Yoni Massage Therapy: Relaxation Through Sensuality

Yoni massage is a form of Tantric whole-body massage or vagina massage that stem from the word Yoni, which symbolises the goddess Shakti. Yoni means vagina (a sacred place) in Sanskrit. The massage is often used for the alleviation of tension, pain or general discomfort of the vagina. The massages concentrate mainly on the labia, clitoris, g-spot, uterus, breasts, anus and other erogenous zones. 

Some practitioners have claimed that it is helpful in fertilization, although the argument is not supported scientifically. This is a sensual massage but it does not involve sex or even foreplay. This massage can be performed alone as well as with a partner.

Before getting into a yoni massage, one must prepare their mind, their space and their body. If one has never had a yogi massage before, they may need more time to prepare their mind for this massage. Take deep breaths. 

During the entire practice, you would like to sustain these respiratory techniques. It can be performed on the bed, on the floor, or any comfortable piece of furniture. You can also include a pillow or blanket if needed. Then lie down on the ground and relax. Warm-up your body,  by massaging your abdomen and belly, then proceed towards the breasts and around the areola. Then move down to the vagina and massage the inner thighs and upper lips.

What is yoni massage therapy?

Yoni massage therapy is performed in the following manner:


In this technique, the hands are made into a cup shape and placed on to the vagina and move the hands in a circular motion. Start flattening your hand slowly against the opening of the vagina and rub the whole region with the palm of your hand.


In this technique, you should be moving your finger in a circular motion on the clitoris in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Variations can be made in tight and large circles. One can also vary the pressure applied while massaging.

Pushing and pulling

Make pulsing movements on the clitoris and gently push it down.  Then put your finger into the slit while holding the clitoris pressure. This process should be repeated several times.


Gently hold the clitoris between the index finger and the thumb and then twist and massage the clitoris and the lips. Alternate between areas of the vagina tugging gently.


Hold the clitoris with your index finger and thumb and continue massages it, then rub the clitoris between the fingers in a clicking motion.

yoni massage

Positions to try

There are several positions you can try when performing the massage either with your partner or alone.

When performing yoni massage alone

Solo yoni massage is great when trying to find a position that is comfortable and relaxing and suits your requirements. Following are the positions one can try when doing the massage all by themselves.

  • Lotus

In this position, sit back, legs crossed, relax and inhale and exhale slowly, from the stomach.

  • Hand on heart

Place you hand on the heart and sit crossed leg, back straight, close your eyes and feel your heartbeat. Breathe deeply allowing some connection to build up between your heart and the body.

When performing yoni massage with a partner

Any position with a partner may provide tantric possibilities. For beginners or accomplished practitioners, the following are outstanding.

  • Lotus

Both the partners have to sit crossed leg and with a straight back. Rap your legs around your partner’s waist and sit on their lap, you can also cross your ankle behind their back. Stare into each other’s eyes and try breathing in coordination.

  • Spooning

Both the partners should lie side by side on comfortable furniture and the person who will be receiving the message should be in the spooning position. Lie close to each other and breath deeply in coordination.

One can also include more techniques in the yoni massage for more pleasure.

  • Sacred spot (G-Spot) massage

The G-spot is said to give immense pleasure to a woman. It is referred to as the sacred spot in this practice. Bring the index finger and the middle finger close and gently slide it into the vagina. You can also use lubes to make the process smooth and comfortable. Once your fingers inside gently massage on the inside of the vagina. Find for a soft spongy section, behind the clitoris. 


Once you’ve found it continue massaging it gently. You can even curl your fingers to massage it. Keep varying the amount of pressure you put on your vagina. Try massaging in and slow and fast pace and keep varying it throughout the massage. You can also curl your fingers and massage gently. For excess pleasure, massage the clitoris with the other hand.

Orgasm control 

To experience a greater and long climax, one can try backing away on the point of orgasm for a greater and intense climax. When you feel like you are about to have an orgasm remove your hand from the vagina or ask your partner to stop. Take a break and try to get normal, so that your heart-rate slows down a little.

Once you are normal, start massaging again or if you are with a partner, ask them to get back to massaging your vagina. Try doing it several times. The more times you control your orgasm, the more pleasure you will get on the climax.

One can also hire a professional for a yoni massage.

Benefits of yoni massage

Yoni massage lets you slowly, methodically and sensually explore your body without the unnecessarily typical requirement of a partner. The ultimate purpose is to make your skin more relaxed and more in sync with your body. If you have undergone sexual trauma you may find the practice helpful. For others, gradual and deliberate approaches may help to reconnect from a position of positivity with the body and approach the sensuality. 

The practice focuses on different sensitive areas, including the stomach and breasts. Having an orgasm is not the goal but one may reach a climax. You can even experience multiple orgasms if you are well versed with yoni massage. This does not mean, however, that preparation must be exciting. The activity is more emotional for many people rather than sexual. Try releasing your hopes to make the best of it. Focus your attention on what you feel and be responsive to the various sensations.

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