10 Nutrition Myths That You Should Know About!

Our beliefs change according to our goals. If someone’s goal is to lose weight, they focus on rules that will make it happen. In that struggle, people forget to explore that the rule which they are following is how much true and how much false. They end up achieving nothing but harm their bodies in the end. 

Below are the top 10 rules that are actually nothing but nutrition myths, that most people follow blindly. 

Busting nutrition myths

1.A myth about high-fat foods

Nutrition Myths

We have named fats as the destroyer of nutrients and given it a bad image. Though many people have understood, there are some who are yet to realize that fat forms an essential element to carry on optimal health. 

One needs to take unsaturated and monounsaturated fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Including these in your diet will make it a balanced one. A low-fat diet can give rise to health issues such as heart diseases. Consuming an efficient fat-containing meal will be one the proper energy to survive the day. 

2.Weight loss requires in-take of calorie deficits

This is the nutrition myth of someone who does not understand the process of weight loss. Though one needs to burn more energy than one eats but this is not the only thing that matters. Weight loss also depends on fats, proteins, and other essential nutrients. 

Choosing low-calorie food, such as cucumbers or rice cakes over chicken breasts and avocado might lose weight but is not suitable for overall health. One should start caring about their nutrient value instead of their calorie intake. 

3.Smaller and frequent meals for better health

Nutrition Myths

This is a method that involves several smaller meals instead of 3 bigger ones. This method is followed by many who are looking forward to boosting metabolism and shedding some weight. 

This is not the only method to boost metabolism but it is well and good if it serves your energy needs. It is alright to step back from this plan if your body is not feeling comfortable. 

4.Non-nutritive sweeteners are good for health

The want for low calorie and sugar substituents has given rise to the popularity of NNS (Non-nutritive sweeteners). It is right to believe that foods high in refined sugars can cause health problems but NNS can also lead to issues too. 

Regular intake of NNS in the meals can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and negative shifts in gut bacteria. It can also raise blood sugar leading to its dysregulation. It will also affect your brain and give rise to an unhealthy lifestyle pattern. 

5.Foods that are white are unhealthy

Nutrition Myths

Foods such as white rice, white potatoes as well as white sugar are considered to be unhealthy by most people. It is right to stay away from the above if advised but it is okay to be consumed by healthy people. 

White foods are considered nutrient-less and calorie surplus foods. They might be calorie surplus but certainly are not nutrient-less. White rice is a source of calcium, iron and vitamin E. White potatoes are rich in potassium and vitamin C. White sugar is not entirely a good source but can be consumed in limited quantities. 

6.Supplements are of no use

Consuming a nutrient-dense diet will always remain in the first place, supplements when taken in the right manner can benefit you too. 

Supplements containing magnesium and vitamin B have proven to be beneficial to type 2 diabetes patients. The reason behind this is that it enhances blood sugar and reduces the risk factors of heart diseases. People over the age of 50, pregnant well as breastfeeding women should take the necessary supplements. Because sometimes our meal fails to give us the necessary nutrients. 

7.All juices and smoothies are healthy

Nutrition Myths

No doubt juices and smoothies made out of fresh fruits and vegetables form a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But the question is from where did you get it? 

Did you make your own or bought it from a store? It is amazing if your answer is homemade. But if your answer is store-bought, it is troublesome. The way juice and other things are marketed will make you believe that it is wholesome. It’s not, they are loaded with refined sugar and preservatives that can promote weight gain and blood sugar dysregulation. When consumed in excess, it can cause other chronic diseases too. 

8.Foods high in cholesterol are unhealthy

Foods rich in cholesterol have gotten a bad image due to misconception like they can cause harm to heart health. Cholesterol-rich yet nutrient-dense foods are harmless to be consumed in a healthy diet. 

High cholesterol foods such as eggs and full-fat yogurt boost health and give your appetite the feeling of fullness. They provide important nutrients and help in balancing certain hormones. Although some people might not be comfortable with dietary cholesterol due to their underlying health disease. 

9.Eating carbs is equal to putting on weight

Nutrition Myths

This is another misconception that has a bad image as similar to fats. People think that consuming carbs can lead to obesity, diabetes, and other diseases. Well yes, they can lead to weight gain only if you consume carbs in large quantities on a regular basis. 

Consuming carbs like ancient grains, starchy roots vegetables and legumes in moderate quantities will benefit your health instead of harming it. Following an irregular eating pattern and overeating, carb-rich sugary foods can lead to weight gain. Otherwise, consuming carbs forms a necessary part of our daily diet. 

10.Probiotics are beneficial for everyone

Probiotics are one of the most popular supplements available in the market. However, overprescribing certain supplements might not be beneficial. The digestive system of some people can be resistant to probiotic colonization. 

Sometimes the introduction of probiotic supplements might lead to negative changes in the gut’s bacteria. Probiotic supplements should be prescribed in a personalized manner in order to get their therapeutic benefits. 

Lastly, shape your thinking in such a way that it believes in nutrition more than what people have been saying about it. 

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