The Ultimate Guide About Strength Training For Women

Exercise is a magical instrument that everyone wants to master. It is a package that includes – weight loss, boosts your mood and life as well. There are different types of exercises you can follow to lose weight. One of them is – weight lifting. It has many benefits, both physical and emotional. There is a myth that weight lifting is not for women. It surely is for you ladies! 

Weight lifting does not make you “bulk up”. It helps you slim down and lose weight faster. Adding it to your purely physical exercises can improve your bone health and increase your metabolism rate. 

You might have many questions on those dumbbells. Let us give you a clear study that weight lifting for women is a good choice. 

Does weight lifting help women lose weight?

This is the most common question women ask. Well, weight lifting can be followed by not just women but older people too. There is no such barrier that only men can lift weights. You can also have the most out of it if done properly. To burn those pounds and lose weight, a calorie deficit has to be maintained. 

That can be gained in three ways:

  • Lowering your calories intake than you need.
  • Burning of calories should be more than you consume through exercise.
  • Merge two habits – eating fewer calories and increased physical activity.

Weight lifting works by building muscle mass. Muscles support weight loss through the burning of more calories as they are metabolically efficient. According to several researches, even after hours of workout, you burn additional calories. Hence, strength training for women increases the metabolic rate which uplifts for up to 72 hours after a workout. 

Losing weight is not entirely restricted to losing pure fat but also fat mass, stored glycogen, and muscle. Weight training promotes the preservation of muscle mass during weight loss, thereby, balancing your metabolism from fluctuating too much. The change of weight might not be seen in the numbers on the scale. Weight training no doubt contributes a lot in weight loss. Muscle is denser than fat, which means it takes less space in the body pound for pound. 

Benefits of weight training 

Leaner appearance 

As mentioned earlier, muscle is denser than fat and takes up less space in the body. So, when you build muscle and lose weight, you will spontaneously look leaner and smaller. 

More definition will enhance as you will have stronger and larger muscles. Contrary to a popular belief, one cannot tone muscles, but muscle building and losing fat ultimately leads to muscle definition, giving you a leaner and stronger look. 

It will make you stronger 

The major benefit is that you will be stronger. Who does not want to be strong? Especially women. Strength training for women is like a cherry on the cake. It will make your daily activities like carrying groceries and playing with kids easier. You can also support your body well and reduce the risks of falls and injuries. 

Weight training helps in bone development as it stresses temporarily on your bones signalling your bone to rebuild them stronger. Thus, it reduces the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. 

Lowers the risk of chronic disease

The junk foods and unhealthy lifestyle have increased the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and age-related conditions, for example- sarcopenia ( gradually losing muscle mass and strength). Such risks can be lowered by weight lifting. Combination of resistance training and cardio to your workout regime would boost your health more. 

How to start  weight training?

Before starting a workout regime it is very important to share about your health to healthcare. It will be a safe plan to include. Once you have the right idea about your health, move to the exercise routine. 

Experts suggest days allotted for cardio or others along with weight training sessions in a week. The number of sessions depends on your schedule, training volume and intensity, and recovery days too. Weight training every day is also fine but giving yourself a recovery for about 48 hours is also necessary. Take an example, if you train your back and shoulders on Monday, it is better to train again on Wednesday or Thursday. 

It is crucial to remember that the quality of exercise is more powerful than quantity. Working rigorously is not beneficial in the long run. If you are comfortable in 2 – 3 sessions in a week, you can also achieve your goal. 

An example of a week exercise routine: 

  • Monday – arms, shoulders, back(upper body training)
  • Tuesday – walking, running, cycling, swimming (active recovery day) including cardio
  • Wednesday – glutes, quads, etc. (lower body training)
  • Thursday – repeat the active recovery that includes walking, swimming, cycling, cardio.
  • Friday – lower body or upper training (optional training)
  • Saturday – full-body HIIT (high-intensity interval training)
  • Sunday – yoga or light stretching 

Paying attention to your diet during weight lifting is a must. No matter how much you hit the gym, balancing your diet with proper carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats is always a need. Mostly, try to aim to consume 20 – 40 grams of protein per meal to maintain muscle during weight loss. Weight training for women can be an advantage. Women of any age can challenge weight lifting and it will not make you bulky. 

Strength Training For Women

Weight lifting is not something that happens overnight or by accident. It requires hard work. Weight lifting can be simply put as “weight” is your ”body” and  “lifting” is the “weight” that you carry. Any gender of any age should keep it in their workouts to live longer. You must have read the benefits of weight lifting. Don’t you want to live longer and healthier? Then don’t wait for the perfect time. This is the right time to go ahead and have a blast with weights. 

The above schedule was an example to give a picture of a routine. Follow your trainer, ask questions, clarify your doubts, plan a strategy, and maintain a good diet. 

Now, you must not be having, Does weight lifting help women to lose weight? doubt in your mind. Everyone wishes to have a leaner body and weight lifting with a few other exercises like cardio or even yoga can help you fulfil your wish. 

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