Suffering From Strawberry Legs? 5 Solutions Revealed

Imagine stepping out of a shower after shaving, and you see tiny, odd black spots on your legs instead of smooth, even-toned skin. This unfortunate event is often called ‘strawberry legs’. “Strawberry legs” is a dialect for when your hair follicles become a little extra visible after you shave or wax away undesired hair from your legs.

 The idea is that the follicles match the little seeds on the outer part of a strawberry, although whether the comparison is appropriate is wholly questionable. Despite the name, it could easily happen to any part of your body where you remove hair and it is not limited just to legs.

Although some sources propose that the darkened hair follicles are completely clogged with oil, dead skin, and bacteria, which is quite similar to blackheads. However, we believe that more often than not, the issue is utterly irritation from shaving or burns from waxing.

What causes strawberry legs?

Strawberry legs or Keratosis Pilaris is not a particular skin condition. It can be termed as a symptom that occurs due to various skin issues. Clogged pores or hair follicles are also known as Comedones, they can put you at high risk of creating strawberry legs. These closed hair follicles open up due to waxing or shaving and when the air mixes with the oil inside, it turns black after oxidizing.

Some experts suggest that this is a genetic condition, it has been observed that some people are affected while others do not. 

1. Shaving/ Waxing

Strawberry Legs?

Any big event is incomplete in a woman’s life without going through the painful process of waxing or shaving. Sometimes women do not pay much heed to the expiry date of the razors they use and sometimes they forget to moisturize their skin after waxing. This carelessness leads to open comedones, which expose the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells to air.

Shaving with an old or expired razor can sometimes cause strawberry legs. It also often leads to razor burn, which looks similar to strawberry legs. Dry shaving or shaving with a dull razor can also produce folliculitis, which is an infection of the hair follicles.

2. Folliculitis

The damage caused by wearing a tight cloth, waxing, shaving, or rubbing the skin leads to the occurrence of this infection called folliculitis. It’s not unusual to witness folliculitis after laying in a hot tub for some time and post working out, especially in closed areas like a swimming suit on the bottom.

Our skin is more likely to get damaged when it’s wet, so while you are enjoying a sunny day in your swimsuit, it rubs against the skin in the pool and that can cause folliculitis. This infection can befall any areas on the skin covered by the suit.

3. Overly dry skin

How to get rid of strawberry legs

We have experienced those days when the time is running out and you hop out of a quick hot shower and put on clothes without applying any moisturizer on your skin. Well, this leads to dryness and it can cause strawberry legs.

Overly dry skin cannot be the sole reason but it does make the spots visible on the skin. So, next time you are heading out, do keep a mini moisturizer in that pretty handbag of yours.

4. Clogged pores

Whether it is your T-zone or your legs, you must know that clogged pores are a piece of bad news. Your skin naturally produces more oil due to these clogged pores and when you shave or wax, the oil mixes with air and turns black. People with thick hair or large pores are more likely to get strawberry legs so a toner is always a good choice after you exfoliate these clogged pores.

How to get rid of strawberry legs?

The moment you start to notice the odd spots on your legs, you should try these few tips to get rid of them.

  1. Give hair removal a break!

We know how society has compelled women to hate their bodies and put them under experiments to keep the markets running. The hair removal ritual before any big event or even a romantic date is a must for a few people who have wreaked havoc on their skin.

We suggest that you take a break from this activity from time to time and give your skin some time to heal before you make another appointment.

  1. Apply  moisturizer regularly

It has been stressed upon by the shaving cream advertisers and you parlor lady that a moisturizer is a must. Applying a moisturizer on your skin will prevent dryness and irritation that causes strawberry legs and other skin conditions. It has been advised to skip the self-tanning lotions as they make the odd black spots more visible.

  1. Use an Epilator
How to get rid of strawberry legs

If you have experienced skin irritation from shaving or waxing in the past, we suggest you try an epilator. shaving and waxing hair may lead to a skin infection called folliculitis therefore many people are turning to epilators especially those likely to get strawberry legs.

An epilator is an electrical device with mini tweezers that rotate and pull your hair out right from the root. While all of this sounds uncomfortable, it is usually well endured and only requires ten to fifteen minutes once or twice a week, depending upon your hair growth.

  1. Exfoliate! 

Exfoliating your skin helps you clear out the dead skin cells. It is recommended to opt for chemical exfoliation as a gentle physical exfoliation can also damage your skin therefore you must opt for exfoliants like glycolic acid and salicylic acid which dissolve and wash away the dead skin cells.

  1. See a dermatologist 

Sometimes these home remedies fail to get rid of the irritation and it is best to rush to the nearest dermatologist’s clinic. If you do not see any changes after taking measures, experts suggest that it is wise to consult a skincare professional to treat strawberry legs.

Professional treatment is considered the best choice as it saves a lot of your time. So,  get rid of the strawberry legs and rock that denim skirt!

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