Not Happy With The Extra Pounds? 8 Yoga For Weight Loss You Should Try

In a broad sense, body positivity means being happy with however your body looks. But, you get one life, and you have the freedom to change the way you want your body to look if you are not satisfied with it! This applies both to weight gain and weight loss. And if you wish to ever get rid of some extra kgs, yoga will always have your back! 

Yoga for weight loss is a method that will always provide you with results that exceed your expectations. It has already been doing that for millions of people globally! Apart from fulfilling your body goals, practicing yoga will also give a sound mind and unmatched calmness! 

The more you will learn about the benefits of yoga, the more you will want to make it a part of your routine, so let’s take you to learn all about this magic exercise without any delay! 

How effective is yoga for weight loss? 

Yoga is a rare paradoxical combination of tranquillity and activeness. These are some ways in which yoga can change your body:

  1. It offers you a healthy body without going through demanding diets, sweating, and pain. 
  2. Practicing yoga makes your mind more aware of your surroundings. You change from within and turn towards a nutritious diet and start monitoring your eating frequency, which always plays a considerable role in losing weight.
  3. Practicing yoga highly enhances your sleep quality. Without sufficient shut-eye, your body starts gaining weight as it stresses you out, and over-sleeping will make your body puffy. 
  4. Yoga alleviates the symptoms, like demotivation and tiredness, of anxiety and stress. These symptoms push your body to binge eat fatty and sugary foods. By eliminating these symptoms, yoga makes you feel energetic. 

Yoga asanas for weight loss! 

The yoga poses listed below are some of the most powerful exercises that will help you shed weight from your whole body! 

  1. Boat pose 
Yoga For Weight Loss

This pose will also help you increase your core strength, endurance, and muscle strength by working your whole body.  It also boosts your metabolism, which is extremely important in the process of weight loss. 

  • Sit on a uniform surface with your back straight and legs extended. 
  • Now bring your knees near your chest and start lifting your lower legs till your toes are at your eye’s level. 
  • Extend your arms in front of you. 
  • Maintain this posture for 30-35 seconds at least. 
  • Release and repeat five times. 
  1. Upward plank 
Yoga For Weight Loss

This pose is just like your regular plank, except it is not! It might be a few of the most challenging yoga asanas for weight loss, but once you get seasoned with it, get ready to welcome abs! This exercise will tone your muscles, balance your hormones, help thyroid, and glute patients and improve digestion! 

  1. Lie down on a yoga mat (on your back’s side) or a flat surface and extend your arms backward. Ensure that your fingers are pointing towards your toes. 
  2. Lay your palms flat on the mat’s surface and exert pressure using your arms, legs, and hips to slowly lift your body upwards. This position will make your body look like an arch. 
  3. Pull your head back and stretch. 
  4. Maintain it as long as you can and repeat two-three times.

This is a relatively difficult position to maintain, so please take it slow. You are doing your best! 

  1. Warrior pose 
weight loss yoga

A warrior poses for the warrior in you! This pose tones your arms, legs, and lower back while building stamina and strength. Practicing this pose regularly will aid you in maintaining the position of other poses efficiently. 

  1. Stand straight and make a ‘T’ with your arms
  2. Now make an inverted ‘V’ with your legs and bend one knee to make a 90-degree angle with your leg. 
  3. Stretch the other leg as much as you can and turn your head in the direction of the bended knee. 
  4. Maintain the posture for a comfortable amount of time and switch with the other leg. 
  1. Triangle pose 
weight loss yoga

More commonly known as trikonasana, this pose is an incredible way to reduce fat from your belly by boosting digestion. It can also aid the betterment of multiple diseases when practiced regularly and properly. 

  1. Make an inverted ‘V’ with your legs, and a ‘T’ with your arms like you did for the warrior pose. 
  2. Now bend to touch the ground next to your left toe with your left hand, without bending and changing the right arm and leg’s stance. 
  3. Your head should be turned towards the ceiling while bending. 
  4. Repeat the process with the other half of the body and hold each pose for a minimum of 5 seconds. 
  1. Cobra pose 
yoga asanas for weight loss

This is another great pose to help you attain your body goals as it eliminates the fat accumulated in the upper body and tones the abdominal muscles. It is beneficial for everyone trying to finesse their upper body. Avoid this exercise if you are pregnant. 

  • Lie down on your belly and keep your arms close to your body. 
  • Lift your upper body using the strength of your arms and bend the raised portion backward till you feel the pressure. 
  • The rest of the portion, except the raised part, should be touching the ground at all times. 
  • Inhale and exhale four-five times before lowering yourself down. 
  1. Downward facing dog 
yoga asanas for weight loss

This exercise is an amazing one to provide strength to your hamstrings, back, thighs, and arms. And strength is crucial for getting better at yoga! 

  • Lie down on your belly on a uniform surface with your arms spread out in front of you. 
  • Now use your arms and legs to pull your hips up so that your body makes a ‘V’ shape. 
  • Hold this pose till your belly feels the strain. 
  1. Surya namaskar 
yoga asanas for weight loss

Surya namaskar is another fantastic remedy to help you achieve a flat belly and tone the whole body’s muscles as well. It involves twelve different poses, and each posture exercises different muscles. Read about this all-in-one exercise here- Surya Namaskar: A full-body workout

  1. Chair pose 
yoga asanas for weight loss

This posture will accelerate your digestion and tone your leg muscles. It will also help to enhance your core strength. And all you have to do is pretend that you are sitting on a hypothetical chair!

  1. Stand straight and extend your arms above your head.
  2. Now slowly bend your knees and bring your arms in a position parallel to the ground 
  3. Do not bend the knees too much, though. Your hips should be at your knees’ level. 


If you are trying yoga for weight loss for the first time, your body might be used to a certain routine, so, do not be discouraged if some poses seem tough. Maintain regularity and stick to a routine. Do this, and you will begin to see wonderful changes! 

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