Pansexuality: Find Your Love Irrespective Of Society Rules

We are in the 21st century—this is a time of endless possibilities, and during this age, a paradigm shift has occurred in the mentality of the common people. Now, it is normal for all of us to be more open about our sexual desires—we can embrace our sexualities and not live in fear of being publicly ridiculed, or worse, lynched. 

But, to stay up-to-date during these times, we need to continuously educate ourselves about the changing social norms, gender roles, etc. If you know about these things, please pass on your knowledge to others because all of us make up this society together.

You may have heard about various terms such as bisexual, heterosexual, demisexual, homosexual, pansexual, etc. Sexual orientation is a very personal and evolving thing. You can develop feelings for a man, but you can also have feelings for a woman and that is fine and normal. It can also be that you don’t feel sexually attracted to either of the genders.

Our society is morphed into believing that women can only love men and men can only find their partners in women. But, in reality, people can express their sexual orientation in many ways. 

Now that we have learned why we need to acknowledge the various types of sexual orientations that prevail in society, what, exactly, is pansexuality? Is it any different from bisexuality? If yes, then how?

If all these questions are crowding your head, don’t worry, we have answers to all of them—so, read on!

What is meant by the term “Pansexual”? 

The word “pansexual” has been in use for many years but in recent times, it has gained attraction, and now more and more people are getting to know about it. And as awareness of pansexuality is spreading far and wide, many pansexual people are coming out and speaking about their experiences to inspire others to have courage and embrace their sexualities. 

Now, many celebrities have come out as pansexual and thus, people are taking notice of this term. So, a pansexual person is someone who refers to being attracted to all the genders or being attracted to a person regardless of what their gender is. 

It refers to sexuality without any gender boundary and is a pansexual person is often referred to as ‘gender-blind’, which means that they do not consider gender and sex while talking about their sexual attraction to other people. Also, you need to remember that the definitions of the various types of sexuality are dynamic and they are always evolving with time.

While educating yourself about pansexuality, please note that it is not a kind of a trend or a fad—it is simply a term discovered to better describe a sort of sexuality that has been around for many years. It was just not understood or accepted among people, previously.

How do you identify if you are pansexual?

Identifying your sexuality can be a very delicate and long-drawn process—just remember that loving yourself is the most important step and then, give yourself enough time to acknowledge what your heart wants. You can always take the help of qualified professionals to seek answers about your sexuality. It is advisable not to ask your friends about these matters because they might be dismissive or they might ridicule you—and that will severely hurt your mental health. 

If you wish to test yourself, answer simple questions like–do you find the romance between Cinderella and Prince Charming very traditional or heteronormative, and do you find yourself attracted to the ‘girls’ instead of the Prince Charming? Do you think that all the fairy tales should not end with the prince and the princess living happily ever after, but there should also be two princesses or two princesses living happily together?

If you ask yourself these questions and the answers are yes—then there are chances that you might be pansexual. But nothing can be said with utmost conviction because sexuality is a unique feature and answering some mere questions cannot determine it.

How do I accept that I may be pansexual?

As the mainstream media and society morph your mind into believing some preformed notions about sexuality, it is often difficult to accept that you might be different from the majority of the population, that you might want a different thing from the mass. But this is what makes you unique. So, never deprive yourself and listen to what your heart truly wants. 

How are the terms “Pansexuality” and “Bisexuality” different? 

Many of us confuse the terms “pansexual” and “bisexual”, thinking that they are the same. Well, in a way, they are similar as they both have many common characteristics but due to some slight differences, they have been segregated. 

If you are not aware of what the term “bisexual” entails, then this is for you:

A bisexual person is someone who is attracted to more than one gender whereas a pansexual person is attracted to all the gender identities

For some bisexual people, it only means that they are attracted to men and women. However, this is might not be the case for every bisexual person. They can be attracted to other genders as well. Pansexuality comes under bisexuality. For a bisexual person, they can be attracted to two genders or multiple genders and for a pansexual person, they are attracted to all sorts of people irrespective of their gender. 

For instance, suppose you are attracted to boys and non-binary people, or maybe you are into girls and non-binary people, or you like people belonging to a range of specific non-binary genders but you do not feel attracted to all of them at the same time. You can be attracted to any number of genders but not all of them, then you are essentially a bisexual person. On the other hand, if you are pansexual, it means that you are attracted to all genders. 

Thus, we come to the end of our discussion on pansexuality and its difference from bisexuality. Everyone should get to know about these terms and educate themselves to become more accepting of people who experience various forms of sexuality. So, do your part in spreading this knowledge and share this article with your friends and family members. Thank you for reading this and have a great day!

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