How Good Are Pilates Exercises For Back Strengthening?

Lower back pain can disrupt all these activities and cause extreme mental and physical discomfort. If you’re someone who suffers from lower back pain on a regular basis, then this article is the right place where you’ll find various benefits of pilates for back pain and back strengthening.

Nearly everyone, once in their lifetime, will suffer from back pain and one of the most common types of back pain is found in the lower back. Also called the lumbar region, the pain can range from dull and achy to a stinging and burning sensation, and in some cases may even lead to muscle spasms and tightness in the lower back region (including hips and the pelvis area). It’s a type of pain that completely disrupts your frame of mind and can make you feel upset and irritable. Ignoring or confusing regular chronic pain may even lead to Sciatica, caused by a disturbance in the sciatic nerve.

So, how can one try to get rid of this pain? The answer is easy: Pilates Exercises. 

Developed in the 1920s and named after its creator, Joseph Pilates, Pilates exercises are highly advantageous for the body as they aid in muscular strengthening and improving and increasing endurance. It also allows one to work on their postural alignment, core strengthening, and balance of the body as a whole. This type of workout can be extremely beneficial for someone suffering from lower back pain or for someone who is looking to work for back strengthening.

Pilates Exercises for Lower Back Pain 

Here are some pilates exercises for low back pain and back strengthening that can be followed to get rid of that pain. Note that if anyone suffers from back-related or any type of injuries that are restricting body movements by not allowing a proper follow-through of exercises, talk to a professional Pilates instructor before diving right into these exercises to avoid any serious, life-threatening, or long-term muscular or bone damages.

Pelvic tilt

Also known and imprinting, this particular exercise activates muscles by reducing stiffness, which allows a freer movement of the body as well as promotes the support system of the spine. The right way to do this exercise is:

  • Lay on your back, with bent knees and flat feet
  • Lift your pelvis while exhaling
  • Come back and lay down your lower back
  • Repeat 5-10 times

Roll backs

In this exercise, one moves the spine with the help of abdominal muscles. This exercise helps in stretching and relieving stress in the muscles. Majorly, it also helps in back strengthening, strengthening one’s abdominal muscles and improves the mobility of the body overall.

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To perform this exercise, follow these steps:

  • Lie down on your back 
  • Bring your knees next to your chest and hold them with your arms
  • Lift your butt and roll it back down 
  • Repeat 5-10 times

Supine spine twist

This exercise improves the mobility of the body by releasing tension and pain from the lower back muscles. Since it is a rotation exercise, it also aids in stretching the back muscles as a whole. To do this exercise:

  • Lie down on your back
  • Bring your legs in a table top position (left your thighs to make a 90 degree angle)
  • Rotate your legs while maintaining the table top
  • Repeat 5-10 times for each side

To check out some more exercises, click here.

Benefits of Pilates for Back Pain

Relief to tight muscles

Pain that is short-term and caused due to bad posture can have the following symptoms: constant sharp pain, muscle stiffness, and reduced range of motion. This type of back pain causes discomfort when sitting on a chair for a very long time that does not promote postural alignment. These problems can be overcome by doing the exercises aforementioned.

Increased muscular strength

Pilates exercises are known for strengthening and toning the muscles in our bodies. The muscles in the lower back are enhanced and provide greater flexibility and freedom of movement of the body. By doing these exercises, one can experience positive physical changes while doing routine work. Lower back muscles are one of the core muscles in our bodies and therefore it is important to strengthen them so that the body remains fitter for a longer time.

Improved physical coordination

Improved coordination helps in staying energetic daily, improves agility, and helps the muscles to become stronger. All in all, it drastically improves joint stability, which can help in preventing various types of back injuries and back strengthening.

Recovering from injuries

One of the greatest advantages of doing pilates exercises is its ability to help the body in the process of injury restoration. Pilates activates mindfulness, which aids the connection between the mind and the body and helps in reducing the pain of the injury. It can also prove to be helpful to people who are recovering from lower back injuries.

But, it is to be sincerely noted that someone who is recovering from any injuries that they feel can hinder their ability to perform the exercise must do these exercises either under the supervision of a professional or contact them before starting these workout exercises.


Pilates exercises are not only beneficial to the body, but they also promote the connection between the mind and the body. As Joseph Pilates said, “Man should develop his physical condition simultaneously with that of his mind.” The reason being that when pilates encourages our body to connect with our mind, our mind understands and comprehends the awareness and presence of these muscles.

This awareness leads to greater control over the muscles in our body, which in turn leads to a correction in one’s posture and proper body movements. By gradually understanding our own body, our mind prepares and makes the body stronger so that the body can protect itself from an array of injuries. And when the mind feels fresh, it promotes us to have healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Ultimately,  these pilates exercises for low back pain can turn out to be remedial when dealing with lower back pain and back strengthening organically. Additionally, it will also assist in improving the connection between the mind and the body, which will provide benefits in the longer term. So, try doing these exercises and see the results for yourself!

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