5 Types Of Butts: Which One Is Yours?

But, did you know that there are only a few types of butts? That’s the question you are going to be asking everyone who doesn’t know this! Butts are all the talk of the town nowadays and we are getting better at reading your thoughts and giving you the content that you want. You would be glad to know that your butt is not like that Pinterest model because it’s a whole different category! That’s right.

Every butt is beautiful in its own way, and we are not saying that just for the sake of it. Not many people know this, but there are only 5 types of butts. Knowing about your type of butt can actually help you in deciding the right underwear or jeans. We like to pass on all the exclusive information that we learn and this time is no different. Read on to know all about the types of butts and your new gang!

Square butt 

Square shaped butt or H type butt is a butt type where the hip bone and outer thigh are almost in a straight line. This type of butt shape is most common among athletes and women with rectangular body types. 

Cosmetic surgeons say that this butt type is mainly because of a layer of fat on love handles or flanks, prominent or high hip bones, and hip dips. 

For people with square butt types bikinis, wedgies, tangas, boy shorts, and high-waisted pants are a more comfortable option. Some experts also recommend steering clear of panties with elastic-edged leg holes because they can lead to awkward bunching around the pelvic area. 

V-shaped butt or inverted butt 

If your butt is more full at the top as compared to the lower part of the pelvic area. This kind of inversion creates a line between the pelvis and hip, making it look like an inverted V. Women with broad shoulders and slim bottoms usually have this kind of butt type. 

For people with this kind of butt, bottoms without high-cut leg holes and rigid fabric don’t provide enough butt coverage and flatten the butt. Briefs, boy shorts, low-cut bikinis, jeans with fuller pockets, and stretch-fit jeans are a great option for women with this butt type as they highlight it the best. 

Heart-shaped butt 

People with tapering waists or pear-shaped bodies have more fat distribution on the lower part of their body. Their thighs and butts have more fat deposits which make the area look like an inverted heart shape. 

Women with inverted heart-shaped butt are more comfortable in wearing bottoms like underwear with high-cut legs and large holes since heart-shaped butt rises from fuller thighs, bikinis, tangas, boy shorts made of stretchy lace, bottoms with laser-cut or seamless edges, mid-rise or curvy jeans with stretchy fabric, and styles without elastic edged leg-holes as they can be uncomfortable and binding. 

Round type butt   

This is a butt type that is most famous among celebrities. It is also called bubble-shaped or O-shaped butt. This type of butt results from fat distribution around the butt cheeks including the upper and the lower parts. Most people want to achieve this kind of butt shape because everyone likes to wiggle right? Well, the good news is that with some customized exercise, strength training, and proper squats, these butts are achievable. 

For people who have types of butts, a fabric that offers full butt-coverage is the most comfortable. Bottom wear with less fabric can give those with this butt shape a frontal wedgie because the crotch of underwear shifts backward and lowers the front waistband. 

Boy shorts with four-way stretch, briefs with a center back seam, tangas, thongs, boot-cut denim jeans without distressing and sanding, and high rise are fantastic bottom wears that enhance the shape of a bubble butt. 


Types Of Butts

A type butt 

This type of butt is can be called an amalgamation of heart-shaped butt and round type butt. Some people don’t even consider A type butt different from the heart-shaped butt. There is only a very slight difference with the fat deposition and generally the inverted heart-shaped butt has more fat deposition in the lower part of the butt. 

People with this kind of butt are comfortable with the same kind of bottom wear as that worn with inverted heart-shaped butt types. Additionally, wearing underwear styles that don’t cover the butt buns properly can make their butt look saggy. So, wearing underwear in which the opening of underwear legs cup the butt cheeks properly can give your butt an instant butt projection! 

Factors affecting your butt type 

Your butt is the way it is because of a few reasons. Skeletal muscles and their structure play a big role in determining the shape of your butt. Some of the factors that can affect your butt type are :

  • Placement of your hip bones and pelvis 
  • Amount of fat in and around your butt area and its distribution 
  • Attachment of butt muscles to your thigh bones 
  • Size of gluteal muscles underlying your butt 

Bone structure and distribution of body fat can also be determined by genetics. According to your genetics, your body may be programmed for holding more fat in their gluteal muscles and hips, or in your face, thighs, midsection, or nowhere at all. Fat distribution is also influenced by hormones, age, and weight. 

When women age, their fat distribution can change from, for example, butt to midsection and thighs. It is also affected by menopause because of hormonal fluctuations. 



The categorization of butt shapes is not very rigid. You might fall inside a category but you don’t have to stay in it! Apart from different phases of a woman’s life where her body experiences body shape changes like pregnancy and puberty (due to changes in the level of estrogen, breastfeeding, and other hormonal changes), there are other changes women can turn to, to get their favorite butt. 

If you want to change your butt shape, you can resort to diet, squats, lunge presses, or leg lifts. Even butt implants are gaining a lot of popularity these days and there are many other similar surgeries like Sculptra filler injections, sculpt muscle treatment, and coolsculpting. 

One thing that is very important to remember is that everyone is unique in their own way and every body is beautiful. It is vital that you are in love with your body modified or unmodified. And till you are happy with your butt, any other buts, whats, and whys won’t matter! 

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