Not Happy With Your Size? Learn About Penis Stretching Techniques

According to studies it has been found that males like females also have severe body issues and one of the most genuine concerns of all of them is about their penis sizes. There is a notion seeded inside their mind that bigger penises lead to better satisfaction of their partner in the bed and that forms the biggest reason for having a huge number of males looking up for exercises and stretching techniques on the internet to increase their penis sizes.

Are these penis stretching techniques and exercises really helpful? Or being part of the bandwagon can actually lead to more serious risks and complications in the future? Continue reading the article to know more about this then.

What is penis stretching?

Penis stretching refers to the process of stretching the length or girth of the penis with the help of one’s own hands or by a device. It involves the usage of different approaches ranging from exercises like jelqing to that of a penis pump.

Now let us go through some of the most common penis stretching techniques that can help you to provide your desired result.

Different techniques of penis stretching

There are various techniques available that are believed to provide beneficial results to its user and the most common ones are

  • Stretching exercises

These stretching exercises involve the manual use of your hand. You softly and gently try to massage your penis and the general intention behind these exercises is to stretch the skin and create micro-tears in the tissue which gorges upon healing and makes your penis look longer

Before going on to the details of the exercises, make sure to follow some tips when doing penis stretching exercises manually

  1. Since the exercises need to be done by hands, makes sure the hands are free from dust and grime
  2. Perform the exercises except for jelqing, only when you are flaccid
  3. Do the exercises once or twice a day
  4. If the exercises cause pain and discomfort, immediately stop it.
Simple stretching
  1. Grasp your penis just behind its head.
  2. Make sure the hold is not too harsh or loose. Just the right amount of tightness of the hands is needed.
  3. Start to pull the head towards your knee. You will soon be able to experience a stretch in your shaft muscles. A piece of advice at this time, if you feel pain or discomfort, stop it immediately.
  4. Maintain the position for 20-30 seconds.
  5. Bring the penis to its original position and after a few seconds now pull it towards your belly button.
  6. Keep it at that position for 20-30 minutes.
  7. Then repeat the same process and now stretch it towards the right and left directions.
  8. Now bring it back to the original position and rest.
Rotational stretching
  1. Just like the previous exercise, grasp the penis just below its head and pull it outwards firmly.
  2. Now start moving the penis in a circular position maintaining the same stretch and grip.
  3. Use both of your hands to do the exercise. The right hand to rotate it clockwise and the left one to rotate it in the anti-clockwise direction.
  4. Keep on doing the rotations for 30 seconds for each direction. Make sure to complete at least 3 full circles.
  1. Make sure that your penis is partially erect while performing the exercise and you should use lubricants like baby oil or Vaseline during the routine.
  2. With your thumb and pointer finger, hold the base of your penis.
  3. Rest your grip towards the pelvic bone.
  4. Now, slowly start to move up your hand maintaining the same pressure throughout.
  5. As you are just about to reach the head, stop your hand. One complete motion from the base to the head ensures the completion of one jelq.

This exercise will not only help you to increase your size but will help you to maintain healthy circulation of blood in your penis.

Opposite stretch
  1. Hold the penis just below its head with one hand and with the other hand, hold the base of the penis.
  2. Pull both the hands in the opposite direction i.e., pull the upper hand upwards and the lower hand more towards your base.
  3. And as maintained before, make sure that you do not hurt yourself while doing the exercises. You should just feel a slight stretch in the muscles. 
  4. Maintain the position for 30 seconds and then relax.
  • Stretching devices

If you are someone who has not been getting desired results from the stretching exercises, there is still the option of using stretching devices for you.

Penis pump

One of the most popular devices used to increase penis size is a penis pump. It is also a great device for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

  1. Apply a lubricant on your penis before using the device to avoid irritation
  2. Place the tube over your penis
  3. Turn on the pump and within seconds you will notice the creation of an erection.
Traction device

Traction devices are generally used to modify the curvature of the penis. Make sure to follow all the instruction that comes with the device

  1. Put your penis in the base end of the device
  2. Secure the head at the opposite end
  3. Now fasten the silicone tube around the shaft
  4. Now slowly and steadily grip the ends of the silicone tube at the bottom and pull your penis outwards. Stop doing the action if it feels uncomfortable or painful.

Apart from the above-mentioned exercises and stretching devices, you can also use pills, capsules and herbal preparation for penile enlargement. However, you should consult with your professional healthcare provider before consuming any

medications. And also, if none of the above treatments can help you, you can always use surgery as your last retort.

The takaway

So there you go, everything we need to know about penis stretching exercises. There are not many pieces of research on the penis stretching exercises and most of them are based upon anecdotal experiences. Techniques may not work for all and there is not much evidence stating the effectiveness of the exercises. However, most of the exercises can provide a temporary increase in your penis size. 

These exercises do not cause any unwanted side effects in the body but do follow some precautions while doing the exercises and using the devices as all of them have some potential risks and cause complications in the future. Rough handling of your penis can cause serious damage to the tissues and tear the ligaments which then can potentially hinder the ability to get or maintain an erection in the future. And while using the devices, make sure to follow the guidelines that come with it. Do not use it more than it is required as it can affect the penis function.

For most males who think they have a small penis, chances are there that you are within the normal size range and you should understand that your partner’s satisfaction does not depend only upon your penis size. There are many other ways to impress your significant other. However, if you do want to implement the penis stretching techniques, consult a doctor before, for proper guidelines and techniques.

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