4 Ways To Store Different Food Items For A Long Time Without Losing Its Freshness

Are you also a hoarder who loves to stock up on foods and groceries for at least a month? Or are you someone for whom buying loads of goodies, foods, and groceries during a sale gives immense pleasure? Now let’s read on few ways to store food for a longer duration.

But is the only problem that you always have to face is the foods losing their freshness quickly and you always have to throw them out instead of enjoying them? You may have tried several ways to keep your foods fresh but it gets stale anyways?

Then, my friend, you have stumbled upon just the right article as we share with you all the measures that will help you to keep your foods and groceries fresh for long

But before giving the best ways to store foods for freshness for a long time, there is an extremely important tip that one should always follow while stocking up on the groceries for the month.

How to store food for a long time without losing freshness?

Now coming to the main part of the article which are the best ways to store food for long

1. Always check the dates before buying
 ways to store food

People generally tend to confuse between the best-before and the use-by dates. One of the most important ways to store food is to understand the key difference between the two terms. The confusion between these two often leads to buying food items that cannot be stored for long and that can easily lead to stalling after a particular date. 

The best-before date is generally given as a recommendation by the manufacturers which states that how long the food will be in its prime condition. Eating a few days later than the recommended date is completely fine as long as you can sense that it is edible. 

However, for use-by dates, one needs to be careful with that. This date is generally used by manufacturers as a safety measure and generally marks the period after which the food can be potentially dangerous. These are generally used for food products that have a high risk of food poisoning. 

So the next time when you hoard up food for a week or months at once, make sure you buy food items that have a longer shelf life. 

2. Fruits
best ways to store food
  • Berries- One of the most effective ways to keep berries fresh for the longest time is to wash them in a vinegar solution. Put one big spoon of vinegar in a big bowl of water and rinse the berries in it thoroughly. This technique will help you to get rid of any microbe present on the fruits and that will enhance the shelf life in the process. 
  • Avocados- This fruit is one of the most tricky to store in the refrigerator for a long time. However, one of the most effective tips is to ripen the fruit before it is put into the fridge. This will help you to preserve the fruit at that very stage. Make sure the fruit is a little squidgy to touch but not too soft. And as for half an avocado, keep the seed in the leftovers and brush a little lemon on the exposed side. This will prevent the flesh from getting brown. 
  • Bananas- Bananas are considered the clingiest of all fruits and if you separate one of the bunch, that will instantly turn brown than you could even expect. So one of the best ways to keep bananas fresh is by keeping them in a bunch and wrapping a foil or paper tightly around the stalk to prevent the ethylene from reaching the rest of the fruit. 
3. Vegetables
best ways to store foods for freshness
  • Broccoli- Tightly wrap them in tin foil and put them into a fridge. This technique will keep them fresh and crispy for a long time. And did you know that this method can keep the broccoli fresh for up to four weeks? This technique also works for every green leafy vegetable. 
  • Onions- Keep them in a dark place but with ample space for circulation as air and less light are the key ingredients to keep them fresher for longer. And a bonus tip never keep the onions with potatoes as it spoils the onions faster. 
  • Lettuce- Keep the lettuce in a container or a food bag before placing it in the fridge. Make sure all the moisture is soaked from the leaves and for extra precaution add a kitchen roll inside the bag. And do not forget to keep on changing the kitchen roll every two days or so. 
  • Spring onions- It becomes nearly impossible to store spring onions for long but the tip that we are going to provide can help you to store them for at least a month. Chop them up, leave them out to dry, and then freeze them in an empty water bottle completely. Make sure that there is no moisture inside the bottle as you do so. 
  • Root vegetables- One of the most tried and tested methods to keep root vegetables fresh for long is to remove the roots from them. These roots usually steal the nutrients from the veggies resulting in them dying early. 
  • Tomatoes- Never put tomatoes in a fridge. As absurd it sounds, keeping them away from the fridge can help you to keep the tomatoes fresh for long. 
4. Miscellaneous items
best ways to store foods for freshness
  • Cheese- One of the best ways to keep cheese fresh for long is to wrap it up properly in porous paper so that the foil does not become too clingy and there are no chances of microbes forming on the surface of the cheese due to lack of circulation. Another way to store cheese is to put the cheese in a kitchen towel sprinkled with vinegar. 
  • Herbs- We all know it can be quite a task to keep herbs fresh for long. Some of the most effective ways to do so are:
  • Wrap them in a newspaper before putting them into the refrigerator to keep them dry and preventing them from getting too chilled. 
  • You can also put all of them in a glass of water and place a plastic bag on top of them so that they can have a greenhouse environment and that will help them to stay fresher for longer. 
  • You can dry the herbs out by hanging them near a window in a dry spot. 
  • Mushrooms- Another common mistake that people tend to follow is keeping the mushrooms in a fridge. Like the tomatoes, keep them out of the fridge and wrap them up in a paper bag and reduce the moisture levels as much as possible and put them in a cool and dry place. 
  • Dairy products and eggs- People generally tend to keep the products on the shelves of the fridge but they should be always kept in the middle of the bottom shelf because unlike the door shelves the temperatures are always consistent there and the product will not spoil easily. 

Now there you go, the best ways to store foods for long. Always keep your fruits and vegetables separately and a small bonus tip from our side, never wash your foods before storing them in the refrigerator. The moisture added to the product will speed up the decaying process. Wash it after you have taken them out and you are ready to eat. Now go on, stock up on all the foods that you want. 

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