Yoni Eggs: Connecting A Female’s Spirituality With Physicality

Have you ever come across the object ‘Yoni Eggs’ and wondered how it worked? Well, to start with, a yoni egg is not a sex object, though its placement is done in an intimate area. It is claimed to have a positive connection with the body of the female and benefit the body with healing energy. 

Despite these amazing features, one should not go for yoni egg. But if you have made up your mind to go for it, read this article carefully. 

What is a Yoni Egg? 

Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are sometimes referred to as jade eggs. These are gemstones that have been carved in the shape of an egg. These are used by the female as a vaginal insertion. 

Now coming to the main aspect of using these yoni eggs. In the year 2017, the yoni egg became very popular, allowing its benefits. The usage of yoni egg is very simple. 

All you need to do is to insert the gemstone into the vagina. You can use it every day, for a few minutes as well as overnight. 

Now about its discovery, the yoni egg was first founded by Alexis Maze. A sex toy company that produces yoni eggs and dildos. The gemstone carved in this case has a unique and healing energy. 

It is believed that, when the stone is inserted into the vagina, the body of the human will bind the energy coming out of the stone. Moreover, to keep the stone in place, the body grips the egg. Thus, having a yoni egg will also strengthen the vaginal muscles. 

What are the claimed benefits of yoni stone? 

yoni egg

It has been said that the yoni egg will benefit a woman’s body spiritually as well as physically. To look on the physical side, it is being said that inserting an egg-shaped gemstone will cause your body to deliver involuntary movements. Thus, strengthening the pelvic floor. 

The muscles coming under the pelvic floor are highly beneficial for the vaginal floor, rectum, and uterus. Hence, making the welfare of the whole female reproductive system. 

When one is having a strong pelvic floor, they will also associate with: 

  • A stronger orgasm
  • Fewer risks of incontinence
  • Having a firm grip during penetrative sex
  • Reduced risks of uterine prolapse
  • Lesser risk of leakage and speeding the process of healing after childbirth. 

Researchers have claimed that using a jade egg will also help in balancing the essential hormones and suppress the symptoms associated with PMS. 

Looking on the spiritual side, a yoni egg when inserted into the vagina, will heal the trauma inside the female body with its energy. Moreover, it will also increase a woman’s sexual energy, renew the womb space and heart. 

There are some positive energies inside the stone which when connected to the famine energy, gives rise to these benefits. 

Are these claims scientifically proven? 

what Is a Yoni Egg?

There has been no research conducted to prove the spiritual well the physical benefits of using a yoni egg. Some people even regard this as an expensive stone that claims to help women with trauma or sexual desires

Some also say that yoni stone might also increase the tension in the pelvic floor instead of decreasing it. 

Some famous figures in the medical field, claim that using a yoni egg can give rise to a cascade of issues, thus giving rise to the following symptoms: 

  • Pain in the pelvic region
  • Bowel strain or constipation 
  • Pain in the abdomen or lower back
  • Pain during penetrative sex
  • Muscle spasms in the pelvic region

Are Yoni Eggs safe to use? 

The gemstone is not inherently harmful, but inserting them inside the vestin might do so. The skin of the vaginal wall is delicate. If the stone has not been carved properly, it might scratch the vaginal wall. 

Moreover, it can also increase the risk of infection and give rise to pelvic floor tension.  

Is the material used in the eggs not porous? 

The material used in meaning the yoni stone is quartz, topaz, and corundum. All these minerals are less porous than jade. In short, these minerals are not recommended to be inserted inside the vagina. 

what Is a Yoni Egg?

Some companies manufacture glass yoni eggs. And glass is considered to be a body-safe as well as a nonporous material. This is a great alternative to traditional stone eggs. 

How to reduce the risks? 

By this time, you must have got more negative ideas about yoni eggs as compared to positive ones. Nevertheless, here are some ways in which one can reduce the risks: 

  1. Choose an egg that has a hole and use a string: having these features with your egg will allow easy removal of the egg, just like a tampon. This will also act as a prevention from the egg getting stuck. Thus, keeping you away from seeing a doctor. 
  2. Start small: when trying for the first time, go for the smallest size available. Then you can succeed in the bigger sizes. When you insert a bigger egg for the first time, it will cause discomfort and pain. 
  3. lubrication: applying lube during insertion will protect your vaginal wall from tearing and irritation. Use an oil and water-based lube for easier access. 
  4. Avoid sleeping with the egg inside: though it has been said that you can keep the egg overnight, it is advised not to. Restrict the usage of the yoni egg for up to 20 minutes. Keeping it for a longer duration might cause vaginal infection. 
  5. Avoid during sexual intercourse: keeping it inside the vagina might be safe for you but not for your partner. So, remove it before intercourse to avoid any risk of infection. 
  6. Sterilize the egg after each use: make sure you clean the yoni egg after each use as the vagina also consists of certain bacteria and viruses. Sterilize the egg by submerging it in boiling water for 30 minutes. 

 So, now you know all about the yoni egg. Keep in mind that yoni egg would not help you deal with sexual dysfunction or any other health condition. If you are still curious about it, try it with care. 

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