Six-Week Sled Training Program To Get Fit In No Time

Have you ever wondered what you can do with a sled? 

Don’t worry, we are here to help you. You can do tons of exercises that can improve your strength, weight lifting abilities, and speed. Exercises keep you active and help you perform daily activities. Your mind gets refreshed after each workout session and you feel happy about yourself.

This article provides you with all the necessary what, why, and how questions related to Sled training with an organized six-week sled training program. 

Sled Training 

Training sleds are multi-purpose adaptable devices used for resistance training and other exercises like pushing, pulling, dragging, etc. It is a full-body workout and you can adjust your resistance by adding or eliminating weights. 

They work for many body muscles including calves, chest, triceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abdominals and hip flexors. It is a great calorie-crushing workout and helps you burn fats faster. 

Although it may sound easy, it is complicated. They offer a variety of training effects, strength, energy, and work capacity. Muscle damages are caused by any erratic movement which can be eliminated by doing a sled training workout. Your ability to tolerate increases and you start challenging yourself with tougher workouts. 

Exercises for Sled Training

To make this Sled training easier for you, we first provide you with three different categories of exercises: 

1. Sled training for the entire body-

Straight-arm pull-through
  • Face away from the sled with the straps pulled tight between your legs and arms straight. Take a position the same as when you take a deadlift and drive your hips forward. 
  • Finish up on the balls of your feet. 
  • Do 2-4 sets for about 15-25 meters.
six-week sled training program
Forward drag
  • Hold the straps of the sled in your hands and stand facing away with the sled behind you. Then let go of the straps from your hand and pull them over your shoulders. 
  • Incline forward and stay low as you start walking. 
  • Propel forward through your hips and legs. 
  • Do 2-4 sets of forwarding drag for about 15-25 meters.
Backward drag
  • Hold the straps of the sled in your hands and stand facing the sled. 
  • Pull the straps tightly so that your arms are straight. 
  • Lower your body and start walking backwards. 
  • Do 2-4 sets of this for about 15-25 meters. 
Seated one-arm row pulls  
  • Hold the straps in one hand and sit facing the sled. 
  • Go forward and pull the sled towards yourself with all your strength. 
  • Use your hands, one in front of the other, and keep doing until the sled is near to your feet. Do 2-4 sets 10-15 times on each side.
Sled series
  • Jump up and place the straps over your shoulders. 
  • Drag the sled forward up to a distance and let go of the strap. 
  • Lower down your body and do a push-up. 
  • As you get up, jump upwards and continue the same. 
  • Do 2-4 sets of 5-10 sled series. 

2. Weight sled training-

Sled sprint pushes
  • Hold the straps in your hands and bend over so your arms look straight from your view. 
  • Your head should be slightly down and push the sled forward along with sprinting. 
  • Do 2-3 sets of this for about 25-40 meters.
Weight sled pull circuit
  • You have to pull the sled with a harness. 
  • Attach the sled to your body and lessen the weights if you want to. 
  • Start crawling with your hands and feet while keeping your head slightly up. 
  • After that, stand up and run with the sled. 
  • Do 4 sets of this within 100-meter. 
Push-pull circuit
  • Face away from the sled and hold a strap tightly in each hand. 
  • Keep your hand at the sides and your feet should be side by side. 
  • Fire your core, triceps, and chests and push the straps forward.
  •  Take steps and keep moving the sled. 
  • Do 1-2 sets of this within 50-60 meters. 

If you find it too easy then add more exercises like lateral sled drag, crawl with sled drag, reverse sled drag, and sled fighting. 

3. Speed sled training-

Sled sprints
  • Pullover the straps of the sled over your shoulders and lower your body slightly. 
  • Fire up your hips and start running with the sled.
  •  Do 1-2 sets of this in a big playground or 10 yards of space. 
 Prowler Push
  • Stand behind the sled and tightly hold the straps. 
  • Start pushing the sled forward quickly while engaging your core muscles. 
  • Extend your knees and hips as you move forward. 
  • Do 4-6 sets of this in 10-20 yards of space. 
Forward stiff-leg hamstring walks
  • Face away from the sled and the straps should be tightly pulled over your shoulders. 
  • Now, drag the sled as you walk with rigid, locked legs. 
  • Do 3-4 sets of this for about 15-25 meters.

If you are finding it to be not challenging enough then add more exercises like sled push, low sled push, sled bunny hops, sled drag, and row, etc.

The Six-week Sled Training Program

Let’s dive into the main concept of this article. 

If you don’t have much time to waste planning for each week, follow this effortless pattern for Six weeks:

  1. Monday-  Sled training for the entire body
  2. Tuesday-  Speed sled training
  3. Wednesday-  Weight sled training 
  4. Thursday-  Rest day
  5. Friday-  Sled training for the entire body
  6. Saturday-  Speed sled training
  7. Sunday-  Weight sled training 
In case you have difficulties in affording or finding a sled for weight training, here are two ways in which you can make your sled:
  • Tire Sled- Use a spare tire and make a hole in it. Insert an eyebolt and fasten a tight rope to it. Here it is, your tire sled. 
  • Wheelbarrow Sled- Use an old wheelbarrow and take out the wheels and handles off of it. Make a hole and insert an eyebolt, secure it in its place. Attach a rope to it and you have your wheelbarrow sled. 


First, start with a total weight that is one-third of your body weight. Increase it gradually as you progress and perform all the exercises on a flat surface. Make sure to take rest breaks and stop doing exercises that cause you pain. You can mix and match your workouts depending upon what you’re loving. 

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