6 Signs That Stress Is Taking A Toll On Your Body

With a pandemic going on, not getting to go outside and having to spend the days of lockdown in solitude with the only contact with any human being happening through social media is the Symptoms of stress—the world is a mess right now. And we are all so worried for our physical health, immunity and social distancing that very often, in the middle of all this, we tend to lose ourselves and stop caring about our own mental health. 

The fear of contracting this deadly disease is running wild in people’s minds. The crumbling economy is taking a toll on fathers and mothers who have to feed their children. Not getting to meet their friends, go outdoors to play and visit their favourite fast food joint is causing distress among the kids. All these have caught the attention of the World Health Organization, so they have released guidelines for taking care of your stressed minds amidst this pandemic

Stress is the condition of your body when it is working overtime, thinking too much and just can’t keep up with all the changes happening around itself. Due to stress, several endocrine hormones come into play and one of them which deserves mention is cortisol or stress hormone. Over-synthesis of cortisol can lead to various problems including an abnormal heartbeat rate. So, you need to identify the signs of stress and give your body the amount of rest it needs before it can get back up and start working with full efficiency again. So, today, we have brought out an article to help you deal with stress by first recognizing the signs of stress. Let’s get started with some of the symptoms of stress.

Frequent breakouts 

Symptoms Of Stress

One of the most common ways in which you can guess if your body is under too much stress is by noticing a sudden breakout of acne all over your face, or other parts of the body. Some people believe, when people are stressed, they tend to touch their faces more often, leading to the deposition of germs on the facial skin. 

These germs clog the pores and lead to the formation of acne. Hence, acne is a visible sign of too much stress, especially in teenage boys. But it must be kept in mind that besides stress, acne can be caused by several other reasons such as hormonal fluctuations, excess oil production, clogged pores, bacterial infestation etc. 

Researchers have also found that wounds take more time to heal when a person is under stress. Breakouts are one of the signs of too much stress. 


Headaches are another one of the common signs of too much stress. If, after a long day’s work, you feel like the area around your head and neck is burning up with severe pain, it is because you are experiencing another symptom of stress–headaches. Headaches have been associated with stress by scientists who claim that very often, people with chronic headaches have almost always given accounts of some stressful events happening prior to the onset of the headache. 

Stress is thought to be the second most common trigger for headaches. Other common causes behind headaches include sleep deprivation, straining the eyes, alcohol consumption, dehydration etc. In fact, there are some food items that can also trigger migraines such as caffeine, artificial sweeteners etc.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is a sign of too much stress. Aches and chronic pains in the muscle or any other body part have been attributed to stress very often. Studies have shown that cortisol, the stress hormone of the human body that we talked about previously, can be a cause behind the increased muscle pain and ache that is experienced by people under stress. 

It should also be noted that other factors such as ageing, poor posture, malnutrition etc. can also be the cause for pain and they can cause stress as well. Some believe in a chronic stress-pain cycle that is said to occur because of how pain and stress can change the functioning of the nervous system, leading to a condition where the nerves are in a constant state of overdrive. 

Frequent sickness

Do you feel like you’ve been falling sick, or maybe you’re down with bouts of sniffles every other month and it seems like there is nothing wrong with your immune system? Then stress might be the cause. Too much stress takes a toll on your immune system and it makes you vulnerable to infection caused by microorganisms, pollutants etc. 

But, as of yet, scientists are not sure about the connection between human immunity and stress levels, so more research is required in this sector. The weakened immune system can also be the cause of malnutrition, or immunodeficiency diseases like leukemia, AIDS etc. Thus, weak immunity power and frequent bouts of illness are other symptoms of stress.

Low sex drive

If you’re going through some severe stress periods, you will likely find a sudden dip in your libido. In other words, stress has often been observed to affect your sex drive. The reasons are quite vague but it can be that since stress means you are distracted by all the problems that plague you, sex is not on your mind and this causes a low sex drive for you. 

Due to high pressure, stress can also cause fluctuations in your hormonal levels, leading to a downfall in your libido. Severe cases of stress can narrow your arteries, causing less blood supply and thereby erectile dysfunction in men. Thus, a low sex drive is a sign of too much stress.

Decreased energy levels

If your body is under some kind of stress, be it work-related or family-related, you might notice a change in your energy levels. While going out with your son to play in the park nearby gave you utter joy and happiness before, you might not like going out with him anymore. 

Don’t blame yourself for this—it’s just your body responding to too much stress and it is manageable. Further research is required to pinpoint on why stress reduced the energy levels in affected human beings but scientists have claimed that it is a common observation and research is going on to determine the reason behind it.

If you found that you have some of the signs that we have mentioned in this article, you should talk to an expert to seek help. If you have stress, you need to be mindful of the fact that your body requires some rest. So, no matter how much workload you might have, do not forget to take breaks in between the work because the human body is not a machine. 

We hope you found useful information from our article on signs of stress and if you did, please don’t forget to share this with your friends to spread the good word! We really appreciate you taking the time to read this article and do check out the others on this website. Thanks, and have a great day!

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