Kick The Bad Habit: 4 Ways To Stop Binge-Watching Addiction

Last year’s prolonged lockdown period has taught us that Netflix is our savior from the terrifying depths of boredom. As many of us had to lock ourselves in our homes in the name of “home isolation”, we decided to take yearlong subscriptions to Netflix and started watching all the series, documentaries, and movies that Netflix had in store for us. . Here in this article, we will give 4 Ways To Stop Binge-Watching Addiction. 

But you must realize that all this binge-watching might not be good for your personal, social and professional life. The chief cause for any of us to turn towards watching those TV series is that we want to relax while watching them—but then, we keep switching to the next episode and then the next one. This is when the stress-busting practice of watching movies turns dangerous for us.

Binge-watching sounds fun and great if you have a lot of free time. But with every click, as you switch to the next episode, you need to remind yourself that you are losing out on time when you could have been productive, you could have finished that office assignment that you’ve been stalling or you could have called your old friends up and reconnected with them, or you could have helped your mom with her work in the kitchen.

If these words are clearing up your mind and if you are wondering how to stop binge-watching, then you’re in luck! Because, today, we are going to talk about how you can stop this purge-watching tendency without too much of an effort!

What is binge-watching addiction and why should you stop? 

People always love escaping from reality to go into a fictional world where they can learn others’ stories. And that is exactly what happens in the case of binge-watching series. For most of the cases, the situation goes somewhat like this—you realize you were stressed these last few days and you need to take a break. So, you start watching some series on Netflix

But as soon as you’re descended into that story, you have to know what happens next. You keep switching to the next episode, and then the next one, and this goes on. This, exactly, is what is known as binge-watching addiction. 

Why should you stop binge-watching? What problems would you face by making binge-watching a habit? 

Stop Binge-Watching

First off, you need to realize that we are not saying that binge-watching is off-limits for you. You can binge-watch once or twice in a month when you feel like you might need to relax and let off some pressure. But here are all the reasons why you should not start purge-watching regularly:

  1. Binge-watching isolates you from people. When you could’ve been talking to your friends or striking a conversation with your family members, you are busy finding out the fate of an important character in the series. A character that is just fictional. So, binge-watching distances you from reality.
  1. Binge-watching can make you happy and it can cause secretion of a lot of serotonin and dopamine from your brain but too much of anything is not good. Once the addiction sets in, you spend hours with your eyes stuck to the screen of your mobile or laptop. This can  harm your eyesight, cause migraines and if you sit upright watching the series, your back might hurt a lot. 
  1. While the purpose of binge-watching is to help you relax, it can induce anxiety, depression, and stress as well. If you choose to watch a rom-com, then you’re in the clear but suppose you want to watch a thriller or a horror series, then you will be busy anticipating turns in the story, you will feel depressed if a character dies and all these things will take a toll on your mental health. 
  1. Binge-watching addiction might also be threatening to your physical health. Losing out on sleep can have a host of dangerous effects. You might gain weight and become morbidly obese, you can have arrhythmias, you might feel chest pain(angina), etc. 

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How to stop binge-watching? 

Now that you are aware of binge-watching and you know the risks of regular purge-watching, it’s time to talk about how you can get over this habit as soon as possible. 

Here are some ways to help you stop binge-watching: 

1.Learn to pause when the plot changes or thickens 

Once the show has taken you through its backstories, characters, etc., you will start getting hooked on it. And the show-runners make sure that the episodes always have you on the edge of your seat. They usually do this by including cliffhangers at the end of each episode or in the season finale, so that the audience comes back to watch the next episode or the next season. But learn when to draw a line when the plot pulls you in. Take a break. Take some rest. 

2. Keep a schedule for watching the series time and follow it consistently 

It will be difficult but determine the time of the day when you don’t feel like working anymore and keep it aside for watching a movie or a series. And make up your mind that you will watch the show only during that time and will not exceed it. 

3. Learn to engage in other fun activities 

Get a hobby, learn some new stuff! Life is not all about watching the stories of some fictional characters—you have to make your own story too. So, engage in other activities like painting, playing chess, etc. This will preoccupy your mind and you will not turn to binge-watching every time you need to release your stress. 

4. Turn off the auto-play option

The auto-play option causes the next episode to automatically start loading once you finish an episode of a series. Thus, it lures you in and you start watching the episode even though you know you should stop. Thus, turn off auto-play so that you will know when to draw the line! 

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Thus, we come to the end of our discussion on how to stop binge-watching. We hope it helped you and if it did, please share our article with your friends and family members. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day! 

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