Prostate Milking: Technique And Health Benefits

There are different types of massages offered. There are the ones that relieve tension from the human body and the others that are used to give someone sexual pleasure. For men, milking their prostate is the easy way to achieve sexual pleasure. Apart from giving a next level orgasm, milking a prostate has other benefits too.

Let’s read about these benefits and more about Prostate milking. 

Finding the prostate?

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland and a part of the male reproductive system. It is placed between the bladder and the penis. The function of the prostate gland is to produce prostate fluid that nourishes the sperms and mixes with other fluids to produce semen. 

The bladder grows with the age, making it easier to be located. To locate the prostate, an individual can insert a finger, that has to be greased with a lubricant, into the rectum. At that point, push on the front mass of the rectum, where you will feel a slight lump. Another way of stimulating the prostate with less contact is by pushing upward on the perineum, that is the skin between the testicles and the rectum.

Intensely massaging the prostate can cause urination. The reason behind this is that the prostate is located close to the bladder and the urethra. 

What is milking prostate and how is it done?

In simple words, prostate milking refers to give sexual pleasure to a male by massaging their prostate. The prostate is massaged until it produces a thin, milk-like fluid called the prostate fluid.

Today’s generation mostly considers it as a way of giving sexual stimulation. But, in the late 19th century, doctors performed prostate massages for a therapeutic purpose. It is said that milking a prostate can treat inflammation in the prostate. It is known as prostatitis.

 Different techniques of prostate orgasm/milking    

Prostate Milking

After finding the prostate, begin massaging it in a slow but steady motion. While touching the prostate, it might feel a little awkward in the beginning, but it does give an unusual or pleasurable sensation. The speed of the massage can be increased after some time as per the needs of a receiver.

The different techniques include:

1.Using fingers

  • Doorbell

Rest your finger against the outside of the prostate and begin pressing it gently, like ringing a doorbell. Apart from massaging it at the same pace, try mixing it by pressing it for longer or shorter intervals. The doorbell technique can be used while penetrating into an anus, too.

  • Hither Come

Insert your greased index finger into the anus. Make an upward motion “come hither” towards the belly button with your curled finger. Start with a slow speed and continue massaging. You may gradually increase the speed as per your needs. 

  • Simulated vibrations

When the massage is given at a higher speed, it feels like a vibrator. While this can be a little hard on the wrist, it is advised to save this part when the orgasm is close. 

  • Circling

This requires a pad that has to be applied on your finger and circling the entire gland while pressing it mildly. The pressure and speed can be adjusted throughout. Continue with the pace that feels the best.

2.With sex toys

Toys such as a massager, strap-on, etc have the ability to be used at different pressure and dept, which give you the perfect amount of pleasure:

  • Pressure

Sometimes you try to pleasure yourself and that is when using sex toys comes to the rescue. When you use a sex toy, controlling pressure becomes easy. To find your P-spot, press the toy against the prostate, with little or more pressure.

  • Vibrations

There are various prostate massagers available in the market that come in multiple speeds and a pulse setting. To receive a next-level prostate massage, turn up the speed level as grow close to orgasm.

  • Sensation

Some prostate massagers come in a 2 in 1 package. The attached external stimulator can provide your perineum with some sensations while the other end of the massager penetrates. 

  • Depth

Anal toys come in different shapes as well as sizes. Using a narrow and long sex toy can help to get orgasm at deep parts. You have the freedom to insert that toy as deep as you want it to be.

Health benefits of prostate massage

1.Might result in better erectile dysfunction (ED)

ED is a situation that occurs when a man cannot keep his erection firm during an erection. It is said that getting a prostate orgasm can help in maintaining a firm erection. 

2.Can help in improving urination

The swelling of the prostate imposes pressure on the urethra and interferes with the flow of the urine. Massaging the prostate can help in relieving the swelling. Hence, resulting in a better flow of urine.

3.Relieve in BPH symptoms

The symptoms of BPH or benign prostate hyperplasia are sexual dysfunction, dribbling post urination, leaking of urine, and incomplete urination. This disease is said to be the precursor of prostate cancer. 

Therapeutically massaging the prostate can help in lowering or cutting down the urinary tract symptoms of BPH.

4.Treats and prevents prostatitis

Prostatitis may have been caused because of some infection, injury, or deficiency in the immune system. 

Basic massages were used as a treatment for getting rid of swelling of the prostate. Nowadays, antibiotics have taken their place. But one can always use massages as a home remedy for prostatitis.

5.Provides relief from painful ejaculation

When the fluid gets blocked in the reproductive system, it causes pain during ejaculation. Ejaculation is the time when semen is discharged during an intense orgasm. Massaging the prostate helps in eliminating this blockage. 

Things to remember while giving massage to the prostate

  • Before getting into massaging, sanitize your hands, followed by lubricating. This will ensure a smooth procedure. 
  • No matter what speed you are giving a massage, never squeeze the prostate. The consequences do not give any pleasure.
  • After a massage, always wash your prostate with room-temperature water. 

Hope this helped you with the information you were looking for!

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