Practice Pranayam & Enjoy Its 4 Health Benefits

“Prana” is breath or vital energy in the body: at the subtle levels prana is the pranic energy that is responsible for life or life power, and “Ayama” means control. Pranayam is a type of yoga dealing in the art of breath control practice. In modern Yoga as exercise, it deals with synchronizing breath with movements of asanas but is also a separate breathing exercise, mostly done after asanas. It meant a complete suspension of breathing and finds its reference in Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and later Hatha Yoga texts.

Patanjali listed pranayama as a way to attain more high levels of consciousness in his text of Yoga Sutras and he mentioned breathing as the essential practice of having Samadhi. Patanjali also talks about eight forms of pranayama that make the body and mind safe. He also mentions breathing as a means of attaining a greater degree of awareness.

Benefits of performing pranayam on regular basis:

  • Regular breathing exercises will improve the quality of life one is performing fully.
  • Develop and improve the amount of prana and thus increase our levels of energy
  • Clears blocked nadis and chakra so that the aura extended and the spirit increased
  • Energetically, vigorously, calmly and positively. Such a state of thinking helps one make better choices, have the mental strength, and feel happier when faced with adversity
  • Brings peace between body, mind and spirit, and power physical, mental and spiritual.
  • It makes your mind clear and your body safe

Types of pranayam

  • Bhramari Pranayama

Soothing breathing practicesoothes the nervous system with the connectivity of our most genuine inner self. Bhramari Pranayama also is referred to as Humming Bee Breath. The Sanskrit word for bee is Bhramari and this pranayama is so named for the humming sound that occurs in the back of the throat – such as the gentle bumming of a bee.

  • Anulom vilom 

Anulom vilom is the practice of yoga is a special form of synchronized breathing (pranayama). It consists of keeping one nose closed with the help of fingers when breathing. The other nose closed while breathing. The mechanism is repeated then again and again. It can help encourage better sleep and improve your sleep cycle. There is evidence that your brain, respiratory and cardiovascular systems will benefit from alternating nasal breathing. Anulom vilom also helps in stress reduction and enhanced well-being.

  • Kapalbhati

It’s a complex pranayam form, in essence. To be exact, it is a series of rapid respiratory techniques that are since time immemorial an inextricable part of yoga. This yogic practice helps to eliminate toxic toxins from the body. Currently, ‘Kapal’ means ‘front’ and ‘Bhati’ means ‘brilliant.’ According to yoga experts, kapalbhati is something that provides a bright and balanced mind with a “bright front.”


This pranayama will boost the activity of all your abdominal organs, minimize bowel fat, lead to  rapid weight loss and regulate your body’s sugar levels.

  • Ujjayi pranayama

Ujjayi pranayama is a technique that keeps the mind and the body in a relaxed state. The method is used in all yoga practices in Ashtanga and Vinyasa. A gentle, whispering breath, Ujjayi pranayama (breath control technique), is also known as a victorious breath, or even a sea breath. It is contrasted with the wind sound coming to the shore from the trees or the waves. With Ujjayi respiration, the lips are sealed in and out, and no breath goes through your lips. This is also used to create body heat. The lips closely and the focus is on your neck, even though the breath passes through your nasal lines.

  • Bhastrika Pranayama 

Bhastrika Pranayama benefits in improving our overall body mechanism and enhances our immune system. The rainy season is enjoyable, exciting, and cool, but with it comes common respiratory diseases and digestive issues such as asthma, common cold, and cough, asthma, arthritis, nasal infections, digestive problems, and skin allergies. Diseases linked to water, air and food cannot be overlooked. Bhastrika Pranayama works wonders in keeping you healthy and boosting your immunity in fighting infections.

Benefits of pranayam

  • Help reduce stress

In stable young adults, pranayama decreased perceived stress levels. The researchers conjectured that pranayama soothes the nervous system, which strengthens your stress response. The increased oxygen intake during the pranayama enhances your energy, including your brain and nerves. 

  • Improved sleep cycle
Image result for improve sleep


Pranayama can also help you sleep with stress relief results. In people with obstructive sleep apnea, pranayama increases the quality of sleep. The study has also shown that snoring and sleeping during the day decrease, indicating advantages to better rest.

  • Helps control blood pressure

When your blood pressure hits an unhealthy amount, it’s high blood pressure or high blood pressure. The risk of certain potentially severe health problems such as heart disease and stroke would be increased. High blood pressure is a big risk factor. By encouraging relaxation, Pranayama can help minimize this risk.

  • Enhances pulmonary function

Slow, strong Pranayama breathing will improve your lungs as they are a kind of breathing exercise. Pranayam can be effective in dealing with many lung problems, including asthma, allergic bronchitis, pneumonia recovery, and TB recovery.

The breathing method, the predictor of life, called Pranayama can change our lives and our routines completely. At times, pranayam has also been successful in treating various illnesses and diseases.  However, it can also cause harm to an individual, if done wrongly. This apprehension discourages a lot of people from taking Pranayama. Secondly, the lack of teachers who can teach it scientifically is why it is not so popular. But if you do Pranayama without the proper technique and right guidance, you suffer. But this does not mean that this method is so complex that a common man can’t do it. You learn easily and feel the wondrous, unparalleled advantages.

Pranayams can help you relax or clear your mind and instill a sense of positivity in yourself. Performing pranayama can also help bring stability to your life. While the possible benefits are positive, note that you need alternate nasal breathing to see and hold results consistently. Medical treatment is not substituted by breathing exercises. Speak to your doctor always, particularly if you have any medical problems or illnesses before you begin breathing.

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