Why Eat Kiwi Skin? Incredible Health Benefits Revealed!

You can eat kiwi skin and gain health benefits? Yes. That is right. By the end of the article, you will get to know all the health benefits that come from eating the Kiwi Skin.

Among all the immunity-boosting fruits, Kiwi, an abundantly nutritious and delicious fruit, should be a must on one’s grocery list. People eat kiwi for its health benefits: that involves reducing symptoms of asthma, aids in digestion, helps in managing blood pressure levels, and a lot more health-related problems.

It is also recommended as one of the best low-sugar fruits to eat for diabetic people which is available all year round. But the benefits kiwi provides don’t stop here. Although people from around the world love to eat this egg-sized Chinese gooseberry, there has been controversy swirling and whirling around whether it is safe and healthy to eat Kiwi Skin. Turns out, it is not only safe and edible but also extremely healthy for one. 

In this article, various benefits have been outlined that one can gain from eating the Kiwi Skin.

Benefits of eating Kiwi Skin

The Nutritious Kiwi Skin

The skin of the kiwifruit is highly nourishing in terms of fiber, folate, and vitamins. 

The fiber present in the kiwi skin supplies nourishment to the good bacteria residing in the gut. Foods high in fiber have been associated with decreased risk of heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes.

Folate, or vitamin B-9, is a key factor in preventing pregnancy complications as it promotes cellular growth and functioning. It also aids in keeping the brain healthy, improves blood sugar levels in diabetic people, and various other factors that majorly benefit one’s overall health. 

Lastly, the presence of Vitamin E helps in keeping the cells in our body healthy. With the optimum amount of Vitamin E intake, one can even make their skin shinier, healthier, and tighter. It can even aid in increasing the body’s overall immunity when battling some serious conditions like osteoarthritis, coronary heart disease, and many more

Are these benefits reassuring enough to dismiss the myths and the rumours? Yes? No? Well, no issues, since the benefits of the Skin don’t end here.

Improving The Sleep Quality

Recently, the Millennials and the Gen-Zs of the 21st century have been making jokes about wanting happiness, relaxation, and good sleep in their troubled lives. Other than a good routine and taking a break from watching and making memes 24/7, changing their eating and sleeping habits may as well benefit them.

In such cases, adding kiwis to one’s diet can help a lot in improving the sleep quality and other activities that are affected by one’s sleep cycle. Kiwi contains serotonin, a key factor in regulating one’s sleep cycle and stabilizing our moods, feelings, well-being, and happiness. On a holistic level, serotonin impacts the whole body as it enables the communication link between brain cells and other cells of one’s body. Activities like sleeping, eating, and even digesting are all facilitated by serotonin. As a result, a better routine can be shaped which will for sure positively impact the body.

Improves artery health and boosts calcium production

Other than Vitamin E and Vitamin C, kiwi skin also contains Vitamin K, which primarily helps in the prevention of blood clots and excessive bleeding. This aids in producing calcium, which strengthens the bones in our body. It carries high levels of potassium which helps regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals, and therefore Kiwi Skin can be one of the best post-workout foods to consume taste-wise and nourishment-wise.

But Is It Right For You to Eat Kiwi Skin?

Although there are no side effects of eating a kiwi, or kiwi skin, there are certain situations where consumption of the fruit can adversely affect one’s health. 

One situation is if someone is allergic to the fruit itself. Allergy to Kiwi is becoming common with time among adults and children over the age of 15. Some symptoms that have been observed range from swollen and itchy mouth to full-scale anaphylaxis (a severe life-threatening allergic condition).

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The second condition is someone who has kidney stones or has a chance of developing a kidney stone. Kiwi Skin contains a high concentration of oxalates (or oxalic acid) which possesses the tendency to bind with the calcium present in the body and form kidney stones that can result in throbbing pain which can be very hard to deal with. 

So, to sum up, the benefits of eating the Kiwi Skin are:

  1. Helps in reducing the risk of get inflicted by and fighting grave illnesses such as heart diseases and cancer by boosting the body’s immunity
  2. Help keep the brain healthy and keeps the skin fresh and shiny as antioxidants present in the Kiwi Skin aid in cell regeneration
  3. Improves blood sugar levels for diabetic people
  4. Improves sleep quality, digestion, and eating habits and all these together lead to a healthier and a better lifestyle
  5. Improves artery health, which helps in prevention of blood clots and keeps the blood pressure in check
  6. Boosts calcium production and strengthens the bones in our body, which 

And as we said in the beginning, by the end of the article, which is now, the rumours about how one should not eat Kiwi Skin will be busted. There are only so many things a fruit can provide to a body. There is no reason to not eat the skin of the kiwi, until and unless there are chances of allergies arising from the fruit itself or one is suffering from kidney problems. 


In this world of busyness and hectic schedules for kids, teens, and adults, we all have the desire to stay healthy and fit. For some of us it is not possible to workout every day or even take out 30 minutes of time for ourselves to stay fit, but adding healthy foods to our diets can surely make a significant impact.

During such unfortunate times where the COVID-19 has taken over our lives, sitting in front of a computer screen all day tires our body completely which is why proper nourishment is a major necessity to stay healthy internally. And on an ending note, it is important to remember that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and a healthy mind leads to a healthy lifestyle. So add healthy foods to the diet plans, like the Kiwi Skin, heavily assist in building a healthy lifestyle.

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