6 Factors To Consider When Choosing Protein Powder

Some people consume protein powders that are extracted from various sources. Protein powders are an amazing supplement that helps you to achieve your long-term goals. These can be used by someone who is trying to gain muscles or even by people who go through protein deficiency. So, what are the different choices available and what will suit best for you? Let us read about it.

Types of protein powders

  • Whey protein powder

You must have already heard its name as it is the common protein powder used in day-to-day life. This is extracted mostly from curdling an animal’s milk. This can be easily digested and also contains the necessary amino acids. It is best to consume whey protein after a workout to boost energy and reduce stress levels. 

Protein Powder
  • Soy protein powder

Dehulled and defatted soybeans contain 3 kinds of protein, namely, soy flour, soy concentrates, and soy isolates. Soy protein is that protein that is extracted from soy isolates and has many functional properties. It is a complete protein and provides all the required amino acids that are similar to any animal-based protein powder. 

It also helps in reducing cholesterol levels in the body and ease the symptoms involved during menopause. It helps in building bone mass by regulating osteoporosis. As compared to others, this one is the least expensive in terms of soy dietary proteins.

  • Egg protein

This one is properly based on animal products. It is extracted from egg whites and is a complete source of protein. It does not contain any unnecessary calories and is fat-free as well as sugar-free. This protein can be consumed throughout the day and works in a slower motion as compared to whey protein. It also comes with the nine essential amino acids that are required for the body.

  • Brown rice proteins

We have always been advised to switch from white rice to brown rice. The reason is that brown rice contains more protein as compared to white rice. Along with protein, it also contains natural starches and fiber. This can be opted by someone who is looking for vegan protein powders. It comes with a smooth texture which makes it easy to digest. 

  • Pea protein powder
Protein Powder

This is such a protein supplement that is extracted from yellow peas. This is also a vegan option like the previous one. It is high in protein and fat content. It helps in faster muscle recovery and aids weight loss. It is hypo-allergic, which means it is safer to be consumed by someone prone to get allergies. It keeps you full for a long period and is also easily digested. 

  • Hemp protein powder

This is one of the best plant proteins available and is vegan too. This is made by processing hemp seeds into a fine powder and is made with no hassle. It is not only used for protein shakes but also while making a variety of protein-rich food recipes. It contains healthy fats and minerals which makes it easy to digest. It adds a nutty and earthy flavor to your meals that make them delicious. Being rich in amino acids and antioxidants, it also helps in reducing the risks of chronic diseases including heart diseases and diabetes. This improves hormonal balance in the body and may improve heart health. 

Choosing a protein powder according to your needs

One should always go for the protein powder that matches their needs. This is one of the things that one should know before buying protein powder: 

1.Muscle building

If your goal is to increase your muscle build, then you should go for a protein powder that consists of a biological value. A biological value is that value that measures the performance of the body in absorbing and utilizing a protein. 

It should also contain essential amino acids that can be easily broken down within the skeletal muscles. Their primary work is to aid torn muscles and speed up the growth of new ones. In this case, you should go for whey protein and whey isolates. 

Protein Powder

2.Weight loss

If your goal is to shed some weight, you should go for sugar-free and dextrin-free protein powder. Sweeteners made from starch can harm your muscles instead of firming them. It is better to avoid protein powder which contains amino acids as they can increase your weight rather than decreasing it. 

You have options to go for either plant-based or animal-based protein powder. For plant-based protein powder, you can choose from soy and pea. For animal-based protein powder, you can choose from whey, casein, and egg proteins. Some protein powders are added with caffeine and fiber to increase their efficiency in losing weight.

3.Vegan or vegetarian options

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, do not choose protein powders that contain milk solids (like milk proteins or whey). Rather go for plant-based protein powders, such as soy, hemp, or pea. 

4.Low in sugar protein powders

People suffering from high blood sugar or diabetes should stay away from protein powders that contain high amounts of refined sugar. look for sugar-free and low in carbohydrates protein powders. Choose the ones which contain 10 to 15 grams of carbs in them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

5.Low protein

Protein powders with low protein contents might seem strange. This is usually preferred by those people who suffer from kidney-related diseases. Those who are suffering from kidney diseases cannot tolerate huge amounts of protein at one time. In this case, one can go for protein powders containing a low amount of protein like 10 to 15 grams per serving. 

Protein Powder

6.Suited for gastrointestinal problems

People that suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or are lactose intolerant should go for protein powders that do not contain lactose sugars. They should also avoid artificial sweeteners. 

Check if there is the gluten content in the ingredients lists of the concerned protein powder. Do not go for it if you have gluten intolerance or sensitivity. 

Lastly, try to understand the needs of your body and never try to force anything into your system just for the sake of getting protein. Be careful while choosing protein powders by going thoroughly through their ingredient list. This will prevent your health from getting affected by unnecessary chemicals and preservatives. 

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