Not Happy With Big Breasts? Try These Solutions To Reduce Breast Size

Large breasts can ruin a lot of things for women, it forbids them from doing a lot of activities, as at times, it can be a little uncomfortable or even embarrassing for them. Although bigger breasts in poetry and movies have always been glorified, the truth is far from reality. Women would know how their breasts restrict them to cope with physical activity requirements. Many women seek breast reduction because they enjoy a sport or have an active lifestyle. 

The main explanation for the breast size rise is weight gain because breasts consist of fatty cells. Large breast size affects a woman especially when she purchases new lingerie or is not able to buy that attractive lingerie because it’s not available in the required size. Not being able to wear tube dresses or tops or not able to find the perfect lingerie due to its unavailability in a larger size can be disheartening, isn’t it? It might be time to think of ways to reduce your size if a sports bra is not able to accommodate them or if you find yourself less involved due to your breasts.

Why do breasts size increase?

There can be several reasons that can that trigger the breast size, like:


A lot of women may notice some changes in the appearance of their breasts over periods. Although these changes are minor and not very noticeable, they cause some changes in the form, function and appearance of the breasts. However, these changes will return to normal after menstruation is over.


During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes several hormonal changes which trigger breast enlargement. Increase in the size of breasts in a normal phenomenon during pregnancy.

Weight gain

Gaining weight can be the most common reason for the enlargement of breasts in women. As breasts are made up of fatty cells, gaining weight will accumulate more fat in the breasts making them look bigger than normal.

Sexual intercourse

Sex, foreplay and orgasm also have a different effect on the nervous system. The level of blood flows, the arteries dilate and the skin swells around the breasts, rendering them larger than before. However, researchers claim that these changes are not permanent. There is anecdotal evidence to support the claim of whether sexual intercourse can increase the size of breasts or not.

Lack of exercise

Not performing any kind of physical activity can make the breasts saggy. Exercise helps to maintain the elasticity of the breasts keeping them firm and in shape. It also helps to avoid deposit of extra fat on the boobs.

Breast lumps

A breast lump can make the breast appear larger than normal. This condition requires immediate medical attention and must not be ignored.

How to reduce breast size?

There are certain methods and ways, one can adopt to reduce breast size.

  • Exercise

A routine exercise can lead to shedding the chest fat and strengthening the muscles under the breasts to minimize their size, as the breasts involve a portion of fat and can help shed light quicker and target trouble areas by concentrating on aerobic and high-intensity exercises.

  • Diet

Body fat as a whole may contribute to the size of the breast. The maintenance of a balanced workout and diet will optimize your loss of weight and minimize breast measurements. 

  • Green tea

Green tea contains many antioxidants and can increase your fat and calories metabolism. This decreased accumulation of fat would reduce the breasts’ size. 

  • Ginger

Ginger will help improve your metabolism and burn your body excess fat and also breast fat.

  • Flaxseed

The high content of Omega-3 fatty acids in flax help to control the levels of oestrogen and gradually reduce breast size.

  • Choosing the right bra

Invest in a well-fit bra that protects and covers your breast. Also, you should take care of your breast by wearing darker colours and monitoring the necklines.

Exercises to reduce breast size

Reduce Breast Size
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Breast reduction can be done by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. One needs to understand that stop reduction is not possible therefore they must combine the following exercises with aerobics, cardio or other high-intensity exercises to get the best results.

  • Wall push-ups

Wall press is one of the easiest exercises for breast reduction. It is similar to a normal push-up except it is to be done in a standing position. This workout strengthens your breast muscles and helps to reduce your breasts and armpits fat. 

  • Push-ups

Push-ups are considered the best exercise to reduce breasts as well as arms fat. This exercise focuses on your chest and arms muscles and helps to make them firm. They close up the zone and stop a saggy look. But pushups alone can’t perform miracles. 

  • Leg raise

Not a lot of people know that leg raise not only helps to tighten the abs muscles but also helps to tone saggy breasts.

  • Swinging shoulders

Shrug shoulder is one of the most powerful exercises for reducing the size of your cup. It squeezes and tones the muscles inside. Adding weights will provide more quick results.

  • Upright-rows

This is the best technique to gradually decrease breast size. This exercise included a stretching rope which requires you to pull it upwards with your arms creating tension in your arms and chest muscles and strengthening them. 

  • Anterior front raises

Holding a dumbbell with both the hands and raising it forward, creating tension in your chest muscles is a great exercise to tone the breasts. You can also move your hands up and down, the training strengthens the muscles of your shoulders and tones your breasts.

  • Side raises

Holding the dumbbell in both the hands and lifting it slowly by applying pressure on your arms and chest muscles is a great way to tone that saggy breast and aids in breast reduction.

  • Swimming 

Swimming is the best physical exercise to not only tone your boobs or arms but it is a great workout for your entire body.

Breast reduction surgery

In some conditions sagging or extremely large breasts cannot be treated with home remedies or exercises as it does not deliver the desired result or the woman finds it difficult to exercise, as the breasts restrict her from doing so. In such cases, a woman may opt for breast reduction surgery. 

The operation to remove excess fat, tissue and skin from your breasts is breast-reduction surgery. If you have large breasts that are out of proportion to your body and cause neck pain, back pain, or other symptoms, you may consider the breast-reduction operation. The findings are happy for most women who get a breast reduction. It may also be present for men with conditions like gynecomastia (with men’s breasts abnormally enlarged).

Breast reduction surgery can work wonders for you and help you to lead a normal life, to wear that sexy lingerie that you have been obsessing over, to participate in sports or other physical activity, or to fit in that amazing dress, which was otherwise impossible due to your large breasts.