Can Guys Have Multiple O? 4 Techniques For Multiple Orgasms In Men

Are you also a male who has wondered how only after a ten seconds orgasmic period you always have the greatest urge to sleep and never can go for multiple orgasms within that single session? Then do not worry, you are not the only one who suffers from this problem. 

According to studies, most males experience only one orgasm per session. But there is some good news for you. Did you know that males can also have multiple male orgasms in a single session? Yes, you heard that right! Quite intriguing right? Keep on reading the article to know more about this topic then.

Know the difference first!

According to the definition, orgasm is a feeling of immense pleasure and the climax peak of sexual tension and excitement in the body. And if we have to explain orgasm scientifically, then orgasms are involuntary muscle spasms which are experienced by men and women and are controlled by hormones called endorphins in the bloodstream. 

Male orgasms are usually accompanied by the release of ejaculatory fluids from the penis afterwards. After ejaculation, under the release of neurohormones, the body reaches a refractory period where the penis usually cannot ejaculate within the time frame. 

An average male orgasms only once during a session, however, according to recent studies it has been found that males also can multiple orgasms in a single session and that too with or without ejaculation. Quite interesting, right? 

Orgasms are an increase in sensitivity and sensations whereas ejaculation is the release of stored semen by the body. Both of them can happen independently and with some tips and practice, it can also increase multiple orgasms in men without increasing the ejaculation or one could even do both. 

Male Orgasms

How to get multiple male orgasms?

By now you already know that orgasm and ejaculation are connected in some way. In order to achieve multiple male orgasms, you should stay away from ejaculation and the refractory period following it.

So, the most effective practices that can help males to achieve multiple orgasms in a single session are:

  • Kegels

Practising Kegels is one of the best exercises for many male orgasms. Did you know that practising Kegels can also help you to increase your penis size? Kegels and other pelvic exercises help you to strengthen the muscles around the bladder, groin and penis and therefore these exercises help you in getting your desired results.

The benefits that Kegels provide:

  1. Increasing blood flow and sensation.
  2. Reducing the refractory period after an orgasm
  3. Increasing the chances of ejaculation more than once.

Kegel exercises focus on strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle which is mainly responsible for controlling ejaculation. If you can keep away from ejaculation, you will ask to stay away for the refractory period and thus your chances of having multiple orgasms in a single session also increase multifold. 

For doing the kegel exercise, imagine you have stopped urination midstream, and then hold the contraction for 15-20 seconds. The exercise should be repeated several times a day for the desired effect. However, make sure to stop the exercise the moment you feel slightest pain or discomfort.

  • Holding off from masturbating

Based on studies, it stated that sensation increases as the person can stay away from sexual stimulation. Multiple male orgasms need a little extra work, patience and exercise and therefore if you want to achieve multiple orgasms in a single session, try to abstain yourself from giving in to the overpowering orgasmic sensations at the first go. 

Little confusing? Go through the following methods that can help you to achieve multiple orgasms.

1.Squeeze method- 

The moment you are about to reach your orgasm, hold down on the region where the head meets the shaft. This will help you to subside the urge to orgasm or ejaculate and after the feeling passes, you can again resume your sexual activities. 

2.Stop-start method- 

Also popularly known as the edging technique, stop-start method is one best method to increase multiple orgasms in the male. It not only increases the chances of multiple orgasms but also simultaneously increases the intensity too. 

Similar to the squeeze method, in edging, the moment you are close to orgasm, immediately stop the sexual activity and resume once the feeling passes. It is also said that regular edging helps to increase the stamina and also helps you to control the orgasms as you desire.

  • Focus on breathing

As the body starts to approach its orgasm, you will notice our breathing rate increases as we start taking short and shallow breaths. This, in turn, increases our heart rate. If we are able to control both our heartbeats and breathing, we would also be able to abstain from ejaculating for a longer time. 

To practice the breathing exercises:

  1. Sit on a chair with your back straight.
  2. Shoulders should be relaxed and place your hand upon your stomach.
  3. Inhale deeply and you will feel your stomach expanding. However, make sure that your chest does not move during this process.

Each breath should at least last for three seconds. With a little practice, you will soon be able to master belly breathing. After that, whenever you feel you are reaching an orgasmic point in your session, with help of belly breathing, you will be able to postpone ejaculation easily. Also, did you know that belly breathing can also help you calm down during a stressful condition?

  • Increasing testosterone levels

If you are someone who does not want to abstain himself for ejaculation but just wants to shorten the refractory period, then keeping a check on your testosterone levels can provide great help for you. Optimal testosterone levels not only reduces the refractory period but also increases the intensity of the multiple male orgasms.

If you notice symptoms like decreased libido, mental fogginess, unwanted fat gain and difficulty in muscle gain, you may be suffering from an insufficient amount of testosterone levels in your system.

To increase the testosterone levels in the body, you can: 

  1. Exercising and doing yoga regularly
  2. Increasing vitamins and minerals in the diet.
  3. Adding fenugreek to your daily diet.
  4. Having a properly balanced diet.
  5. Reducing levels of stress and cortisol from your system.
  6. Having proper and relaxing sleep.

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, males can also achieve multiple orgasms by stimulating their prostate or p-spot. It involves unique and satisfying sensations that do not always have penile ejaculation following it. To see how prostate orgasms work, masturbation or using sex toys can be the best options available to see if it works for you or not.

Now there you go, all the males out there, you now know how to achieve multiple orgasms in a single session. A piece of advice, do not forget to use lubricants during your sexual activities, since due to frequent rubbing, raw skin may develop due to friction. 

Achieving multiple orgasms needs practice and we have to admit that is a bit time consuming but we do know it will definitely be worth the pain.

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