Have Damaged Muscle Tissue? Here’s How You Can Speed Muscle Recovery

Going through rigorous training and strenuous workouts can take a serious toll on the body if the aching muscles and joints are not given the proper recovery period they deserve. 

We do understand the pain the body sustains after a challenging workout. Remember how the sore muscles can actually make it a task for you to get out of the bed even! 

But do not worry anymore cause we have got you covered, we bring to you a list of effective remedies that will speed your muscle recovery smoothly.

Curious to know about the tips, continue reading the article till the end then as we share with you all the details.

1. Hydration

One of the key advice that we can provide to boost your recovery period is hydration. 

Enough hydration after a strenuous workout will provide you with energy that will help your body to bounce back the next day. 

Water helps in carrying the nutrients and oxygen to the different cells of the body and regulates the body temperature. It also helps in normalizing blood pressure and heartbeat and therefore proper hydration after a strenuous workout can help your muscle recovery big time! 

Also, during workouts, our body loses a lot of essential nutrients through sweating, drinking enough water will help you to replenish your body fluids and re-energise the body as well. 

Drink fluids like coconut water, fresh fruit juices, light vegetable smoothies and lots of water to increase the liquid levels of your body. 

Also, one example of fluid that we would love to recommend especially to speed muscle recovery is tart cherry juice. It has been studied that drinking tart cherry juice helps in ameliorating inflammation, muscle damage and soreness of the joints and muscles. 

But yes, make sure you have taken the advice of your medical provider before consumption. 

2. Sleep

We can never stress enough the fact that how much sleep can help in boosting the recovery period. 

Sleep aids the body to repair the injured or the affected muscle tissues. 

The hormones in our bloodstream increase during sleep and therefore by having adequate sleep, you are not only boosting your recovery period but also help in providing enough rest for your aching muscles so that the risk of injury decreases with time. 

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3. Nutritious diet

Have you wondered why so much importance is given to diet when it comes to exercising?  

It is because our diet plays a huge role when it comes to keeping us fit and healthy. 

Consuming the right foods will help in providing the body with the right fuel that will help them to recover faster. Intake of an adequate amount of nutrients and micronutrients can not only accelerate your recovery period but also reduce the chances of injury in future. 

Some of the best foods to speed muscle recovery are whey protein powder, black beans, Greek yoghurt, whole milk, whole-wheat pasta and chicken. 

Try to consume foods that will facilitate the building of muscles. 

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And some quick nutrition tips that can help you to speed muscle recovery are

1. Consume proteins post and pre-workouts. 

When we exercise, the proteins that make our muscle fibres are generally lost but consuming proteins after the workout helps in providing the raw materials that are needed for the repair damage. 

On the other hand, eating proteins before a workout helps in increasing muscle protein synthesis. 

And according to research, roughly around 20 to 40 grams of protein is needed to maximise muscle growth. 

2. Consume carbohydrates to replenish the glycogen content of your muscles. 

During workouts, our body uses glycogen as the primary source of energy and therefore it is important to replenish the lost glycogen. However, make sure the glycemic index of the carbohydrates that you consume. 

Some examples of carbs that you can include in your diet are potatoes, white or brown rice. 

3. Minimize consumption of ultra-processed foods and instead include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

We also know that some people follow a vegetarian or a vegan diet and might worry about the high-protein foods that they can look forward to for speedy muscle recovery. 

Don’t worry, we have got you covered too! 

Some vegan foods that accelerate muscle recovery and that should be included in your daily diet are

  • Pulses especially chickpeas, garden peas, baked beans and lentils
  • Oats, quinoa, brown and white rice
  • Sprouted grain bread, providing 11.6g protein per 100g
  • Tofu and tempeh
  • Nuts, nut butter and chia seeds. 
4. Massage

If we are talking about the effective measures that can help you to speed muscle recovery, then we have to include massages in our list. 

If you want to delay the onset of muscle soreness after a challenging workout, then massaging is the remedy you should go for. 

Massages increase blood flow which aids the recovery process. The increase in circulation in your bloodstream reduces the feeling of fatigue and also the intense muscle soreness which accompanies an intense workout. 

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Some other quick tips and tricks that can help in speed muscle recovery are

  • Consumption of supplements like creatine monohydrate and protein powder help in boosting the recovery period of aching muscles. However, we do like to recommend consulting a medical advisor before you include these supplements in your diet. 
  • Wearing compression garments to reduce the risk of injuries during strenuous workouts. 
  • Contrast water therapy or what is defined as the process which involves alternating periods of very warm and very cold water can be extremely effective in speeding up muscle recovery. The temperature change stimulated dilation and contraction of the blood vessels which in turn helps in reducing the soreness of muscles post-workout. 

However, the results are limited and are said to be effective only for athletes. 

  • Cryotherapy is also another technique that helps in boosting muscle recovery. 

Cryotherapy refers to the technique where the body is exposed to an extremely cold temperature for a few minutes. 

This process is said to reduce pain and inflammation and also ameliorate muscle tightness and soreness after any strenuous activity. 

Now there you go, some effective measures that can help in speed muscle recovery. Hopefully, the above-mentioned measures can be helpful for you. However, there are certain points that we like to mention before we conclude our article. 

We do understand that when we work out, we strive to achieve our fitness goals but while doing that, we should always make sure to listen to our body. 

Take proper precautions during workouts so that you can reduce the risk of injury in future. 

Have a proper warm-up before you start your actual training and do not miss any rest day and the proper rest that your body deserves. 

And despite all the above-mentioned measures, if the soreness of the muscles continues for further days, consult a professional medical advisor for guidance and medications. 

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