Is The Bite Of A Wolf Spider Fatal? Know The Symptoms & Treatment

Tiny, hairy creatures or gigantic ones, spiders can be very terrifying to look at and equally horrifying is the thought of what if a spider bites you. The thought in itself can make your blood curtail right? Well do not worry more, we have got you covered. 

Spiders can bite humans as it is their natural instinct whenever they feel threatened. But that being said, most of the spiders are harmless and do not possess much threat for the humans, however, it can produce some unwanted reactions in our body. 

With that now cleared out, through this article, we will be going to talk about bites of one such spider that has been scaring people for a long time now, which is the wolf spider. The name can be quite scary but it is quite harmless for us. Confused? Read the article to know more about this mysterious creature and if bitten by it how can you effectively treat it.

Know about wolf spiders!

Wolf spiders or Lycosa are the members of the family Lycosidae and phylum Arthropoda. These animals are large and hairy and range between ½ to 2 inches in length. Wolf spiders are generally grey in colour with brown to dark grey markings.

The name of wolf spiders was given to them because of their vicious hunting pattern. They do not spin a web to catch their prey, instead, they hunt down their target with the help of their strong eyesight which is quite uncommon for a spider. These spiders have eight eyes in total and two of them are exceptionally large. They are also nocturnal predators and therefore their eyes glow in the dark.

Wolf spiders are solitary and love to steer clear away from humans. The grassy areas, basements and burrows are some of the places where you can probably encounter a wolf spider. 

 Can wolf spider bite kill you?

Wolf spiders can be acclaimed as a vicious predator but they are extremely shy when it encounters humans. The first instinct of wolf spiders on coming in contact with humans is to back off. However, that being said, if it feels threatened, then it can bite the person but it has been reported that the bite is not fatal or life-threatening in any circumstance for the affected person.


But what should be kept in mind is the fact that wolf spiders due to its menacing appearance are often compared to brown recluse or a black widow spider? However, unlike wolf spiders, if bitten by the other two, it can be extremely hazardous for your health. So now you may wonder, how can you differentiate the spider bites? Well, the answer is quite simple, by knowing the symptoms of a wolf spider bite. 

Symptoms of wolf spider bite

The indications to indicate a wolf spider bite is:

  1. First and foremost is the appearance of the bite. If bitten by a wolf spider, there would be the appearance of fang marks or tearing of the skin. 
  2. Swelling and reddening of the affected area. The lymph glands in the affected area appear to be swollen. It gets darker in colour than the surrounding area. Swelling of the face especially around the mouth can also be observed.
  3. Instant unbearable or excruciating pain and uneasiness.
  4. Experiencing nausea, dizziness and vomiting.
  5. Formation of a red line extending from the bite indicating a sign of blood infection.
  6. Allergic reactions like formations of bumps which increases in size to grow into hives.
  7. Breathing difficulties

Treatments for wolf spider bites

Wolf spider bites although not fatal can be extremely venomous, therefore, in order to get relief from the excruciating pain, some effective measures can be taken.

The immediate gauges that should be taken after the spider bite are:

  1. Rinse the affected area thoroughly with clean water and wash the area off the dust, grime and saliva of the wolf spider.
  2. If the wound is on your arm, elevate it.
  3. Avoid scratching the affected area as it will enhance the swellings.
  4. Apply an antibacterial or antiseptic ointment on the affected site to prevent the spread of the infection.
  1. Apply cold compresses on the swelled region to minimize the pain felt. Ice packs can also be applied for therapeutic effects.
  2. Over the counter painkillers like Advil or Tylenol or other anti-inflammatory medications can also be consumed to ameliorate pain.

Most of the time it has been seen that wolf spider bites upon getting proper medications have healed quickly but that being said, make sure to monitor the symptoms and if you notice further worsening of the condition, then consulting a doctor would be the best option available.

There are also numerous home remedies that you can apply to your wound for quickening the healing process within the stipulated time. Some of the most effective remedial are:

1.Baking soda

One of the most beneficial and cost-effective methods to be used against wolf spider bites is baking soda paste. Apply it on your wound and you will observe how it lessens the pain and swelling of the affected area.

2.Use lavender oil

Essential oils have been making a niche for itself in the medical world for their therapeutic properties and lavender oil has many such curative properties lined up on its sleeve. This essential oil will curtail the redness and inflammation and also increase the recovery process.

3.Aloe vera 

Abundant in vitamins, minerals and other essential fatty acids, using aloe vera gel can effectively reduce inflammation and itchiness. 

Witch hazel and activated charcoal can also be a great help in treating wolf spider bites.

Precautions to be taken

Having an encounter with a wolf spider is an extremely rare occurrence and therefore if you want to totally avoid it, make sure to keep your surrounding clean and clutter-free. Stay away from damp areas and if going outdoors during the night which is their hunting time, make sure to wear long-sleeved clothes. 

Now there you go, everything you need to know about the wolf spider bites. Through this article, we have quite established the fact that wolf spiders do not bite unless provoked. Do not try to trap wolf spiders or try to hurt them. Wolf spiders can be coerced to look at, but the bites are not fatal in nature. 

However that being said, it has been seen that despite home remedies and medications, symptoms of wild spider bites can sometimes worsen over time. If you notice aggravation of the situation, immediately consult a doctor for proper treatments and medications.

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