Bored Of A Conventional Relationship? Try Throuple!

You are already familiar with the word- couple. What if we tell you there’s a new kind of relationship which involves being with two people at the same time? 

Well, we are talking about this new trend which is all over the internet- a throuple relationship! 

What is a Throuple relationship?

A throuple relationship involves three people in a committed relationship with each other. The sexuality of people involved in a throuple relationship may vary. A throuple is not just a sexual relationship, though. It involves having emotions, reciprocity and bonding between all the three people involved. 

A throuple relationship is not the same as an open relationship. In an open relationship, people are allowed to have sexual relationships with other people. While, in a throuple relationship, all the three people who are involved, trust each other. 

A throuple relationship is more than just having great sex! 

Imagine you fight with one person but you still have another person to share your feelings and emotions with. How cool is that? 

We do hope that now you know your answer to- what is a throuple? 

Who can have a throuple relationship? 

A throuple relationship is not limited to a particular gender. If you are a male, you can have a throuple relationship with two other males, females or one male and one female. 

If you are someone who likes to explore different types of relationships, this type of relationship is worth giving a try! 

How do people have sex in throuple relationships?

Admit it or not, you must have thought about it too. Let us find out how people have sex in throuple relationships. 

Imagine all the humping with great oral sex at the same time. Yes, you can do it if you are in a throuple relationship. You will have two partners to get your pleasure from. And, who would mind having amazing sex with two people? 

You can finally have your fantasy threesome. 

What are the benefits of being in a throuple relationship?

Apart from having a great sex life, there are many advantages to being in a throuple relationship. 

  • Emotional support

Have you ever seen a couple fighting all day? Well, it may be because there is no one to give them emotional support. Often, married couples get a divorce because they feel they are not heard and their feelings are not considered. 


However, if you are in a throuple relationship, you can always have one person to share your emotions and feelings. 

  • Less stressful 

When you are in a throuple relationship, your relationship becomes less stressful and more fun! You might be able to pour your heart out without being judged. 

  • Fewer responsibilities 

Even if a number of people add up, there will be lesser responsibilities to manage. The relationship would be more fun and enjoyable. Also, all the work will be divided among three people. 

  • Staying happy

When your life becomes less stressful and you will have two people as your partners and your best friends, you will eventually stay happy. 

  • Teamwork 

If three people are living together in a loving relationship, the responsibilities will be equally shared among all of them. Therefore, it will be more teamwork than just being a relationship. 

When should you ask your partner to consider a throuple relationship? 

We agree that it would be awkward to talk to your partner about it. But, you can at least try to know what your partner likes or dislikes. Most of the time, people don’t ask their partners even if they want a relationship like that. The reason might be because they fear losing their partners. 

Nonetheless, if you want to explore a throuple relationship, we would advise you to talk to your partner about it. Try telling them the advantages of being in a throuple relationship. 

When your relationship starts becoming toxic and you feel that you and your partner are lacking that emotional bonding, you can try being in a throuple relationship. This also true if you are tired of the monotonous sex life with your partner and you want to spice up things.  

We would advise you to consider a throuple relationship only if you and your partner are equally excited about it and want to try different things to spice up your sex life. 

The disadvantages of being in a throuple relationship

Every coin has two sides!

If there are advantages to being in a throuple relationship, there will be its disadvantages too. 

Often, people deal with insecurities and jealousies. When two people in a throuple relationship get closer than the third one, the third person might have jealousy and insecurities. To prevent that from happening, some ground rules can be set. 

You or your partner(s) might sometimes feel left out. Although it is completely normal, it can sometimes hurt your partner(s) sentiments. 

There can be expectations and a feeling of dissatisfaction. And, the lack of proper communication will escalate the problems even more! 

Therefore, we will advise you to have healthy conversations about each others’ feelings and sentiments. 

Do people fall in love with two people at the same time? 

After talking about the advantages and disadvantages of being in a throuple relationship, let’s talk about the kind of connection people have in a throuple relationship. Sex and everything is great, but have you ever wondered if the three people in a throuple love each other the same as two people love each other in a couple relationship? 

Well, many experts believe that people love people because they like a version of them that exists only for them. But, there are chances when people like different people at the same time for their different versions. 

In simple terms, you might fall in love with someone for the way they talk. But, when you meet another person with some other quality that you like, you might fall in love with that person as well. As a result, you would want to spend time with both of them. This is when throuple relationships come into play!

That was all about throuple relationships, their advantages and disadvantages. For more such articles, subscribe to our newsletter! 

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