Wrinkled Feet No More: 4 Instantaneous Treatment

Wrinkled feet do not only come to older people. It might be common to get wrinkles on the feet in daily life. Most of its causes are considered to be harmless and temporary. However, we should also be careful of the fact that wrinkles on the feet can be the result of health disease. So, what are the various causes of getting wrinkles and how can we make them go away? 

What causes wrinkled feet? 

Below are given such situations that can be the cause of wrinkled feet:

  1. Trench foot

The other name for trench foot is immersion foot. This condition happens when the feet are both wet and cold at the same time for a long period. This situation can cause wrinkles to your feet. Apart from causing wrinkles, it can also give rise to:

  • Flaking off of the skin
  • Itching
  • Blisters
  • Blotchy skin with redness or discoloration
  • Tingling
  • Pain in a warmed-up skin
  • Numbness

Soldiers who fought in wet and cold conditions were the first ones to notice trenches on their feet. Trench foot can be prevented by wearing warm socks or waterproof boots as it keeps the feet dry. When feet are exposed to damp and watery lands, they get trench. 

This war situation created great awareness about how important it is to keep our feet dry. If you ever get your feet, shoes, or socks wet, do not wait to dry them on their own, take your measures to dry them. 

  1. Exposing feet in the water
Wrinkled Feet

This is one of the common causes of wrinkled feet and fingers. The temperature of the water does not matter. Exposing feet to water for longer develops wrinkles. 

Though this is a temporary condition and will revert once feet get all dry. Wrinkling is the result of the shrinking of the blood vessels. The shrinking of the blood vessels gives rise to the collapsing of the skin. 

The blood vessel acts this way to prevent our bodies from sliding in wet conditions. Thus, providing our hands and feet with a better grip. 

  1. Sweating in the feet

We all notice our skin wrinkle when we sweat heavily. When people start to sweat heavily, it is known as hyperhidrosis. This is a health condition during which one sweats heavily without going through any reasonable situation.

When we start to sweat a lot, the presence of water on the skin surface gives rise to the formation of wrinkles. This is especially in those parts where there is less or no ventilation. For instance, wearing shoes for a long period. 

  1. Sun exposure

We all know about the damage UV rays can do to our skin. Well, UV rays can also give rise to wrinkled feet. This can be easily prevented by covering your feet when outside.

If it is necessary to expose your feet to the sun, it’s better to go for sunscreen. It is better to prevent getting wrinkles due to the sun as it is hard to reverse the condition. 

  1. Dry skin

Due to certain environmental situations, our skin gets dry and gives rise to wrinkles, including the feet. Dry and dehydrated feet can also be caused due to any underlying health condition. 

Having dehydrated or moisture-less feet can result in wrinkles on the feet. Sometimes severe conditions create cracks on the skin. To avoid this, the easiest way is to keep up with a moisturizer all the time. 

How to treat wrinkled feet? 

Below are given how one can get rid of wrinkled feet. It should be noted that all of this treatment will only work when you use them properly and patiently. 

  1. Treatment for trench foot
wrinkled feet treatments
  1. You can remove wrinkles from the skin by warming up your feet. You can either choose to soak your feet in warm water for 5 minutes or use heating pads for the same. 
  1. Whenever your feet are exposed to water, make sure you dry them as soon as possible once you are out of it. 
  1. If in any case, your shoes or socks soak water and become wet, remove them to avoid getting wrinkles. 
  1. Avoid sleeping while socks are on and remember to change your socks daily. This reduces the risk of getting an infection due to sweat. 
  1. Consult a skincare expert if any of the above does not work for you. 

Treatment for excessive sweating

what is wrinkled feet
  1. To reduce sweating wear spacious footwear. Also, pair it with socks to soak up any moisture on your feet. 
  2. opt for aluminum chloride solution. Applying this solution several times a day at first will reduce sweating. Hence, reducing the formation of wrinkles. 
  3. Use glycopyrronium towelettes to wipe your feet with.
  1. Consult your doctor about iontophoresis. In this procedure, a weak electrical current is passed through your feet and other areas with excessive sweat glands. 
  1. You can also go for a Botox treatment. this treatment will be done under the eye of a doctor and will target your sweat glands. This might interfere with the nerves that are responsible for sweat gland activation. 
  1. You can also choose anticholinergic medication. Be careful as it comes with certain possible side effects such as dry mouth, urinating issues, and blurry vision. 

Treatment for sun exposure

what is wrinkled feet
  1. Make sure you moisturize after exposing the skin to the sun. 
  2. There are treatments available, such as chemical peels and laser treatments. This will reduce the appearance of your wrinkles significantly. 
  3. Prevent yourself from direct sun rays. Even if you need to go out under the sun make sure you have applied a powerful moisturizer 30 minutes before stepping out. 

Treatment for dry skin

  1. Moisturizer is the easiest way possible to keep the surface of your skin hydrated. Always use an intensive moisturizer that is suited for dry skin. 
  2. Keeping your inner body hydrated will also prevent dry skin. Drink the necessary amount of water regularly.

Lastly, sometimes the reason behind wrinkled feet is an underlying health condition. Treating that condition will help you to get rid of the wrinkles automatically. 

Most of the wrinkled feet stay for a few minutes. This condition should be taken seriously. 

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