Get Your Beach Body Ready With Our Summer Fitness Tips

Most of us try to attain a perfect beach body before summer hits. 

Then spring is the perfect time to work on fitness and lose that winter weight. But to keep a body fit and alive, one has to follow a workout routine even under the heat and keep that summer fitness going.

So, today we are going to talk about spring and summer fitness, and we are going to share some tips that are going to help you complete the journey.

Summer fitness tips

1. Ease up

If you are accustomed to hot and humid climates, then you understand how high the temperature touches. A gym without air con would be a nightmare. But not everyone can afford a premium gym membership.

Doing intense exercise could be exhausting and can also make you dizzy and sick due to dehydration. These are the times when you need to ease up on your training. If you are running, slow your pace. As your body adapts to the heat, it gradually picks up the pace and length of your workout.

2. Avoid daytime workout

Avoid the midday heat (typically between 10 am to 4 pm). The heat is unbearable, and draining yourself at that time is not recommended.

Rise early and catch the cool of the morning or go out at sunset or later.

If you are free during midday, then join an aqua aerobics class or jump into a pool and freestyle your way out.

3. Light-colored, lightweight clothes

Dark colors absorb heat, doesn’t matter how well it goes with your persona. A gothic look could be your thing but doesn’t abide well with the sun.

The same goes with tight-fitting and heavyweight clothes. They can easily heat you up.

Try wearing loose and light-colored clothes. It won’t attract the sun, and more air will be able to circulate over your skin, keeping you cool.

4. Apply sunblock

Apply Sunblock (UVA/UVB, preferably with titanium or zinc dioxide), as it reduces the risk of premature skin aging. Sunburn can increase the risk of skin cancer. So make sure you have one in your bag all the time.

5. Drink water

When you exercise in warm weather, your body temperature rises. Our body has a natural cooling system, which tends to fail if we’re exposed to high temperatures for a long time. This may result in fatigue and could also suffer from heatstroke.

But summer fitness is also required. The easiest thing to do is to drink water. To keep your body cool, drink a lot of water. Avoid sports drinks as they contribute to useless caloric gain.

If exercising, try drinking water every 20 minutes. And if you don’t like drinking water now and then, try eating fruits and veggies that are rich in water content.

6. Keep track of your hydration levels

For this, you don’t need any fitness app to remind you to hydrate yourself.

You could determine hydration level by tracking the color of urine. If it is transparent or pale yellow (like a lemonade), then you are hydrated. If it’s darker (like apple juice), drink more.

Spring fitness tips

  • Most of us take the winters off and gain a couple of unwanted pounds. The best way would be to “spring back” during spring.
  • Well, most of the tips are similar to summer fitness tips. Like proper hydration and wearing light clothes. But few things you could do are,
  • During spring the weather is usually nice. Spring’s warm weather and increased daylight hours make it the best. Taking walks and seeing flowers in bloom while enjoying the cool breeze is also part of what makes it so great.
  • It is the perfect time to join new classes and try something new like Zumba or yoga perhaps.
  • It is time to drop the lone wolf character and drag a friend into your workout routine (not literally). This will help you to inject enthusiasm and responsibility into your daily routine. Plus, it is fun working out with your friend (plus a daily dose of humor).

Summer fitness motivation/Spring fitness motivation

1. Make a schedule

If you just say you are going to exercise, chances are you won’t. But if you plan a regular time to work out and set reminders, the odds of you exercising are much greater. You will have better results with a schedule. 

2. Set goals

If you have a goal, you will more likely succeed. It is hard to concentrate on summer fitness without any goals.

Suppose you want to run a 5k marathon in 4 weeks. Choose from a basic goal like running a kilometer for the first week. Then slowly push yourself harder. In the end, you will find yourself winning the marathon with ease. 

3. Avoid all or nothing mentality

The faster you accept the fact that you will probably slip up, the quicker you will be able to jump back. It’s OK to fall back to your old habit, and your mind will be filled with uncertainty and hesitation but try to look at your success. 

You missed a day working out. Does this make you a failure? No. Why? Because you can make a different choice tomorrow.

4. Reward yourself

The best motivation is to reward yourself when you accomplish something. 

Even small motivators, like telling yourself what an excellent job you’re doing, can boost your confidence and increase your drive to stay trying. It could be anything, from finishing a small lap to scoring for your national team.

5. Enjoy activities

Winter is the time for hibernation, and spring is for jumping back to the schedule. If you are not feeling for a workout, then engage yourself in some outdoor activities, such as:

  • Swimming
  • Beachside Yoga
  • Gardening
  • Hiking

These were some of the summer and spring fitness tips and ways to motivate yourself.

Summer fitness is easy to maintain if you follow these simple steps. The beach body you are dreaming of could be a reality if you “spring back” at the correct time.

Remember not to exhaust yourself and find a workout buddy or a trainer if needed.

If you found this article to be helpful, then do share it with your friends and family members and spread the good word. If you have any ideas that you want to share with us, feel free to do so. Thank you for reading this article, and have a great day!

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