11 Exciting Sofa Sex Positions That You Must Try To Spice Things Up!

As it turns out, couches are not only just to spend your weekends in PJs, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on repeat. If you are looking for something new to add a different flavor to your sex life, hop aboard the sofa sex ride because we are going bananas!

Couch sex could be a wild place to mix it up in your relationship; it can be the backdrop for extemporaneous sex during downtime; or, it can be a comfortable place to get laid while watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith (or, straight-up porn, you just never know-no guilt in that).

Here are the top positions for safe sofa sex

If you are looking to get all sofa sexy, these sofa sex positions should help you just the way you like them as under. 

  1. The Wrapped Lotus

How to do it: Your partner squats cross-legged as you climb his lap, facing him with your legs wrapped around his straight back.

Why it is great: This short move is perfect for any couch, whether a  leisure sectional or an apartment-sized love seat( is this pun, maybe). This position is not only supremely close, but will let your partner excite both your clitoris and G-spot while stroking other erogenous zones like the face, upper body, and neck.

  1. The Pretzel Dip

How to do it: Rest on your right side as your partner bends over your right leg, straddling it, and slightly curl your left leg about his left side.

Why it is great: This does the same penetration as doggy style, but attaches a level of intimacy as you guys are facing each other. To change it for a smaller couch, curl your right leg instead of dropping it fully extended.

  1. The Seated Wheelbarrow

How to do it: Hasten the coffee table to the side and have your spouse sit at the end side of the couch. Place yourself so that your butt is in their legs, while you’re heading down with your hands set on the floor. Turn your knees on either side of his legs as your spouse carries your thighs for maximum penetration.

Why it is great: This one is excellent for deep penetration, and it utilizes the height of the couch to get the ideal angle to target the female’s  G-spot.

  1. The Lazy Man

How to do it: For this position, have your spouse sit with their back against the arm support with legs outstretched, or for a tinier couch, have them sit on it correctly. You ride your partner’s waist with your feet on the sofa and knees curled. Now get set for a thigh workout as you bend yourself onto his penis and raise up and down.

Sofa sex

Why it’s great: This gives you most of the power, so you get to decide how fast or slow you want to go.

  1. Cowgirl’s Helper

How to do it: Bend on top of him as he lies down on the couch with his knees turned. Your partner can help you by holding some of your weight and supporting your hips or thighs as he brings his pelvis up to meet you.

Why it’s great: This one is ideal for small couches. It’s a great adaptation on cowgirl, but less stress for your legs, and enables you to meddle with shallow and deep thrusting.

  1. The LeapFrog

How to do it: This is a more short version of doggy style, with you on your hands and knees, but with hips lifted and your head and arms on the sofa.

Why it’s great: It’s more convenient for your arms and also enables your partner to touch deeper penetration. You can even try using your hands to excite your clitoris. Or he can use his free hand to do it— which is in a way even better!

  1. The Cowgirl

How to do it: Have your partner rest on his back with legs curved or straight as you wrap them.

Why it’s great: This fan love is the same position you know from the mattress, which is easily to the couch. Orgasm for both of you occurs while you’re grinding up and down on his thighs while using his chest for support.

  1. Missionary

How to do it: Rest back as he lies face below on the top of you. That’s all there is to this sofa sex position, but you can put ending touches on it by adjusting the angles of your legs or pushing your pelvis in sync with his.

Why it’s great: Missionary sex has gone through a revival, and thank goodness! It’s a masterpiece for a reason. And, advantageous for you, this is a position that is very simple to do on the sofa, and your partner’s pelvis against your clit will feel amazing in this cozy backdrop.

  1. Reverse Scoop

How to do it: Shift together on your sides, both should be facing each other. It’s a primary missionary position but from a different angle. You can also try to intertwine your legs with your partner’s.

Why it’s great: Attach a little spice to your wild session with this artistic movement. With your bodies fully crushed together, you’ll feel incredibly close, and stimulated in all the ideal places.

  1. Doggy Style

How to do it: Sit on all fours while your partner bends behind you.

Why it’s great: This position is not only perfect but also it saves a lot of space that’s why it is perfect for the couch. It’s one of the most reliable ways to reach the G-spot. Also, if your partner is hungover, they can reach over and easily excite your clitoris or nipples.

Sofa sex
  1. The Couch Grind

How to do it: Mount the arm of a padded chair or couch. Start with small movements to excite the clitoris with constant tension and build into more momentum as you feel yourself closer to the climax.

Why it’s great: Here’s a little mystery: You don’t certainly need a companion for great couch sex. This position is for total single play, and with a name such as Couch Grind….. Who would not want to try?

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