Trending Yoga & Pilates Equipment & What They Cost Right Now!

Yoga is all about bringing the body and the mind together with the help of exercise, meditation, and breathing techniques. Pilates, on the other hand, allows balanced stretching of all the body muscles through various but precise ranges of motions. The muscles are never worked to the point of exhaustion even though the training is intense. Performing yoga and pilates provides you with a lot of benefits that make your health and fitness better. Therefore, welcome yoga and Pilates into your life by buying and using the yoga & Pilates equipment for your home.

Yoga & Pilates equipment that you need to buy

1. Yoga mat – starts at 650 Rs.

This is one of the most basic yoga & pilates equipment you will need to perform yoga. The mat allows a non-slip and cushioned surface, which provides ease and comfort while performing asanas and pilates for exercise and fitness as well. 

It helps in avoiding injuries and provides a smooth flow for a yoga session. These mats are available in various colours, patterns, and styles that suit you. On Amazon there are a lot of basic yoga mats which you will get at a cheaper price but it is important to get equipment that is softer and will last longer. 

2. Yoga belts/straps – starts at 350 Rs.

Yoga strap is a very useful and efficient tool that allows the body to stretch beyond its limit and increases one’s flexibility. With increased flexibility it becomes easier for one to learn new and advanced level yoga poses that provide increased strength and endurance to the body. The straps come in various types: no rings or buckle, cinch buckle, D-ring, and pinch buckle. 

To buy the right strap for yourself, you have to set a goal so that the strap compliments your body to achieve it. It is necessary to realise what will suit you the most right now, therefore getting a good deal is of utmost importance. 

3. Yoga brick – starts at 1000 Rs.

Yoga brick is a smooth wooden block or a material that is comfortable yet firm (such as rubber or cork). This equipment allows you to enhance your yoga poses and pushes your body’s flexibility and strength to perform these poses. 

It is mostly used for the arms but can also be used for the back, head, lower back and hips to allow the body to settle into a yoga pose. It is also a useful tool for beginners and for people who are taking the help of yoga to recover from injuries. The price of the brick rises as you browse for well-known brands and high-quality bricks but it must not be a priority to save on money and let go of good equipment that is durable.

4. Yoga wheel – starts at 1000 Rs.

It is a unique and interesting yoga & pilates equipment used in yoga exercises for back stretching. It is a hollow, circular-shaped, and a firm structure that allows stretching and flexibility. 

One of the most useful benefits of this equipment is that it stops one from hunching, which allows correction to the body posture as well as prevention from a hunchback. It can also be used to wind your body down after a tiring day and relieve back pain.

A myth buster for you!

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Pilates equipment

Here are some pilates equipment listed down for pilates for exercise and fitness for you to buy.

1. Pilates ring – starts at 700 Rs.

Also called the magic circle, it is a hard-material circle with two padded hand-holders exactly opposite to each other. Although used majorly for building arm strength, these circles can also be used for legs and inner-thigh work. 

Pressing into the ring along with the correct breathing technique is sure to work up your muscles and burn a lot of calories along with strengthening your muscles. 

2. Resistance exercise bands – starts at 500 Rs.

Coming in various intensity levels, resistance exercise bands can take your legs workout to another level. They’re made of latex and they provide various benefits to the workouts. They improve the quality of the exercises, increase one’s ability to focus, and are a great alternative to machinery. 

3. Ankle weights or Wrist weights – starts at 1200 Rs.

Ankle weights are one of the most useful tools for developing toned, slender legs and a lifted hip. The additional weight allows the muscles to activate and work just hard enough to become prominent without breaking down and bulking, allowing you to feel muscles you otherwise ignore. 

Yoga and pilates for exercise and fitness

There are many health benefits of doing yoga and pilates for exercise and fitness. With these yoga & Pilates equipment that you can easily keep at home without them taking up too much space. Pilates and yoga can both, at the same time, focus on particular areas as well as give you a full-body workout. 

Both yoga and pilates for exercises and fitness are beneficial in the long run. The flexibility of the body, the strengthening of the muscles, develops core strength and corrects and improves the postural alignment. In the long run, it also builds stamina and endurance and also helps in improving cardiovascular health. Therefore, it is a wise decision for anyone to buy these, or any, yoga and pilates equipment.

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To sum up, yoga & pilates equipment for yoga and pilates for exercise and fitness at home can provide you with a great physique and yield a lot of benefits. They are easy to use and are a great way of enhancing your workout routines so that your weight loss journey or bodybuilding journey can easily be fulfilled.

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