6 Health Benefits Of Clover Honey That You Might Have Missed!

Popular due to it’s sweet and mildly floral taste, clover honey is different from common sweeteners. Clover honey benefits your health as they are rich in antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory.

What is clover honey?

Bees feeding primarily on the nectar of clover plants produce clover honey which is a thick and sweet syrup. Mild in taste and light in colour and well known among honey enthusiasts, clover honey is largely produced in the United States, New Zealand and Canada. A part of the pea family which produces huge quantities of nectar, clover is a creeping plant. 

This prolific source of honey develops in temperate climates. Clover honey is also used to govern erosion on banks and hillsides because of its quality to root well and hold back the soil. It is inexpensive to maintain. Clover honey naturally attracts honeybees and can grow in terrains. 

Purity and flavour consistency

Beekeepers typically place their hives in a region where there is plenty of clovers. In order to encourage their bees’ diet, beekeepers may also plant clover around their hives. Areas which have a high concentration of clover, attract bees to primarily feed on them. It is frequently hard to find entirely pure clover honey.

Commercially sold honey under the description “clover” is basically a blend of light coloured kinds of honey. For this reason, not all bottles of clover honey are likely to taste the same.

Quality considerations

Quality of clover honey depends on several factors. Clover honey collected late in summer and spring tends to carry the richest and strongest flavour. At this very point, flowers are in full bloom and the nectar the bees gather is fragrant and robust.

Due to the fact that small local producers produce unfiltered honey, it is suggested to buy from them.

Honey and health 

To reduce the risk of potentially harmful bacteria, most companies prefer to pasteurize their honey before providing it to the point of sale. Due to over-pasteurization or exposure to heat, the honey may lose its natural benefits or some of its flavours may get over-cooked. This leads a handful of consumers to eat raw honey, for a more filling flavour.

However, raw honey from a reliable source also needs to filter and handled carefully to ensure it’s safety. Regionally sourced, organic honey, processed in accordance with safety and health codes are still accessible.

Forms and Styles

Packed and presented in various forms, clover honey usually come in a jar or squeeze bottle. Much like cream cheese, cream honey is frequently used as a spread. Also, a range of products may include clover-derived honey. 

Benefits of clover honey

21 grams of clover honey has:

  • Calories: 60 grams
  • Protein: 0 gram
  • Fat: 0 gram
  • Carbs: 17 grams

Largely carbs in the forms of natural sugar, clover honey also offers some amounts of magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. Moreover clover honey is rich in antioxidant compounds that offer various health benefits.

Below given are the health benefits clover honey offers to you:

1.Treats and heals wounds

The anti-inflammatory characteristics possessed by clover honey makes it an excellent remedy for slow-healing injuries. It is well known for its ability to treat wounds, and according to studies raw and pure clover honey aids good health in various ways. 

2. Antiviral and antibacterial potential

Compared among 16 different types of honey, clover variety has the strongest antibacterial action. Clover honey has also proven a potent antiviral. 

One test-tube study reported that applying 5% clover honey to chickenpox infected skin cells significantly reduced the virus’s survival rate. 

3. Rich in antioxidants

Enriched with antioxidants, clover honey has compounds that prevent or lessen cellular damage caused due to unstable molecules known as free radicals. 

Clover honey is rich in anti-inflammatory flavanol acid (improves heart and lung health) and phenolic acid (strengths your central nervous system) antioxidants. 

4. Regulates blood pressure 

A daily dose of at least one or two teaspoons of clover honey helps maintain and regulate blood pressure. However, it is crucial to note that clover honey is not a substitute for blood pressure medication. 

4. Resolves liver issues

For inciting bowel activities and arresting fatal tumours in the liver, clover honey may be helpful. A daily intake helps to deal with liver problems. 

5. Maintains cholesterol levels

Clover honey has the potential to remove bad cholesterol and prevent diseases like atherosclerosis.

6. Addresses other problems 

Several other benefits of clover honey are:

  • treating burns
  • fighting against cough
  • prevents ageing
  • clover honey’s antioxidants protect skin cells and health
  • avoids the risk of dangerous diseases like stroke 

Clover honey uses

This light-coloured, mildly sweet liquid is used for various uses such as:

  • sweetens your drinks and caffeinated beverages.
  •  it is not overpowering and does not leave a powerful aftertaste.
  •  it can be stirred into yoghurt;
  •  drizzled over ice cream;
  •  poured over cereal;
  •  mixed into vinaigrette and
  •  added with stir fry

A comparison with other types of honey

what is clover honey

The nutrient content, flavour, colour and texture of the honey depends upon the type of nectar from which it was extracted. 

Similar in antioxidant properties, other light coloured and mild-tasting honey contains alfalfa, contains blossom and wildflower honey.

Medicinally used buckwheat and manuka honey, are comparatively darker in colour and richer in taste, which is expected to be a result of their higher mineral and antioxidant elements.

For instance, if you’re using honey for medicinal reasons, it is recommended to choose a darker version such as buckwheat or manuka.

Raw honey

Rich in vitamins and minerals, unpasteurized and unfiltered raw honey is preferred by many people. It is recommended not to give honey to children under the age of one due to the risk of severe ailment.

Raw honey has pollen which offers benefits like:

  •  stimulated immune system 
  •  decreased inflammation 
  •  shield from free radical damage to your liver

The bottom line

The light-coloured, mild-tasting honey provides various nutritional benefits. Powerful in antioxidants and antiviral, it is healthier than table sugar and can be used in moderation. So, next time you try to reach for a different sweetener think about a healthier and natural alternative- Clover honey!

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