How to Identify if You Need a Rest Day to Recover Your Body?

Today, we have something very interesting to talk about. Well, we all want to look fit and healthy these days. That is the prime reason why most people are starting to look up to their health. Now, we all know work-out and a healthy diet are the best ways to lose fat and stay fit, but there’s one more thing that must be added with these two, otherwise, you may face some big issues in future. What you have to add is a rest day to recover your body, in your work plan. 

Yes, a rest day is very important if you want to achieve your fitness goal. But you might be thinking that if you’re working out daily and you don’t feel tired or fatigued, then what is the point in taking rest and slowing down your workout process? But no, your muscle will only improve when you balance your rest with your workout routine. 

Now that we have established why an exercise rest day is necessary, let us tell you that there are many conflicts about when to take a rest day in your workout schedule. Everyone has their own way to take some rest, but if you are too confused and are not able to decide, in that scenario, we will advise you to plan a rest day every 7-10 days. 

These are some signs that your body might want a rest day 

1. You might feel dehydrated after drinking a lot of water

There are various reasons to feel dehydrated but, in this case, if you are working hard and putting too much stress on your body for the 6-7 consecutive days, then this might be a sign to take a rest day. 

After training hard for some days there is a chance that your body goes into a catabolic state, and dehydration is a symptom of this. So, if you ever feel like this, make sure to take some time out to give yourself some rest.

2. Muscle cramping

If you face muscle hindrance in your normal day-to-day task, say, your hands give off a shooting pain after lifting your laptop, then this might be a sign you need a rest day from your regular training. 

3. Your daily tasks feel like your heavy workout

Let us assume you might be one of those who always prefer stairs to elevators or you prefer to walk to your workplace rather than driving but sometimes you might be feeling low and unmotivated to do this daily task. Too much drowsiness and sluggishness might be a sign that you’re exhausted with your regular workout and your body is demanding an exercise rest day to heal itself and recover. 

4. Your sleeping cycle might be disturbed

If you feel tired even after sleeping for 6-8 hours a day or you feel that there is a sudden change in your sleeping pattern or, maybe, you might feel that the quality of your sleep is not as good as it was before—all this might be a sign of overtraining. Your sleep is affected because your nervous system is working overtime to heal your exhausted muscles and that is why you are not able to sleep well. 

Take a minimum of two days off from your daily workout routine to get back into your normal sleeping pattern. Taking two days off as a couple of rest days to recover your body, will help your muscles to heal. If you still feel that your sleep is not good then take a break until you can see that your normal sleep pattern is back. 

5. You are always sore 

This is very common for people who work out daily. Usually, it takes around 24-72 hours to get relief but if you constantly feel sore, then make sure you rest properly. This type of constant soreness is a sign that your body is not recovering properly and soreness is a way through which our body says that it needs more energy to repair. 

Take a minimum of 2 days off from your heavy training, and if you feel sore after taking those 2 days off, then this might be a cause that you are overtraining or you are doing something wrong in your workout regime. 

Health benefits of taking a rest day 

Rest is very important if you want to build your body, and there are various benefits of taking a day off from your training routine. Here are some of the benefits of an exercise rest day–

  • Most of the people who work out regularly may feel muscle pain and soreness, taking rest will help their muscles to recover from the pain. 
  • When you heavily train yourself, a microscopic tear appears in your muscle tissue, so when you take a few days off from the workout, then your body repairs the tissue which then builds up your muscle. 
  • Rest not only helps you to get physically relaxed but also relaxes your mind, as over-exercising causes mental exhaustion which leads to poor decision-making ability. 
  • A day of rest prevents you from different muscle injuries because when you overtrain yourself, then the possibility of getting injured becomes high. 

What is an ideal rest day to recover your body? 

You can plan several things for your exercise rest day. It would be really fun to take a day off after working so hard, as it will help you to think and do better. 

  • You can binge-watch a whole web series if you want! 
  • You can spend more time on your hobby and, say you like music, so you can practise music on your rest day. 
  • You can make your favorite breakfast and enjoy it while reading a book. 
  • If you like reading then you can challenge yourself for a read-a-thon!
  • You can spend some more time with your friends and family members. 
  •  If you are not injured then you can try an active recovery day, you are not allowed to do heavy workouts but, yes, you can try something gentle like walking and yoga. 


A rest day is something in which you take a day or more off from your regular workout routine. This helps your muscles to recover and regain energy. By now you must have understood the importance of rest for your good health. 

We will suggest you take a day off every 7-10 days or as per your requirement but ignoring the indicators that you need to take a rest day can be very detrimental to your health. Taking rest days to recover your body is important. Taking a rest day to recover your body can serve you in the long run.

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