Sexify Your Feet With These Top Notch Open-toe Heels!

Open-toe heels have always been in trend and are an amazing type of footwear to go with. As the name suggests, the toes in the heels are open. Now you might be wondering as to why it is any different from peep-toe heels. 

Both these types of heels are very different from each other. While the open toe heels expose the entire toes and show all your toes, the peep toe shows only two toes generally. The best part about these heels is that they have a lot of variety to choose from, be it in terms of sizes, color, or even the type of heels. 

They will never cease to amaze you. And they are also very trendy. This is why you need some of these heels in your wardrobe right now. So keep reading to find out more about the open toe heels. 

When to wear open-toe heels? 

Open-toe heels, as it might be obvious, are well in demand in all the hotter seasons. This is the time when you feel hot and want to let your feet breathe a little. So these heels work very well. But they are also very dynamic and find a way to fit into the other seasons as well. 

1. In springs:

During the spring season, these shoes are in demand. Many new styles and trends of colorful open-toe heels can match your springy wardrobe. Many footwear released in this season comes in a huge range of varieties and open-toe shoes are no different. 

If you think an outfit is dull, then match it with a pair of open-toe heels and watch it brighten up your entire look. Generally during this time, natural colors seem to sell the most. 

These include the interwork wedges, white open-toe heels, and wooden block heels. So gather them up in your wardrobe. 

2. In summers:

As you might have figured out, open-toe shoes are a breeze to wear in summer. If you need something trendy, and that also helps you beat the heat, then these are the shoes to go for. 

With the toe open, you easily leave a crossing of air which makes your feet feel fresh all summer round. Summer is also the season of brighter colors. Don’t fixate too much thinking if the color suits you, just buy it and try it out. 

With newer and wilder colors, summers are the season to experiment. Some of the most popular options to wear in the summer include black open-toe heels, yellow open-toe heels, purple open-toe heels, and nude or beige open-toe heels. 

While this should give an idea about what to buy, don’t limit yourself to these possibilities and go further. 

3. For the colder seasons:

Autumn and summers are the colder seasons and you might think that open-toe shoes are a big no to wear during this time. But you are wrong. Due to the various forms of these shoes, there are many ways in which you can style them without giving your toes a chilly breeze.

 You can easily access options like thigh-high open-toe heels, open-toe heels boots, sandals, and even flats of this type. Just pair them with a pantyhose or stocking and your toes will be protected while you look trendy and glam. 

The many famous options to buy during these times include black open-toe heels, navy blue open-toe heels boots, brown open-toe heels. Generally, darker colors are bought but you can go around trying to look for what suits you the best. 

Top-rated open-toe heels right now!

While many types of such shoes are available, here are some of those open-toe heels which are trendy right now. The options fit all domains varying from work, daily wear, occasions, and even date nights. 

So check these options out before you decide for yourself and fill your closet with the most glam options in the market. 

1. Yaro Ankle Strap Sandal:

These sandals are very comfortable and classy. They are generally made out of leather or tactile and come with a strap. 

A strap is a comfortable place for many as they prefer to fix their sandals and adjust them with their size properly. 

In addition to this, these sandals have a block heel which looks classy and is also very comfortable. The height of the heel is generally 4 inches with a 3.5 inches wide strap. 

2. Hustler platform sandal:

This sandal is a savior for those who want to opt for comfortable platform heels and still look trendy. With a synthetic sole, these sandals come with two forthright straps. 

These help to adjust your shoe. Generally, your shoes are made of shiny leather which looks very glam on many outfits. 

The heel of these shoes is about 4.5 inches long and is very comfortable to walk with. 

3. Lafayette sandals:

With a sculptural heel, these are square toe sandals that will fit you perfectly. The height of the heel is about 4 inches and has a shaft of 3 inches. 

With ankle wrap-around straps, these look very flattering on even tall people. In addition to it, the lining and sole of the sandals are synthesized. These are very flattering and trendy options to go for.

4. Anella ankle strap sandal:

This is another square toe sandal variant and comes with a flared heel. The heel is about 3 inches tall with a strap of about 3 inches as well. With an adjustable ankle strap, this can be a boon for all those who want their shoes to perfectly fit their feet

5. Ariella sandal:

These shoes come with a flattering slender heel and has translucent straps. The heel height is a very comfortable 3.5 inches. 

In addition to it, it comes with a synthetic leather sole and lining which looks very trendy and classy at the same time. 

6. Sling black stiletto sandal:

with a leather sole, these stiletto black open-toe heels are a showstopper. They come with an amazing leather strap that covers the sandal and have a very flattering heel length of about 4 inches. 

These shoes are a must-have for your closet.

7. Signal slide sandal:

These sandals also come with a square toe and have a tapered heel to go with them. The heel is 4 inches in height. In addition to it, they have an amazing synthetic sole. These sandals are a great addition to any closet.


With these shoes in your closet, you’re all set to rock and amp up all your outfits. With these open-toe heels, all your outfits will get elevated to the next level. So invest in a few pairs and enjoy flaunting them around.