Saatva And Sleep Number: The Best Mattress For A Goodnight’s Sleep

Sleeping on a mattress that does not give you good sleep is a waste of time. Investing in a good quality mattress will highly benefit your health. Giving you a satisfying sleep experience will boost you for the rest of the day’s activities. The most popular brands for mattresses are Saatva and Sleep number. This article will help you to choose the perfect mattress that will guarantee you a good night’s sleep.  

Saatva vs. Sleep number


The brand Saatva is known for its line of mattresses that are made up of eco-friendly materials and that are believed for giving relief from back pain. The mattress types are available in adjustable air, hybrid, or foam. 

Saatva makes their mattresses from twin to split Californian king.  The price range varies from $699 to $4095. They carry the certifications of OEKO-TEX and Certi-PUR-US. These two certificates are given to certifies foams only. 

Purchasing these mattresses will benefit you with a 180-night sleep trial along with a warranty for 15 years. 

Sleep number

The brand Sleep number is known for its lineup of smart adjustable air beds with features produced with high technology. The mattress type comes only in adjustable air. 

The sizes of sleep numbers are available in twin, twin XL, queen, king, full, split king, FlexTop king, Californian king, FlexTop Californian king, spilled Californian king. The prices of these brands vary from $999 to $5099. 

These carry the certificate issued by CertiPUR-US. When purchased, they guarantee you with a 100-night risk-free trial and with a warranty of 15 years. 

Review of Saatva mattresses 


Below are given some of the queen-sized saatva mattresses that have been popular over a period: 

Saatva classic mattress

This mattress is Saatva’s first release in this field and remains one of its popular ones till now. It comes with a blend of supportive coils, eco-friendly foams, and a plush soft pillow top. 

Though there are some reports of the mattress being on the firm side, most of the buyers regard this as wonderfully soft. The reviewers also say that this mattress will help you with regulating your body’s temperature whenever you sleep. 

  • The Saatva classic mattress comes in a price ranging from $1500 and below. 
  • These are of the hybrid type having a height of 11.5 to 14.5 inches. 
  • You can choose the level of firmness among the firm, luxury firm, and plush soft.
Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress

This is an organic mattress featuring individually wrapped coils at its core and a layer of latex foam to make it more comfortable. They also provide support at targeted areas and can limit motion transfer whenever required. 

This mattress comes with an excellent edge-support that decreases the chances of falling off the bed. This is also ideal for those who do not like memory foam. 

  • The price of this mattress varies from $1500 to $2000. 
  • As the name suggests itself, it is a hybrid type with a height of 13 inches. 
  • The level of firmness is set at medium and supports all sleeping positions. 
Saatva Solaire

This mattress is highly adjustable as it comes with fifty firmness levels one can choose from. special mention to queen and king size mattresses that come with dual air chambers and are beneficial to couples. 

In one of its versions, Upper flex is available. This allows you to raise or lower your heads accordingly because of its adjustable base. 

This also comes with a layer of Talalay latex and an organic pillow top. The mattress is bouncier and cooler as compared to others. 

  • The price of this mattress is more than $2000.
  • The mattress is an air bed type that has memory foam and latex. 
  • This comes with adjustable firmness and is highly recommended for couples. 

Review of sleep number mattresses

Below are given some of the sleep number mattresses that have been popular over a period:

Sleep number classic series

Two mattresses fall under the classic series. The first is the c2 smart bed and the second, c4 smart bed. They are similar except c4 is an inch thicker as compared to c2. 

Most of the buyers review this as soft and comfortable mattresses. They are easily customizable that gives you a night of quality sleep. 

Though, some customers regard this as a cheap camping bed with a noisy air pump. So, it is being advised to the manufacturers to add a thick mattress topper to help with the noise. 

There is also some complaint regarding the defects and malfunctions such as air leakage and dips occurring in the middle of the mattress. 

  • The classic series prices less than $1500 and comes with an adjustable air bed. 
  • The height is around 8 to 9 inches and comes with an adjustable firmness level. 
  • This is suited for those who are looking for an affordable yet adjustable air bed. 
Sleep number performance series

The performance series comes in p5, p6, and pSE smart beds. These are the advanced version of the previous ones as they are thicker and provide more comfort to the back

Many users have recommended this mattress as it gives relief from back pain due to its smart technology. 

Though, some people remained unimpressed with this series. They pointed out the sound coming from the pump system and poor functioning. 

  • The price of this mattress costs more than $2000 and comes with an adjustable air bed. 
  • The height of this mattress is 10 to 11 inches and one can adjust the firmness accordingly. 
  • Suitable for people who are looking for pressure relief mattresses. 
Sleep number innovation series

The series consists of three types of mattresses: the i8, i10, and iLE smart beds. This is considered the brand’s thickest mattress. 

This mattress gives even more pressure relief than the previous ones. This consists of a cooling layer but does not has any temperature regulating materials. 

  • The price of this series costs more than $2000 and is an adjustable bed type. 
  • The height varies from 12 to 13 inches and the firmness can be easily adjustable. 
  • Also, suitable for people who seek pressure relief. 

We hope by this article you will choose wisely among the choices you make!!

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