Pimples On Face: Know Everything About This Annoying Problem

Imagine, you have an important day and you are all set and prepared for it but just then you notice out of nowhere, a pimple pops out and that too right on the centre of your face!! Sounds exactly like a nightmare coming true, right?

Well do not worry, we can assure you that most of us have faced this problem once in our life and therefore, we can at least provide you with some tips that will help you to prevent pimple breakout and also if you encounter one, how to deal with it.

What is the causes of Pimples On Face?

According to the medical terminology, pimples or pustules are papules with pus at their tips. They are raised red spots with a white centre that develops when the skin’s oil glands are overactive and pores become inflamed.

Our skin has tiny pores that can become blocked due to accumulation of bacteria, oil, dirt and dead skin cells and when these occur ‘zit’ or pimple develops. Acne develops when there is a repetition of this process.

Did you know, pimple impacts 3 out of every 4 people between 11 and 30 years of age. Although it is not life-threatening, however, admit it, pimples are irritating and can also leave behind scars for forever.

The general causes that are associated with pimple formation are 

  • Hormonal changes are the main reason for causing pimples on the face. Androgens are the hormones that cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and secrete more sebum into the skin and these hormones reach their peak during puberty in both boys and girls. However, for women, these hormonal changes can also be noticed during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.
  • Medications containing corticosteroids, testosterone and steroids can cause an increase in the rate of breakouts of pimples on the skin.
  • Carbohydrate-rich and oily food can lead to pimple prone skin.
  • Pimples occur to people of all age group, however, those who are undergoing hormonal changes especially between 11 and 30 years of age suffer the most.
  • Genetics also play a minor role in pimple formation. If there is a history of severe acne breakout in your family, you also have a high risk of acne breakouts then.
  • If friction or pressure is applied on the skin and greasy or oily substance comes in contact with the skin, it leads to pimple formations.

How to prevent pimple on face?

Pimples can easily be prevented if you follow a structured lifestyle and some basic precautions.

The most tips that can be followed are

  • Know your skin type- Pimples generally does not depend upon the type of the skin, however, oily skin and combination skin people are those who are most prone to pimples. 

In the case of oily skin, the sebaceous gland can produce excess sebum that leads to pimple breakouts. On the other hand, for people who have combination skin, pimple tends to form mostly on the forehead, nose and chin which is commonly known as the T-Zone.

pimples on face

Knowing about your skin type will help you to buy the right skincare products accordingly. Always try to buy non-comedogenic products.

  • Maintain skin hygiene- Maintaining skin hygiene is the ultimate tip to prevent pimple formations.
  1. Wash your face thoroughly to prevent the buildup of dirt and oil in the skin. Do not use harsh chemicals to do the process instead go for alcohol-free cleansers.
  2. Hydrate your skin. Drink ample amount of water throughout the day and do not forget to moisturise your skin because that is the key. Use fragrance-free and non-comedogenic moisturizers which help to maintain the proper pH balance of the skin and gives an overall youthful and radiant look.
  3. Do not touch your face with grimy hands and DO NOT BE A PIMPLE POPPER.

This practice can be extremely unhealthy as it can lead to formations of more pimples even in the same spot and can it also leave behind a scar.

  1. Avoid eating greasy and oily foods, as studies have shown that consuming a high glycemic diet can trigger pimple breakouts and can also lead to quickening the ageing process of the skin. 
  2. Do not use excess makeup. Makeup can lead to clogging of pores and therefore go light on your skin and let it breathe freely.
  3. Maintain a steady sleep cycle and have proper rest to have fresh and clear skin every day.
  • You can apply tree tea oil, green clay mask and also control your stress levels for better benefits.

How to get rid of pimples on face?

If by maintaining so many precautions, you still notice a pimple on your face, then also worry not, we have got you covered.

By the application of simple yet effective ingredients can help you to get rid of the pimples.

  1. Orange is a vital source of VitaminC. Apply orange peel powder and honey in equal quantities to the affected areas and bask in the result it provides.
  2. Turmeric with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties will help you treat the pimple and also enrich the skin in the process. Leave the turmeric on the affected area overnight and wash it off in the morning.
  3. Lemon juice helps to remove and lighten the scars. Apply lemon juice on the pimple spot, wait for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Lemon juice helps to remove and lighten the scars.
  4. You can also consider applying castor oil and aloe vera to the pimple affected areas as they aid in the healing of pimples.

Getting rid of pimples with the help of these above ingredients can be a little time consuming and if you need a quick fix, then over the counter medications like acne gel and creams containing benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, resorcinol and salicylic acid can provide great help to you. You can also consider applying colour correcting makeup technique onto your pimple affected areas.

Now there you go, you are now armed with the knowledge to fight against pimples. Over the counter medications and makeup techniques should always be the last retort as most of the time it has been seen that by maintaining a proper lifestyle regimen can help you to achieve a fresh, youthful, glowing and radiant look. Also do not forget to remember, pimple or not, you are always the best.

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