10 Warning Signs Of ADHD In Children

Signs Of ADHD. People of all ages change and behave in different manners, so do children. We might think that our children’s unacceptable behavior is temporary and will change by the time they hit puberty. But sometimes, it is not the case.

The things that you experience when you spend time with your child and the things the child goes through might be more than just a phase. Your child might be suffering from ADHD. Let us learn more about it. 

What is ADHD?

Signs Of ADHD

ADHD or attention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a complex disease that affects our nervous system. This neurodevelopmental disorder has its effects on the child’s wellbeing at school or their relationship with other people. By wellbeing, we mean the various successes, small or big, attained at the school level. 

The signs of ADHD differ from person to person and are very rarely recognized by guardians. Sometimes, the child even suffers from individual symptoms of ADHD. So, to move further with the treatments, your child has to go through several criteria that will be evaluated by a doctor. 

As ADHD is a health condition that is hardly recognized during the early ages, most cases are discovered by the time the child becomes a teenager. While the average for ADHD diagnosis remains at the age of 7. 

This mental disorder can happen to both children as well as adults. Those who suffer from ADHD have impulsive behavior, face troubles while focusing on a single task, or cannot sit in one position for a longer period. 

What are the signs of ADHD in children?  

Though, there is a wide range of emotion or behavior by the child. Here are some which can be seen particularly:

Self-focused behavior 
Signs of ADHD in children

This is a common sign of ADHD. If your child is suffering from these diseases, he or she might be focusing on their needs without even recognizing other people’s needs or desires. 

The child gives conscious attention to their thoughts, actions, needs, and emotions. When this type of behavior becomes more frequent, it might lead to heightened vulnerability. But first, it will give rise to smaller other signs such as having an “interrupting” attitude or trouble keeping patience. 


Having self-centered behavior again means that having an interrupting attitude. These attitudes can be felt when a child tries to speak between other’s conversations or get into activities that they are not a part of. 

The child will just rush into things without thinking about what others might think of it. 

Having no patience

One of the most noticeable signs of ADHD in children is them having trouble while waiting for their turn. Well, this can happen in many places and situations. Such a situation can take place at home or in a public place, such as a school. 

The child might get impatient while they wait for their turn to speak or play. At home, they might throw impatient behavior while waiting for their turn to get food. 

Emotional turmoil 
Signs of ADHD in children

By turmoil, we mean a state of uncertainty or confusion. It can also be described as being under great anxiety. Apart from relationships, there are other causes of emotional turmoil too. 

Such as an unpleasant home environment or unethical behavior from a friend or by a guardian. This might cause the child to outburst anger that too during an inappropriate time or place. To escape pain, the child starts to throw temper tantrums. 

The child fidgets a lot

When a child suffers from ADHD, they have trouble remaining still in one place. This might be an act of nervousness or impatience. This can be seen at places when people are required to stay at one place. 

For instance, the child might not sit at his or her respective seats in a classroom. Instead, they will get up and run around. They will also fidget or squirm in their seats when they are made to sit. 

Problems in keeping quiet  

The child might also face trouble keeping quiet. Children with ADHD have issues with having control over their mouths, verbally. This can be seen while they are playing or engaged in some leisure activities. 

Even in games that do not require any verbal output, the child might come up with something to say. The whole sign involves speaking while having nothing to speak. 

Leaving tasks unfinished 

A child shows interest in a lot of activities. well, in the case of ADHD, he or she might start doing those activities but might face problems finishing them. 

For instance, they might get into doing a puzzle or paint something. But will end up leaving the task unfinished. The reason behind this kind of action is that their attention is caught by another activity while they are in the middle of doing another. 

Lack of focus
signs of ADHD

A child when suffering from ADHD will have trouble paying attention. Though this can also happen with a normal kid, it is one of the major signs of ADHD in children. 

The child might get distracted not only while doing some task but also while someone is speaking directly to them. This does not mean that they are not listening, sure they are. But they will surely face trouble while replying to you. 

Not giving efforts

This is a similar sign as the previous one. Some activities require determination and some extended mental efforts. 

The child might avoid solving those problems that require the above inputs. So, they will just leave those activities without even giving them a try. This type of behavior can be seen when the kid is given homework related to studies. 

Making frequent mistakes

If the child suffers from ADHD, they might make a mess of tasks that require planning and executing. They have developed a careless attitude that makes them commit careless mistakes. But all these incidents do not indicate having a lack of intelligence or being lazy

The bottom line 

Now that you know the signs of ADHD in children, it will be easier for you to take early actions. You can start by treating your child at home. If there is no change, you can also reach out to your doctor. In either way, success is guaranteed if the treatments followed are ethical and understandable. 

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