Unraveling Depression: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment!

If you’re reading this article, then you might have someone or it might be you who has been feeling a bit down recently and you wish to get better. Always know that no matter how severe your anxiety and depression are, if you wish to find a way to happiness, you will find it. This article will help you better understanding Depression: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment!

Whenever you look around, you find so many unknown faces—in the buses, in the subway, at your local departmental store—and trust us on this, everyone has been through depression at some or the other point in their lives, and you are not alone if you are fighting through it. 

We all know how hard this situation is but we can also tell you that with just the right amount of communication with helpful people, determination to overcome your depression, and courage to face the real world—you will be able to combat your condition with no problem. Sure, the path is hard but there’s a light at the end of it. 

In today’s article, we will handle this vulnerable topic of “depression” and you will get to know more about what depression is, how to identify it by its signs and symptoms, and also how to combat anxiety and depression. So, let’s head right into it.

Understanding Depression

Understanding Depression What does ‘depression’ mean?

We won’t go for any kind of definition for depression in this article, as it would make things too cold and scientific. We are all very low at some point in our life and it is completely normal to feel sad but feeling this all the time is something that we have to overcome. 

This is what a period of depression feels like—the person will be uncharacteristically pessimistic about his circumstances and he will have no drive to make things and situations better for him. Now, you might have a question about how to overcome this situation, and we will answer it but before getting to the solution, we want you to read about identifying the causes for depression. 

Symptoms of depression!

Here are some symptoms of depression for you—

  1. Feeling sad or empty
  2. Feeling hopeless
  3. Feeling excessively guilty
  4. Feeling unloved and unwanted
  5. Insomnia or lack of sleep
  6. Fatigue and no interest in any activities
  7. Overeating or absolute lack of appetite

What are the reasons for your depression?

We cannot tell you the exact reason for the particular kind of depression that you or your loved one might be suffering from because there is not a single reason for depression. Even after extensive research, the cause of depression has not been understood with full clarity. But doctors say that it is a combination of things that triggers this feeling. 

There are some external as well as internal factors that can lead to depression such as—

1. Hormonal fluctuations

 This is most common in pregnant women as the level of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone vary a lot during the gestational period (period for which the baby stays in the mother’s womb) and this causes mood swings and “baby blues” in the expecting mothers. 

2. Psychological factors 

If you are disturbed for some reason such as you are in a trying position with your family or if you are not doing well at your workplace and you see your colleagues being promoted for better jobs than you—then you might feel depressed.

3. Social problems 

If someone talks down to you, ridicules, or bullies you publicly—those can lead to serious damage to your mental health and can lead to mental illness like anxiety and depression.

4. Genetic predisposition

Due to some genetic problem, your body might not secrete enough amounts of the dopamine and serotonin hormones which are “happiness hormones” and this might lead to clinical depression.

What are the options available for the treatment of depression?

As we told you earlier, nowadays people are becoming more accepting of this issue called depression and due to this increased awareness, many ways have opened up this situation. 

We are going to discuss some of the major ways to overcome depression

1.Take a break and go on a tour

Connecting with nature is the best way to overcome depression, these are not my words, this is scientifically proven. If you feel down for some reason, take a break and go hiking or go to the beach. Let Nature help you erase your blues and give you happiness.

2. Try to have healthy food to stay in good shape

What you eat and how your body feels can have a major impact on your mental health. Depression can lead to symptoms like binge-eating but you need to stay determined and avoid eating fatty foods. Have more fruits and healthy foods like oatmeal and cornflakes. 

3. Get enough sleep

Sleeping helps your body heal itself. So, it is very important to give your body and your mind some time to rest, heal and rejuvenate after a day of exhausting office work. This will help you fight depression. 

4. Avoid having alcohol

A depressed person has this habit of drowning all sorrows in a bottle of alcohol but trust us on this—alcohol is no solution to your depression. So, you need to be stricter on yourself and avoid alcohol if you want to combat depression.

5. Consult a professional to help you combat depression  

We would recommend you consult a doctor if you think that things are going out of your control. Your doctor will decide your course of treatment after seeing your symptoms. 

Understanding Depression

Treatment depends on how severe your depression is. 

These are the methods and treatments you should consider if you think you or any of your friends or family members are facing depression. 


In this article, we have talked about depression, its causes, and how you can get rid of this situation. We hope you got all the answers to your questions and if it helped you in any way, please share it with your friends and family members to spread the good word. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope this article helps you in any possible manner. 

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