Vitamin U: 5 Benefits That Will Make You Consume It Today

Vitamins are essential nutrients which are present in food, and which enable the body to ensure regular mechanisms, such as immunity and metabolism functions as well as to safeguard it against different illnesses. A man’s body is graded as water-soluble or fat-soluble by 13 necessary vitamins. Data from various experimental research suggests that nine of these vitamins can have therapeutic values linked to a reduced risk of illness.

Vitamin U is a term that describes a component in cabbage juice. Despite its name, vitamin U is a variant of amino acid methionine, instead of an authentic vitamin. E.g. S-methyl methionine (SMM), methyl-methionine sulfonium (SMM) and 3-amino- 3-carboxypropyl Dimethyl sulfonium are also referred to as vitamins U. Vitamin U is also present in numerous foods, especially cruciferous foods such as chicken, broccoli, Brussels germ and kale as a substitute. Furthermore, it can be added to a range of creams, serums, masks and other products by firms.

Vitamin U is an enzyme, known as S-methyl methionine, used for preventive and therapeutic measures of the intestinal and digestive system. Since vitamin U is intimately associated to its potential benefits on the gastrointestinal mucosa, its soothing properties are no mystery for people with the oesophagus, chronic gastric ulcers, chronic gastritis, colitis ulcerative ulcers, diaphragmatic hernias, peptic ulcers, and other abnormalities and complications throughout the stomach.

Vitamin U benefits and uses

Vitamin U is mainly marketed as a cure for stomach ulcers but also for digestion, immune enhancement, food allergy safety, decreased cholesterol and hastened injury treatment. Research is, nevertheless, minimal. Today, science supports just a few of these advantages and more research is needed on its advantages. The following are the advantages offered by vitamin U-

  • Can help cure stomach ulcers

In the 1950s, some reports have indicated that a quarter (945ml) of cabbage juice helped gut ulcers recover 4–5 times faster than the current standard anti-ulcer treatment if consumed on regular basis. However, scientists could not guarantee that vitamin U and multiple nutrients caused these effects. Limited research has studied the subject since then. More research is required to decide whether vitamin U protects against ulcers.

  • Can protect the lungs, kidney and liver

Vitamin U can help prevent trauma to your lungs, liver and kidneys. In an animal study, vitamin U assisted to reverse certain damage to the kidneys caused by the popular valproic acid anti-seizure drug. In another study, after acquiring valproic acid, rats in Vitamin U sustained less serious damage to their kidneys than those without Vitamin U. It also seemed to reduce inflammatory markers. In addition, animal research indicates that vitamin U can contribute to the reduction of lung damage caused by seizures. However, more human research is need on this subject.

  • Helps control cholesterol level

Although there is some proof that vitamin U products aid lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, however, there is little confirmation. In particular, a trial shows that vitamin U can avoid fat cell growth and decrease triglyceride levels, but such research data requires more human research and analysis to prove any theory. In an 8 week review, there were no increases in triglyceride levels, higher HDL (good), and approximately 10 per cent decrease in total cholesterol for patients, who consumed 1.5 grams of vitamin U on regular basis. However, this research is very old with fewer participants involved. There is also a need for more human study.

  • Heels the skin

Vitamin U can provide some shielding from ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sunlight and rapid injury cure. Test tube and animal studies suggest that direct application of vitamin U to injuries will speed up the healing of wounds. Also, vitamin U helps to safeguard from UV rays and burning. Based on these results, some researchers claim that some cosmetics may have vitamin U formulation. However, a lack of study requires further research.

  • Can cure indigestion

The diagnosis of gastric and intestinal ulcers has shown that vitamin U is more than once an instrumental factor in curing indigestion. Given that this medicinal product is generally present in some foods, particularly in raw vegetables, in contrast to other drug therapies proven to decrease acid indigestion, it can also be more natural and healthy. These medicines can pose risks to other health implications, particularly the heart. However, vitamin U offers natural protective advantages that keep your intestines and stomach healthier.

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Vitamin U

Possible side effects and risks

When consumed directly, vitamin U is probably a healthy compound. Nevertheless, its protection or possible complications in the additional form are little understood. Thus, based on vitamin-U foods such as cabbage, Brussels, broccoli and kale are possibly best, so that you can maximise the consumption of this substance. Vitamin U can irritate the eye, skin, and lung, according to the European Chemicals Agency, if the organ comes into direct contact. You will also want to be cautious with skincare items that contain this compound.

Vitamin U during pregnancy

Foods rich in vitamins such as cold, broccoli, Brussel germs and kale are usually considered healthy for consuming and breastfeeding when pregnant. However, the protection of vitamin U in additional form is not generally recognised. Consequently, whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consider avoiding these supplements.

Other factors

Furthermore, no cases of vitamin U overdose have been reported until now. If you ingest this compound solely from whole foods, overdoses are very rare. Note that the effects of high vitamin U intakes from supplements have not yet been investigated by studies. The risk of a vitamin U overdose cannot therefore be eliminated. In an attempt to comprehend if an overdose is likely, the related signs and symptoms and the best method of treating it, further research is required.

Cruciferous vegetables, naturally rich in vitamin U, are normally believed to be healthy in the majority of the population. The effectiveness of vitamin U sources for any particular populations is, however, little known. Until further research is available, anyone who would like to increase their intake of vitamin U should consume natural vitamin U sources instead of supplements.

Further, there is no adequate scientific evidence to establish whether vitamin U combines with any other medicines or supplements. Before trying, people who take extra supplements or drugs should speak to their healthcare providers about vitamin U.

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