Workout Diet 101: Should We Drink Water During Workout?

We cannot reiterate the importance of drinking enough water. From maintaining our body’s homeostasis to aid in digestion, keeping our skin clear from acne and breakouts- the wondrous effects of water are infinite. Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps, and it can become excruciating if you have been working out.

While you are out there in the gym sweating it out through an intense workout, all in the desire to build your strength, stamina, and speed, you will be surprised to know that all of this can come down in vain with something as minute as slight dehydration. Hence, drink water during workout to avoid these mishaps. 

Dehydration is when the body has lost more fluids than it can bear and leaves it at the brink of exhaustion without any healthy fluids to circulate the system. If you are a warrior in your gym, it doesn’t matter if you decide to ignore this one important rule of drinking water before, after, and during your workouts because you will be at the losing end. 

Water is a good source for your hydration during the average workout that you invest yourself in. After all, the human body is 60% H2O. Every bit of our body is dependent on water. Every cell in your body needs water to function.

Should we drink water during workout?

As the workout progresses, your body tends to lose a lot of water through sweat. What has been lost has to be replenished. If not looked into, then the after-effects of dehydration will have to be faced undoubtedly. There is not a reaction in your body that can be done without this vital fluid. Give your body the water it gravely needs, and this will fruitfully regulate your body temperature and lubricate your joints. It makes sure that you stay healthy throughout the workout, giving you the much-needed energy boost.

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Hydrate yourself efficiently and feel your body heal better as you progress through the exercise sets. Feel the muscles recover faster, and your body is now pushing itself to 100% efficiency. The heart would now feel at ease to reach out to the muscles with blood, oxygen, and nutrients. With more energy in hand, your body will now breeze through the workouts that you once struggled with when you were dehydrated. 

The body also loses out on nutrients through sweat along with water, mainly being sodium and potassium. But this is of concern only while exhausting yourself into an hour-long workout. At that point, it would be ideal for replacing your readily available water with a sports drink that would contain 6g of carb and 20-70mg of sodium for every 100ml. 

An ideal natural alternative would be coconut water. Although this wouldn’t be the preferred choice of drink for a high-intensity workout as it is not an electrolyte and is low in sodium. 

What is the ideal time and quantity of water to be consumed during workout?

Even before we get to this topic, make it clear in your routine that you are well hydrated throughout the day before stepping in for a workout. 

Wondering what is the best time to drink water during workout?

You would need to drink at least 15-20 ounces of water 2 hours before the workout. Further, ensure that you drink 8-10 ounces of water just 15 minutes before the workout. During your workout, establish that you drink 7-10 ounces of water every 15 minutes. The environment of your workout routine needs to be considered as well. An outdoor workout will get the individual to sweat heavily, and this proportionally indicates that you would need to drink more water. 

Another outside factor influencing your water consumption is your weight. Experts have highlighted that for every pound lost during an exercise, you will have to replace it with 16-20 ounces of water. So it would be recommended that you weigh yourself before and after a workout. Note that we feel thirsty only when dehydrated, so ensure that you drink waterway before you are thirsty. 

Is it good to drink water during workout, and if not, what are the repercussion? And what can happen due to less water?

Body fatigue:

When looking for the best workout and executing it to attain your best form, it is important to stay hydrated. The fluids in your body work towards pushing it towards that goal. And without it, your body will just not be at its best. The body will readily get fatigued. You might understand now that your mind wavering off during a workout and even messing with your decision-making skills is simply because you didn’t drink enough water during the workout. The activity to improve your mood and reduce stress will now seem more like a burden. 

Affects your heart rate:

Ignorance towards hydration is a serious offense. Don’t take that statement to your heart. It would already be dealing with a lot. Without water, your heart rate will rise along with the body temperature. Add all of this to an already hot environment, and you are heading towards a rollercoaster of unknown disasters. 

Loss of water can make you dizzy:

Through the time spent in your workout, the water that is lost through breath and sweat will leave you feeling dizzy and lethargic. The body needs water for you to exercise effectively. 

Signs of hydration:

The level of hydration can be evaluated through the color and output of urine. If it is pale yellow and frequent, then you are ideally hydrated. Dark yellow and infrequent passage indicates dehydration. Studies show that losing just 2% of the fluid in body weight can adhere to your performance by a staggering 25%.

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Should we drink water during workout : Bottomline

Most of the people out there are oblivious to the dangers of dehydration and the importance of drinking water. Don’t wait for the body to remind you to drink water. Invest in a bottle with measurements and keep it at an arm’s reach. Fill it with cold water as humans are more likely to reach out to it during and after a workout. Manage it as per your preference. A workout at its best is when physical and mental health goes hand in hand. The missing key here was water. Drink water in workout and be ready to get insanely fit.

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