20 Minutes Towel Workout For An Unconventional Way To Lose Weight!

Most of the people are living a very unhealthy lifestyle in this pandemic–all they do is work or maybe attend classes online, then eat, sleep and repeat. So, it is pretty evident that the lockdown has made our backs stick permanently to the chairs, our eyes are always on the computer screen as we type away to complete some important assignment. 

And this kind of sedentary lifestyle has had a terrible impact on our physical health. And since home gyms are hard to come by, people are unable to take care of their health as all the public gyms are closed due to social distancing norms. But what many people fail to realize is that you don’t always need an expensive set of equipment to kickstart a healthy exercise routine all by yourself. 

Would you believe us if we tell you that you only need a towel to do a great workout at home? Well, this is true. Sure, it’ll be very unconventional but a towel workout benefits are immense- it is interesting, exciting, and 100% effective when it comes to helping you lose weight. In today’s article, we’ll discuss all sorts of towel workouts that you can try out—so let’s get started!

Some towel workouts to try at home

1. Knee tucks and twisted knee tucks 

These two exercises are very helpful in losing belly fat and help you to strengthen your abdomen. To perform this, you have to do a plank position, then put 2 towels under each foot and your spine should be straight. Now, try to push both your knees toward your chest and then back to the first position. 

Make sure your hips don’t touch the ground in the process. To perform twisting knee tucks, the first few steps are the same, that is, you have to do a plank position and then keep two towels under your foot. Then pull your knees toward the right side of your elbow and back to the original position. Do the same on your left side.

2. Hamstring curls with the help of a towel

Lay the yoga mat on the ground then lie on your back on the yoga mat. Then replicate the bridge position by keeping your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.  Place a towel under each foot and try to lift your hips to make a bridge shape. You have to slide in and out with your feet but note your hips won’t touch the ground. This exercise will surely help you to build a strong hamstring and lower body. To make it a bit more challenging, you can try to do a single-leg hamstring with the help of a towel.

3. Feet pikes and hand pikes  

The position you need to do for feet pikes is similar to knee tucks. The only difference in feet pikes is that you will not bend your knees, instead of that, you will push your knee toward your chest, and pull your hips up like a pike to make sure your legs should be straight. This will make your abdomen strong. 

To perform hand pikes, firstly take a plank position and then put a towel under each hand. Now, do the same with your hands what you were doing with your feet in feet pikes. Unlike feet pikes, hand pikes focus more on the upper body, this will help you to build your upper abs and strong shoulders. Combining both these sets will lead to a full body towel workout.

4. Lying arm circle to build core and back muscle

Lay the yoga mat on the ground and then lie on your stomach on the yoga mat. Extend your arms in front of you with a towel placed under each hand. Keep pressure in the hands then make a semi-circle from it. Yes, it is that simple. If you do 15 reps to make it a set, then try performing 3 sets in total. 

5. Squat hold with the help of a towel 

Hold the end of the towel in your hand with your hand shoulder-width apart. While doing squats raise your hand overhead until it becomes parallel with your ears. Hold that position for a second then lower the towel back to the original position. 

6. Wall sit with a towel

Stand with your back against the wall and hold the ends of the towel in your hands. Then put your hands in front of your chest while slowly sliding down until you get into a squat position. Hold that position for 30 seconds and then get back to the original position. This is a kind of thigh exercise and will help you to give strength to your legs and glutes. 

7. Mountain climber

Do the plank position and then keep a towel under each foot. Keep your core tight and spine straight and try to imagine you are climbing a mountain. Pull your right knee toward your chest and then move it down, do the same with the left leg also, use your glutes and hamstring to press your leg again. 

8. Roll-ups 

Lay a yoga mat on the ground and lie on your back on the yoga mat, holding each end of the towel in your hands. Now, straighten your hands at the back of your head, then roll up till you reach toward your toes, touch the towel on your toes and roll back down. This will help you to lose belly fat. 

9. Towel pull-ups 

It is fun to try this with a horizontal bar, and this exercise is very beneficial for your shoulders. To perform this, drape a towel on a horizontal bar, and then hold each end of the towel. Pull yourself up till your chest reaches the horizontal bar, then gradually come down. Repeat the same 10-15 times 

Now we come to the end of our list of exciting workouts you can do with a simple towel. We have discussed a bunch of exercises with the help of a towel, so we are sure you’ll get your perfect home exercising solution from this article. 

With the towel, you can target every muscle of your body—if you want to give strength to your legs, you can try out squats; if you want to build abs, there are various types of crunches you can try, etc. So, there are many kinds of exercises you can try out with the help of a towel. 

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