8 Ways To Stop Yourself From Breaking Your New Year Fitness Resolution

“You can feel sore tomorrow or sorry tomorrow, you get to choose that.”

Many of us have heard about this famous fitness quote. There are many similar quotes by famous personalities which can increase your confidence and make you feel motivated. 

Many people gain support from such fitness resolution quotes so that they can fulfil their new year fitness resolutions. But people face many difficulties to complete their resolutions.

Some studies have shown that about 80% of New Year’s resolutions crash by Mid-February and people even easily forget about their losses. You must have come across videos, why fitness resolutions don’t work, and many similar videos such as “how to stick to fitness resolutions?”.

Well, this happens mainly because of three reasons: your goals are not accurate, you are not devoting your heart and mind to your goals and your goals do not reflect what you want. 

But you do not have to worry about your new year fitness resolutions, this article will help you to keep committed to your new year fitness resolutions and has additional tips only for you! 

New Year fitness resolutions 

This coming year, you will be able to break the not meeting your goals cycle, live your life in the most productive way, and learn how to stick to fitness resolutions. Instead of just resolving, commit and promise yourself to reach your goal. 

1.Set realistic goals and be specific 

You cannot just say that you have to lose weight so you will eat less. That’s just absurd. You will have to follow a particular routine for 2-3 months based on your body composition. You can formulate your goals with the help of SMART criteria: 

  • Specific- Be precise and clear with what you want.
  • Measurable- Once you’re specific about your goals, measure and track your progress. For example, measure your waist size after each week of your workout routine. 
  • Achievable- Do not go far from your reach and take small and easy steps.
  • Realistic- Be practical with your goals. For example, you cannot set a resolution to be a billionaire within a year. 
  • Timely- Follow a timetable, be definite and regular with your meals. 
2. The 5 “W” questions

Ask these 5 “W” questions to yourself before starting your new year fitness resolution. The more specific you are about yourself and your goals, the greater your chances of accomplishing them. Ask questions to yourself, “how to stick to fitness resolutions?”.

  • Who: Who will help you with this goal? Who will have to stretch himself/herself to meet this goal?
  • What: What are the things required to meet this goal? What do you need to do to reach your goals? 
  • Where: Where can you accomplish this goal? Where can it be done, home or workplace?
  • When: When do you have to start? When do you have to end? 
  • Why: Why are you doing this? Why do you want to achieve your goal?

Plan everything ahead of time. Make a whole week’s routine and follow it regularly for 1 or 2 months. Include everything in that routine, your workout, work, studies, diet, and sleep. Your priorities should be done at first and eliminate useless time taking stuff like surfing on Instagram. 

Get a diary and roughly keep writing down what you have to do. Then on another page, write all the things neatly one by one. 

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4.Pros and Cons

You also have to think about the pros and cons of your new year fitness resolution or what all you have to eliminate in order to reach the goal. Evaluating the pros and cons list will help you avoid decision-making paralysis and it approaches your decision objectively. 

Here is an example that will help you understand this concept in a better way.

Pros of following a diet plan Cons of following a diet plan 
Fast and effective weight loss results Fats come back after eating junk food twice or thrice 
Healthy eating habits are developedMay not be able to eat your favourite dish or meal
Easy to start and boosts confidence Hard to end as some people lose the mental stability to push through difficult times
5. Speak out loud

Share your goals with family and friends. Ask your family members to support and cheer for you. This way you will stretch yourself more to reach your goals not just because it is your goal but you have told everyone about it and everyone expects from you. 

6. Get a fitness buddy or group

This is one of the best ways to reach your new year fitness resolutions as it is a group resolution. You can ask your friends to help you in the process and your family to join you. You will also get more time to spend with your loved ones and more enjoyment.

If you are also a lonely bud-like us, getting a puppy or pet will work just fine. You can go on daily walks with them, there will be more laughter and you can enjoy your life to the best. 

7. Trust the process

Do not worry about your results, it might take some time to trust the process. Maybe your eating schedule is not matching with your workout routine or maybe you have excess fats. To avoid doubting your routine, you can select a routine that just fits your age group, body type, and intensity. 

You can even change your routine to another and see which one works the best for you. Keep switching to different ways and exercises until and unless you are seeing promising results. 

8. Celebrate 

There you go! Once you achieve your goal, celebrate your day and eat whatever you want. No limits! No rules! Only celebration. 

But yes do not cross the line and do not forget you still have to follow your diet the day after. Make a better diet by adding some things you love to eat and be thankful to yourself. 

Additional tips

  • If you feel unmotivated, re-think why you are doing this and talk it out with yourself. You can even take a friend’s help to keep your motivation strong.
  • According to some experts, doing a particular activity for 21 days eventually becomes your habit and 6 months of that activity becomes a part of your personality. You know what we mean, right? Try following your routine for 21 days and it will be easier for you. 
  • It is necessary to take proper rest or else you will feel more tired. Give yourself a day’s break from your schedule and re-start your routine
  • Do not beat yourself up and take smaller steps.
  • Do warm-up exercises and cool-down exercises after workout sessions.
  • 7-9 hours of good sleep and 8 glasses of water per day are mandatory. 
  • Do not let yourself down by watching videos, why fitness resolutions don’t work. Such videos mostly contain their opinions and tried ways.
  • Take Zumba or dance classes and you can even hire a personal trainer for yourself.
  • You can even wear fitness trackers or use fitness apps to keep yourself consistent. 
  • Look for more fitness resolution quotes and articles like “how to stick to fitness resolutions?” to widen your approach to New year fitness resolutions. 


Apart from all of this, make sure to take care of your health and go for regular checkups. We hope you also accomplish your new year fitness resolutions with the help of this article! 

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