure to squeeze the glutes on the way up. 

When you get back to the standing position, lift your right knee and crunch on your obliques. This will make your right elbow meet your thigh outwards. Repeat the whole process for the left side for 30 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds until the next move. 

Exercise 6: Jab-cross to sprawl 

muffin top exercises

This particular exercise focuses on obliques, back, and core from 360-degrees. Follow this exercise for 30 seconds per rep with 15 seconds rest after each rep. By doing these exercises, your heart rate will increase rapidly, thus, burning more calories. 

Place your body in a boxing pose with one leg slightly in front of the other. When the time comes to punch, through a long straight fist with a jab or lead arm. While making the punch rotate your shoulders, hips, and pivot on the ball of the foot in front. 

After the punch from the lead arm, make a punch from your back arm in the same manner. Meanwhile, keep the lead arm in a guard and pivot on the ball of the back foot. 

After punching from both the arms, bring them back to guard. Bend your knees and bring your body to the high plank pose. Now jump both the legs back to the fighting position. Repeat the whole exercise as recommended.

The bottom line 

All of the above exercises might seem hard but are worth it. Being consistent while practicing will be highly rewarding with not only a vanished muffin top but with a lean figure. 

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