V-Line Jaw Surgery For That Perfect Jaw Line: Is It Worthwhile?

The V-line jaw surgery is a popular method used these days to sculpt the face using medications and technologies. Many people do not have a symmetrical face and wish to correct it using these techniques. In the 21st century, the use of technology in the field of cosmetology has escalated.

The use of modern technology to achieve desired looks through different types of surgeries like hair transplantation, rhinoplasty, botox,  liposuction, otoplasty, forehead lift, lip augmentation etc have increased. Cosmetic surgeries have become common these days, especially in the field of fashion, among celebrities, models and other public figures.

V-line surgery aims to give a better and sculpted finish to your face making it look sharper and thereby enhancing your features. However, it must be opted for, keeping in mind its pros and cons and should not be overdone.

Who should opt for V-Line jaw surgery?

In olden days, the people who underwent surgery were usually a patient of traumatic accidents whereas, now this has become a trend. Face surgeries are not only opted for medical purpose but also to look more attractive. .  People opt for a v-line surgery or any other form of surgery to get the desired face and features like, a sharp jawline, or to get rid of double chins or a square jawline or a U-shaped jawline or an asymmetrical face. V-line jaw surgery is opted these days to get the desired look and not out of medical requirements. 

What is V-Line jaw surgery?

 The V-line jaw surgery or mandibuloplasty sculpts the face to give it a narrow and V-line jaw look. The surgery is performed to remove the part of the jaw and chin and to give it a sculpted look like a V letter. A V- shape jawline is associated with femininity and a square face is perceived as more masculine. It’s usually women who opt for V-line jaw surgery.

Before the surgery is performed, the doctor gives a detailed description of how the surgery will take place. Then makes markings on the face with a marker on areas to be worked upon. Anaesthesia is given to the patient to avoid any pain during the surgery. Then the surgeon makes incisions on the chin and jawline and shaves down the bone to obtain a sharper jawline(mandible). Some people may even opt for a genioplasty (chin implant). After performing the surgery, the incisions are closed and temporary drains may be inserted to help you recover faster. The surgery takes about 1-2 hours. 

V-line jaw surgery

The V-line surgery, however, carries potential risks and therefore only a well-known doctor in this field should be trusted. At times, this surgery has proved to be unfavourable, as things may go wrong. Instances have been recorded where the expected results could not be obtained and turned out to be completely different. In such situations, people may tend to go for more surgeries to get it corrected. However, even though it carries a great risk along, people still choose to go through V-line surgery.

Advantages and disadvantages of V-Line jaw surgery:


Here are certain advantages associated with V-line jaw surgery that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

  • People who wish to get a sharp sculpted jawline and get rid of chin fat, find this technique a gift in disguise.
  • Accumulated fat in the chin and asymmetric face can be sculpted.
  • It helps reduce the ratio and length of the lower face.
  • Helps to get rid of a square or broad face and get a more feminine look.
  • This is a one-time investment and the results are permanent.


With the advantages, come V-line jaw surgery risks that are involved with V-line surgery.

  • Post-surgery, the patient may experience temporary or long-lasting paralysis in their chin or lower lip region.
  • The surgery may not turn out as desired at times.
  •  As the procedure involves sculpting of the bone, the patient may in future suffer bone deterioration.
  • In case the result is not as expected, the patient may have to go through another surgery to get it corrected.
  • The recovery process takes time and is painful.
  • One may even experience difficulty in eating, nerve injury, jaw pain, blood loss, difficulty in biting, chewing, jaw fracture etc.

Methods of V-Line jaw surgery

There are 4 methods in V-line jaw surgery:

  • T-SHAPED OSTEOTOMYIn this method, a horizontal cut is made on the face, followed by a vertical cut, making a T-shape on the chin.
  • INVERTED V SHAPE OSTEOTOMY- this method involves an inverted V shape made on the face to reduce the height and width of the chin. This is one of the most advanced methods of surgery.
  • HORIZONTAL OSTEOTOMY this is a conventional method used in situations where the patients chin is too long. A  horizontal cut is made to sculpt it into a V line.
  • L-SHAPE SHIFT METHOD- This method is used for chins that are too long and protruding. In the surgery, the excess bone is shaved out to obtain a sculpted V-shaped bone.

Different types of results after V-Line jaw surgery

After the surgery is performed, significant changes can be observed:

  • A defined v-shaped jawline.
  • Contoured face.
  • Reduction in the chin area, even double chin in some cases.
  • A reduction in the width and height of jawline.

Cost of V-Line jaw surgery

 The cost of a v-line jaw surgery varies from country to country and region to region. Some factors like geographical location, the type of surgery, the surgeon’s experience, etc. play a key role in the cost incurred in such surgeries. Korea is the capital of plastic surgery as numerous surgeries are performed in a single day. Therefore, Korea is among the countries which charge the highest for plastic surgeries. The successful surgeries that a surgeon can perform may also play a key role in determining the cost that a surgery incurs. The cost may also depend on the type of surgery that one opts for.

Before going up for V-line surgery, you must always do good research and make a deliberate decision on how, where and when you want to get it done. You also must be mentally prepared and be confident in yourself.

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